Flooring is a big business and it is only getting bigger. And it seems like everyone from consumers, manufacturers, retailers and even your average Joe has a view.

The problem is that the advice is so ubiquitous how do you know which one to trust and which offers the most value. Sifting through the deluge of information on offer can be quite the arduous task; alas, this is where we come in.

Being the experts (self professed) we are constantly updating, reviewing and amending our knowledge as the flooring world develops. Part of this process involves us sifting through the aforementioned informational black hole.

We do it, so you don’t have to. Here are some suggestions on 3 media outlets which will provide some very useful information shall you need it now, or at some point in the future.


The Contract Flooring Journal or flooring bible as we like to call it. Published online monthly, it has all the information you could ever want or need. With regular contributions from renowned experts it is our go to – one stop shop for everything.


This YouTube video is a clear, concise example of how to clean your laminate flooring. A simplistic view which can solve many a query about cleaning concerns. Being told what to do, and even reading up on it isn’t always enough. Visual learning is a very effective way of taking on board the information and applying it yourself.


Although not quite on the same exponential growth and speed of information technology development – flooring surprisingly has a lot of improvements and updates. This podcast that we listen to is informative and entertaining – a great double benefit. Giving you the option to keep up to date with flooring trends and being one of the first to know.


These mediums can bring some much needed variety into your flooring psyche. We all know (even us) that flooring isn’t the most exciting subject on earth – but it is vital and beautiful to look at. Sometimes it’s what on the outside that counts.

Using these tools you can make the most of the information gained and this will enable you to choose the right flooring, install it properly and take the best care of it.

If you need any extra info feel free check out our knowledge centre. 


This week our #floorsoftheweek has been downgraded (in numbers only!) to #flooroftheweek. Bamboo is going to take the floor, the plaudits and the highlights this week.

Now, when I first started working in the flooring industry I was surprised that bamboo flooring exists, or that at least it is even usable! I mean it seemed to me as a flimsy cane type substance that you can easily snap in the woods - post Bruce Lee movies.

Boy, was I wrong and to think the super resilient bamboo flooring can be fitted almost anywhere (Pandas & Koalas optional). Bamboo isn’t exactly a tree per se, it is harvested from grass. And this results in gorgeous wood flooring.

Our own 15 mm horizontal dark bamboo flooring is one of the best of the bunch. It’s naturally light colour has the ability to open up any room and bring it to life. Step into the light home decor!

In case you’re wondering bamboo flooring is a lot stronger than most hardwood floors. It’s very resistant to everyday life. Very moisture resistant and a cinch to clean, it maintains its dazzling flooring style forever long.

Not content with just its impressive looks, the bamboo flooring also offers a safe haven for allergy sufferers as it helps to keep dust and parasites away.

Giving a sprightly room that extra spring in its step, you can do a lot worse (and not much better) than investing in some bamboo flooring.

Flooring is a big commitment. It doesn’t come cheap and it isn’t in the background of your house, it is the background! The interior and the base on which the furniture is laid. Things change: spouses, jobs, furniture, tv’s, taste and the weather. Flooring is here to stay (for a while anyhow). So first things first you want to make sure that you pick the right floor. The bad thing is that most people get their selection right, but when it comes to fitting their flooring far too many get it all wrong!

There are many mishaps, mistakes and general oversights that can be associated with specific types of flooring and for simplistic states we are going to concentrate on the universally popular laminatesolid-wood & engineered. All that time and possibly cost, picking that flooring can all be undone with the simplest, and dare I say dumbest of mistakes. Now, without further ado, here is our big 3 – none are more common or less disastrous than these little beauties. Pay careful attention or you may end up paying in a different way.



The flooring has too acclimatise, I repeat - has to be adjusted to the room it is to be laid in. It will be in there for a number of years, so what’s another 2 days (the normal recommendation) going to hurt. The room should be kept in its natural habitat and no effort should be made to alter things during that time period. Don’t open the windows if they are normally closed, don’t crank the heating up if you usually scrimp on the energy bills. Lay the flooring in their packs flat in the room……..and leave, come back two days later and you can install away. A common mischief is when customers buy flooring on a Friday with grand plans to install it over the ‘weekend’. Put the flooring down, step back and walk away – the installation can wait another (2) days!

Expansion Gaps

We all need room to grow and your flooring is no different. Technically known as an expansion gap, it is where you leave space for the flooring to expand into over the following days after installing the flooring. The assumption of having the flooring fit flush is more common than you may think, the perfect fit leads to bowing and the flooring peaks – resulting in an emotional trough for you. Cork edging (a nod back to our Western Cork roots) is used as a surround to create a buffer to cope with the expansion of the flooring. A passion perimeter we like to call it but that’s just us. If you give your flooring the love and focused attention when you first meet, it will pay you back ten times over with its durability.


Lack Of Planning

This could encapsulate what we have already said above, but we include this mainly as a reminder to plan properly when getting down to the nitty gritty of laying the planks down. Starting willy nilly with no plan in site will leave you bewildered in a matter of minutes. We have seen countless efforts, photos and tales of woe from people who have laid their flooring symmetrically, each joint lining exactly up with the next planks, an equilibrium jigsaw. While others think this looks nice (we don’t), the non-staggered installation relates to numerous points of weakness across the whole floor. Where walking on the planks is the worst thing you can do to them, if you forget the initial laying.

Not that this is a guide to put you off, this is just a dummies guide of what not to do. You’ll be surprised of what you don’t know until you are told. It’s like the £100 question on ‘who wants to be a millionaire’ – you either know it or you don’t. Some of you may be tempted to hire a fitter to install the flooring for you – which is usually a great idea, but believe us fitters are not infallible and we have the photos to back it up.


You can’t go far wrong than follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. And if you’re employing a fitter, make sure they are double checking them anyway. Not just for the cowboy builders, even the honest, experienced ones have made mistakes.

Check out our DIY section for our tips.

Happy Installing!


This edition of #floorsoftheweek takes an in depth look at our engineered section. Showcasing 3 very different in style engineered flooring but similar in quality, that being high quality.

Our dark oak solid 1 strip engineered flooring ticks all the boxes, including ones you may never knew existed. A wood flooring that is exquisitely beautiful on the outside with the inner trappings of robustness, durability and simple maintenance.

It’s all round ability makes it an easy choice to have and as easy to install.

The surface is delightfully detailed and can be combined with almost any interior design. Its versatility brings vitality to all surroundings.

From the same family as the universally popular white oak, this Prussian grey oak harbours the same impressive qualities with the new colour effect adding a much admired dimension to the current design. Offering a different look for a different interior - where the white oak didn’t quite match, this Prussian version could be your winner.

Our cognac flooring offers a real touch of class. The name embodies the effect and finish that the flooring offers and brings in abundance to any room. An engineered wood classic that will provide a sturdy, durable, traditional effect. As simple to fit as it is beautiful to look at, there really are only winners all round with this flooring. The ash themed design is second to none and rises above them all to satisfy its impressive but rightly justified reputation.

  Flooring that Fits


A guest post from our friends over at Room Of The Week, their expertise brings together all the elements of a room to provide that perfect setting.  

At Room of the Week, we are all about pulling together a functional and cohesive look with great style; we do it every week.  We choose a piece that we love, from a throw pillow to a chandelier, and assemble an entire room around it so you can see some of the endless possibilities for your space. Today we are going to show you four of our most popular looks and the perfect flooring for each one.  For our fifth look, the flooring will be the inspiration.

Let’s start with Luxury Vinyl Tile and our room “A Smart Office.” 

This contemporary room is not for the uptight; it is for someone who enjoys their work and wants a space that reflects that.  Since the room all started with the Scion Fox Rug in Gold, we chose black slate luxury vinyl tile to make the rug really pop.  Now we’ve got the look, but this floor is also perfect because it is:

  • Cost effective

  • Safe for commercial use

  • Easy to install

  • Easy to clean

Did I mention its good looks and killer charm?    


   Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Black Slate Tile                                                     A Smart Office


Now on to Laminate and our room “Hip Honeymooners.”

This room is for newlyweds who are striving to integrate their individual styles.  It is colorful, playful and upbeat.  Newlyweds don’t always have a big budget or a lot of experience caring for flooring, 2 votes in favor of laminate.  The “Hip”part of the name suggests that these two are interested in what’s current, so we chose a slight grey wash.  Grey is ultra popular and lends itself well to the mostly primary color palette but we selected a subtle grey so they would love it for a long time.  Reasons to love laminate:

This space is designed to extend your living space outdoors with all of the creature comforts and a little retro flair.  The colors are fun and funky so we chose outdoor flooring in a browinsh tone because it complements some items and beautifully contrasts with others.  It will also work with your changing style.  This product can handle it all:

  • Wet, dry, rain or shine

  • UV and heat resistant

  • Low maintenance

  • Long lasting



               Woven Tile Bold Beige Outside Flooring                                                                      Peacock Patio



     “The Life Aquatic” calls for Engineered Wood Flooring.




    Assorted sea life adorns this aquatic themed family room.  The various shades of blue keep it cool and casual but the well appointed look of the wainscoting and furnishings make it a perfect candidate for engineered wood.  Light and dark shades of wood may come and go, so we selected a classic oak floor that will stand the test of time in both durability and appeal.  This floor is a great investment because it is:

  • Versatile

  • Genuine Oak

  • Easy to Install



             Engineered Chateau Oak                                                               The Life Aquatic



    To conclude our journey through the what and why of flooring we have created a room around an especially charming variety, Parquet.  In this room, “Stained Glass,” we allowed the pattern of the floor to be one of the only patterns in the space.

    Parquet flooring gives you a heightened awareness of craftmanship so we emphasized textures and materials.  This eclectic room reflects the boldness of the floor as well as its versaitlity.  With this product you can achieve the look with:







LVT - Or Luxury Vinyl Tile to me & you, is a practical, low cost attractive flooring option. The ability it has to adapt to most environments -  gives you, the homeowner the option to pick your poison and put in your room of choice.


On this edition of #floorsoftheweek we will be guiding you through 3 of our popular options and explaining why they are held in such high regard. Settle back and take a look. And if you want to broaden your viewing net you can take a look at our whole range.


If you’re looking for a higher standard of flooring then our light grey oak design could be perfect for you. Produced by Parador, one of Europe’s premium flooring manufacturers this LVT matches real wood flooring in both resilience and versatility. The cost savings involved help make this the perfect flooring bundle.



It can reach places other flooring can’t always get too. Extending to bathrooms because of its moisture resistant capability.


Our natural brushed oak LVT is virtually indistinguishable from real brushed oak. A perfect flooring accompaniment for kitchens and/or bathrooms due to its water resistant properties. No chance of any warping, staining or degradation of any sort.



A fantastic looking flooring which offers a very high quality performance. A breeze to maintain it’s a great solution for busy homeowners who can’t spare the time for a heavier workload.


Installation is simple and effective taking no time at all. The glue less clic system is as simple to pick up as the floor is to put down.


Coming up last but luxurious is our luxury rustic oak vinylThe authentic look brings a wave of appreciation all by itself. Traditional in style, it oozes bundles of class. The stunning weathered design is backed up by some outstanding specifications and properties.



It can be installed anywhere bringing variety to its virtuosity. As simple as it is stunning, the floor can be laid in next to no time. Leaving you more time to enjoy the fruits of your labour.


And there you have it. We hope you enjoyed our range of LVT and you now have that extra information to make an informed choice.

Welcome to this weeks edition of #floorsoftheweek. We have got a lovely varied selection for you to feast your eyes on and if you are suitably impressed you can get you 'hands' on them as well. Click and collect (from outside your house, when we deliver

Let us start with our 8mm paros tile laminate flooring

As you can see in the image the first thing that hits you is how striking the floor is. It's suitable for all conditions and  it has the ability to light up any room. The patterned tiling creates a nice varied effect on the flooring and this versatility is replicated in its ability to withstand a huge amount of pressure, meaning it can be installed in heavy footfall areas. The tiles give a modern edge to any room and the dark colours help to promote warmth. Straight forward to install and super simple to clean. A welcome addition to any home.

Keeping with the striking effect we have the grey oak luxury vinyl clic flooring

Again this flooring is easily installed and a breeze to maintain. It offers the practicality of a laminate with the visual appeal of solid oak flooring. Creating a rustic, authentic effect worthy of gracing any home. As durable as it is delightful the flooring can also be used in commercial areas, adding that special scenery to the workplace.

When one strip just won't do, we have the 3 strip engineered oak wood flooring. This embraces the fundamentals of laminate flooring with the natural beauty of solid oak wood. This wonderful look is all down to the texture of the flooring. Can be installed practically anywhere you like; dent resistant and very strong it is a flooring that will stick around for years. Can be reinvigorated at your leisure every couple of years with a simple sanding job.

These simply stunning floors will bring personality to any setting. It's all a matter of choice and that choice is all yours.

We are proud to introduce Beth from For My House who has kindly written a guest post for us on how to prepare for Christmas (yes, already!) Matching your combinations in interior design can be a tricky task. She helps to ease that burden.




Put your feet up after the mad rush of Christmas shopping (although we hope you managed to beat the crowds and do it early this year). Planning ahead can reduce stress and our top tip is to do the majority of your Christmas present shopping online either throughout the whole year or in late October. You’re more likely to find the best bargains and you can do it all in the comfort of the Serene Drammen Recliner from For My House. We highly recommend pairing the chair with Floormaker’s Engineered Chateau Oak Flooring. The genuine oak floor is perfect for the living room and looks and feels incredible!



15mm Horizontal Bamboo Floor
Ametis Westbury Reclaimed Oak Double Pedestal



One of the best things about Winter is feeling snuggly and cosy in your pyjamas in your warm home. That doesn’t mean you won’t be busy though! Planning for Christmas just involves a bit of preparation and what’s better than treating yourself to a home office desk to write out Christmas cards in a comfy and relaxed manner. You could even make an evening of it in early December - settle down at the Ametis Westbury Reclaimed Oak Desk with some mulled wine and Christmas carols playing in the background. Sitting at a desk, rather than slumped on the sofa is better for your posture and increases motivation. Our personal favourite when it comes to choosing the right flooring is the 15mm Horizontal Bamboo Floor. The warm glow of this gorgeous flooring is enough to fill you with festive feeling.


White Rip Oak Flooring
Norfolk Leisure Frosted Winfield Tree


Create a true Winter wonderland with the Norfolk Leisure Frosted Winfield Tree and the White Rip Oak Flooring! It doesn’t have to cost the earth to transform your home into a festive cave of wonders. Simply invest in two or three main focal points - such as a high quality artificial Christmas tree. Choosing an artificial tree is the best way to go because you can use it year after year - you’ll certainly get your money’s worth. The Floormaker White Rip Oak Flooring is the perfect choice with our Winfield tree - you can create the illusion of a frosty, snowy look without the freezing cold!




Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Black Slate Tile
Heartlands Cyprus Large Dining Set

Christmas is the perfect way to spend time with loved ones. Make sure there’s enough room for your guests for your festive feast with the Heartlands Cyprus Large Dining Set from For My House. The smooth faux leather black chairs complement the dark slate of the Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Black Slate Tile flooring. The table, chairs and flooring are all easy to wipe clean - which is ideal if you’re playing host to guests with children...or just messy eaters!


Ready to upgrade your home for Christmas? Visit For My House to explore our entire home and garden collection. Follow us on Twitter for more updates @formyhouse


It's a jam packed #floorsoftheweek with no less than 6 of the best. Selected from our extensive range there is enough here to satisfy a floors of the month piece. 

From laminate to engineered to luxury vinyl tiles, like your floor - we have it all covered. Sit back and relax and pop on your specs (if need be) and let us guide you through some of our precious products. Variety being being the spice of flooring life.

One of our most robust and universally popular laminates. Our 8mm block wood laminate offers style and substance in a complete package. Attractive, durable and easy to install. The all in one for everyone.


Our 12mm rip oak laminate is ideal for the kitchen or bathrooms in domestic use. Heavy footfall and/or moisture influenced areas require that extra protection which the rip oak is more than capable of providing. The robust nature of the rip oak extends its usability to commercial areas. 


Appealing, attractive and appetising are just 3 ways (of many) to describe this parador natural oak herringbone flooring. An impressive design guaranteed to light up any surroundings. The herringbone veneer adding the all important originality to the home. Simple installation and straight forward maintenance makes this a no brainer. 

A timeless 14mm engineered jacobean flooring accentuated by the authentic oak appearance. The dark hue effect showcasing the stunning texture of the flooring. As practical as laminate and premium as solid wood - the perfect partner to any property.

Introducing our grey tile luxury vinyl clic flooring. This flooring covers (literally) both home & commercial properties. Water resistant and comfortable with a high traffic footfall it combines elegance with efficiency. The crisp, understated design compliments many surroundings. Clic for convenience meaning it's a breeze to install.

The ying to the grey flooring yang this black slate tile luxury vinyl clic flooring catches the eye and refuses to let go. As Beautiful as real slate flooring But more affordable as well as practical. The high quality vinyl protects the floor from mess and moisture making it ideal for kitchens or bathrooms. One quick wipe and it's as good as new!

With these endless options, you can't fail to find one that suits your taste, needs and budget. 
Flooring comes in all shapes and sizes (literally) and so you are treated to unlimited options whatever your preference (we can help with that!). However, sometimes the choices are artificially restricted due to common misconceptions and rumours about certain types of wood flooring.

It's time to put that myth to bed. If you have ever been discouraged from buying wood flooring because of such rumours, then read on and allow us to put your mind at ease and re-open up your options.

Wooden Floors are Expensive

Not they are not! Well maybe a little bit..... but nothing that any budget shouldn't be able to stretch to like this one. It is a premium product but it represents excellent value for money. Like your home, flooring is a long term investment and should be viewed as such. Real wood flooring is long lasting and can also be ever-lasting giving the right TLC. Other flooring types need to be replaced anywhere from 5- 10 times as often as wood flooring. Put simply the total cost for other flooring can far outstrip the initial outlay that would have been spent on wood flooring.

Hard to Maintain

Again, another common fabrication - real wood floors can be cared for with a general sweep, dust mop or a quick hoover. No need for expensive chemicals or additional products. Wood is a natural element so an holistic approach serves it well. Saving yourself from buying cleaning products reduces any extra outlay on flooring accessories.

Cold Floors

Reality check - floors don't have feelings, but people perceive wood flooring as being cold, stale and without emotion. To the contrary - wood flooring can be aesthetically warming due to the comfort effect it creates and more importantly retaining the warmth generated from heating systems.

The environment

Cutting down trees we hear people cry but most companies including ours are very environmentally aware. Through sustainable forest management schemes the impact to the environment is minimal. As mentioned previously the durability of the flooring ensures that the flooring is long lasting meaning it's no short term fix.

If any of the above is news to you then we are glad to have helped in some way. If you need further information on our own range then feel free to check out the engineered and solid-wood sections.