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Floors of the Week: Oak & Bamboo

Oak and bamboo flooring

If you're looking to give your latest interior design that organic atmosphere of cosy serenity - or if you simply want to make your home feel that little bit warmer - then we have several outstanding options for you here at Floormaker. This week's Floors of the Week are perfect for the job, and no matter which of the three you opt for, the results are bound to be warmer and more authentic-looking than anything you've seen before.

Here, then, is this week's trio, each one modelled in a wonderfully cosy reading nook:

Engineered oak flooring

Floor #1 - 20mm 1S Engineered Oak (Random Length)

If you're after that authentic real-wood look, oak is ideal for you. These wide, beautiful floorboards would look charming in almost any space.


Horizontal bamboo floor

Floor #2 - 15mm Horizontal Bamboo Floor

Bamboo is an exceptionally green choice of flooring; bamboo is a grass, not a tree, which means that it grows back much faster than most other wood flooring sources.


Dark strand woven bamboo

Floor #3 - 14mm Dark Strand Woven Bamboo

With a slightly more traditional look than our other bamboo option, this strand-woven bamboo floor is very appealing indeed.

So which is your favourite - 1, 2 or 3? Tell us what you think on Floormaker's Twitter!

Floors of the Week: Is Brightness Beautiful?

Flooring brightness

We love a nice, bright design here at Floormaker. We've often talked about the way in which a light-coloured floor can make a room feel more open and airy, and whenever a customer of ours is attempting to make the most of a small space, we will generally recommend that they purchase something from the lighter end of our range.

But is brighter always better? This is the question we were asking ourselves as we chose our Floors of the Week for this week, and the resulting selection is a wonderful jumble of light, bright designs and - for contrast - some darker, more traditional-looking floors. Which do you prefer?

White laminate tiles

8mm Carrara Marmor White Tiles

These gorgeous laminate tiles have a marbled effect that's elegant yet modern-looking.


Nostalgie Teak flooring

8mm Nostalgie Teak

On the darker side of things, we have Nostalgie Teak: a weathered design that's ideal for more traditional interiors.


Random length oak flooring

Random Length Multi-Layer 18mm Oak Flooring

Wood flooring can be bright too! These exquisite engineered oak boards will make any room feel bigger and breezier in the most luxurious way imaginable.


Elephant skin oak

Brushed & Smoked Oak Elephant Skin Flooring

This is one of the most sumptuous options in the whole Floormaker catalogue. Oak flooring doesn't get much darker than this!

Which would you prefer, then? Dark or light? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

Floors of the Week: Which Type is Right for You?

Flooring types

As you may have noticed, we sell many different types of flooring here at Floormaker. From our sumptuous solid wood collection to our hard-wearing laminate range (via cork, bamboo, engineered wood, and many others), we really do have the lot.

But which of these products is right for your home? Which of the many available options will look best in the room you're redecorating? Well, that's the point of our latest Floors of the Week blog - we're going to show you a product from four of our biggest departments, and hopefully, this will help you to make a decision! Here we go...

Laminate floor

12mm Harbour Oak
Taken from our Laminate Flooring department


Engineered oak

14mm Engineered Oak (130mm Wide)
Taken from our Engineered Wood department


Solid oak flooring

18mm Solid 1 Strip Oak (83mm Wide, Random Length)
Taken from our Solid Wood department


Dark bamboo flooring

14mm Dark Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring
Taken from our Bamboo Flooring department

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A New Floor for a New Year

Six Floormaker floors

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope that you all had a fantastic Christmas, and that you're looking forward to all that 2015 has to offer.

If you want to start the New Year with a bang, why not consider redecorating your living space? A new look in the home will really help you to feel like you're making a fresh start, and we at Floormaker would be more than happy to help you get started.

We've always believed (perhaps unsurprisingly) that the best interior designs start with beautiful floors; with that in mind, here are six of our best for you to take a look at. We hope they give you loads of great ideas for your new design!

Rustic oak floor

7mm Rustic Oak

Zebrano flooring

8mm Plum Astoria Zebrano

Herringbone parquet floor

Cherry Herringbone Parquet

Gunstock oak

13.5mm Engineered Gunstock Oak

Solid oak flooring

10mm Solid Oak 90mm Wide Random Length

Glueless oak flooring

15mm 120mm Wide Brushed & Lacquered Glueless Solid Oak

Need more inspiration? Click here to return to the Floormaker homepage and explore our full range.

Floors of the Week: Traditional or Contemporary?

Traditional and contemporary flooring

The dichotomy between traditional and modern styles is prevalent in all areas of interior design. When describing a room, our first instinct is always to sort it into one of those two categories; it’s either ‘strikingly modern’ or ‘charmingly traditional’, and everything else is detail.

Now, we’re always boasting about the depth and breadth of Floormaker’s product range, and this week’s Floors of the Week blog should serve to demonstrate that, whether you prefer traditional warmth or contemporary cool, we have the perfect floor for your home.


Rustic oak

7mm Rustic Oak

Our first selection falls firmly in the 'traditional' camp. This oak laminate floor would be perfect for a quaint, country-style design!


Zebrano flooring

8mm Plum Astoria Zebrano

On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, we find our extremely popular Zebrano design. Those fine lines and varied colours are very eye-catching indeed.


Bamboo flooring

15mm Horizontal Bamboo Floor

Want to go back to basics with your latest design project? This beautiful bamboo looks very natural, and in this respect it's ideal for creating a simple, traditional look.


Prussian white oak floor

13.5mm Prussian White Oak

This week's final floor is a bit of a curveball. The genuine oak surface would make a lovely addition to almost any traditional design, but on the other hand, the light colours are perfectly suited to contemporary designs, too. The choice is yours with this one!

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Customer Feedback: Glossy Black Tiles in the Bathroom

Glossy black tiles

It cna be difficult to make a small room shine, but we've always believed that a little bit of interior design nous can turn even the most claustrophobic room into something beautiful.

Here's a fantastic example: we recently supplied several packs of Glossy Black Tiles to a couple named Mr and Mrs Corbett. They needed a new floor for their bathroom, which they themselves described as "very small". With a toilet, a wash basin and a shower cubicle all crammed into one rather cramped space, the Corbetts really didn't have much room to play with:

Black bathroom tiles

However, we personally think that those eye-catching black tiles create a fantastic look, contrasting perfectly with the solid white colour that makes up the rest of the room. The tiles are very stylish indeed, and the glossy, reflective surface creates the illusion of added space, which is extremely helpful in such a small room.

Glossy bathroom floor

Here's what Mrs Corbett had to say about their new bathroom floor:

"Simply gorgeous...absolutely gets me every time I go into our bathroom. As you will see, it is small and compact, but this flooring simply complements it. We just cannot sing loud enough - we love it, we love it, we love it! Beautiful flooring and worth every penny, the finish and quality are superb."

It's always nice to hear positive feedback from happy customers! Click here to see more of that Glossy Black flooring, or visit our Laminate section to see what else we can provide for your home.

Floors of the Week: Popular Designs

Popular flooring designs

One of the most interesting things about our business is watching sales come in and finding out which designs are most popular among our customers. For this week's Floors of the Week blog, we thought we'd show off some of our best-sellers...


Playground flooring

8mm Playground Laminate Flooring

This bright, colourful design has captured the imagination of many Floormaker customers in recent months. It's particularly perfect for children's bedrooms!


Harbour Oak

12mm Harbour Oak

The weathered. time-worn look is very in right now, and this stunning laminate design does a great job of emulating the aged beauty of solid oak.


Gunstock oak flooring

13.5mm Engineered Gunstock Oak

A dark-coloured floor can make a truly eye-catching statement, and our Gunstock Oak floor really does look fabulous in any space. It's an elegant choice for traditional interiors, but it can also be used to underline more modern designs, as in the photograph above.


Solid oak in the kitchen

Brushed & Lacquered Glueless Solid Oak

Finally, we come to the most popular product in our Solid Wood range. These oak boards can be installed without any glue or adhesive, which makes them a very convenient choice.

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Floors of the Week: Explore Our Different Ranges!

Floormaker ranges

There are many different types of flooring to choose from when you're resurfacing your home, and we at Floormaker aim to provide a good variety. We sell everything from laminate flooring to solid wood and even bamboo - no matter what kind of floor you're looking for, you're bound to find it at Floormaker.co.uk!

For our latest Floors of the Week blog, we're aiming to show you just how diverse our range is. Each of the following products is pulled from a different section of the Floormaker catalogue...


Solid oak

10mm Solid Oak (90mm, Random Length)
Taken from our Solid Wood collection


Black and white flooring

8mm Black & White
Taken from our Laminate Flooring collection


Jacobean Oak

13.5mm Jacobean Oak
Taken from our Engineered Wood section


Dark Bamboo

14mm Dark Strand Woven Bamboo
Taken from our Bamboo collection

Visit our Pinterest page for more inspiration!

Floors of the Week: Hot Laminate Deals

Laminate flooring deals

Clockwise from top left: Rustic Oak, Richmond Oak, Plum Astoria Zebrano, Dark Oak.

Why bother visiting a big DIY chain store for your laminate flooring when you could get far better deals without even leaving the house? Here at Floormaker, we’ve got some seriously great places on top-quality laminate flooring, and since we offer free delivery on ALL orders, you stand to save quite a bit of money by shunning the big stores and sticking with us.

This week, we’re using our Floors of the Week blog to show you four of the very best laminate flooring deals on our site. We offer lower prices than the leading DIY store on all of the following products; if you want to redecorate your home this Christmas, Floormaker.co.uk really is the place to be!

Zebrano flooring

8mm Plum Astoria Zebrano
£9.98 per m2

Rustic oak

7mm Rustic Oak
£7.19 per m2


Oak effect flooring

8mm Richmond Oak
£9.98 per m2


V-Groove Dark

7mm V-Groove Dark Oak
£7.19 per m2

For more amazing deals on laminate flooring, visit Floormaker's Laminate section.

Floors of the Week: Wood Flooring with Personality!

Wood floors

If you want to inject a little personality into your home, wood flooring is one of the best ways to do so. Wooden boards have a natural, authentic beauty that’s capable of warming up almost any interior, making the room more inviting and providing you with an extremely sturdy living surface in the process.

This week, we’re using our Floors of the Week blog to show off some real wood floors with serious personality. Each of the following products is available to purchase from the Floormaker website – just click the images to read more about each one:

Elephant Skin floor

Smoked Oak Elephant Skin Flooring

Dark bamboo floor

14mm Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Handscraped oak floor

Handscraped Oak Flooring (Brushed & Oiled)

We’d love to know what you think of our Floors of the Week! You can find Floormaker on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn – why not say hello?