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Floors of the Week: Vinyl Tiles with a Twist!

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Vinyl tiles are useful for a number of reasons: they're hard-wearing, they're easy to lay, and they're water-resistant, which makes them a great choice for the kitchen or bathroom.

But our luxury vinyl tiles go a little bit further. Not only are they robust and practical, they are also stunningly attractive, with a look that's nigh-indistinguishable from real wood flooring.

Don't believe us? Here are three of the most attractive floors from our luxury vinyl collection...


Oak Pastel Grey

Luxury Vinyl - Pastel Grey Oak

Perfect for a light, contemporary wood-style look.


Beige Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl - Beige

Give your home a bit of rustic beauty!


Natural Brushed Oak Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl - Natural Brushed Oak

A multi-hued imitation wood floor with authentic-looking whorls and knots.

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Floors of the Week: Sensational Solid Oak

Solid oak floors

If you’re struggling to decide which type of flooring will look best in your home, allow us to use this week’s Floors of the Week blog to make a recommendation: solid oak

Solid oak is a timeless flooring material that’s sure to have an utterly stunning effect on whichever interior you’re redecorating. Whether you want a traditional, country-style look or something a little more contemporary, oak is an excellent choice – you’d be surprised by just how many different designs it can suit!

Furthermore, solid oak flooring is exceptionally hard-wearing, and you’ll be amazed by how inexpensive it can be! Here are four of our best examples:

Glueless oak floor

15mm 120mm Wide Brushed & Lacquered Glueless Solid Oak

Lacquered oak floor

12mm 150mm Wide 3 Strip Lacquered Oak


Random length oak

18mm 130mm Wide Lacquered Oak Random Length

1 strip oak floor

18m Solid 1 Strip Oak 83mm Wide Random Length

Like the look of our solid oak floors? Why not order a free sample?

Floors of the Week: Engineered Wood Favourites

Engineered Flooring

We’ve always seen engineered wood flooring as the best of both worlds. Engineered floors are made by bonding together several layers of plywood and topping this construction with a layer of genuine wood; the real wood surface makes these products very desirable indeed, and the sturdy design means that engineered wood is a more robust choice than solid wood.

Are you sold on engineered flooring yet? If not, you soon will be – for our latest Floors of the Week, we’ve chosen four of the most beautiful products from our Engineered range. Here they are:

Gunstock Oak

13.5mm Engineered Gunstock Oak

Elephant Skin floor

Brushed & Oiled Elephant Skin Floor

Prussian White Oak

13.5mm Engineered Prussian White Oak

Engineered oak floor

14mm Engineered Oak (130mm Wide)

See more in our Engineered Wood Flooring section!

Competition: Win a £50 Toys R Us Voucher!

Toys R Us voucher competition

December is getting nearer and nearer (a scary thought - this year has flown!) and some of us are already thinking about our Christmas shopping. Have you made a start yet? Or are you planning to leave it 'til nearer the time?

Either way, we bet you wouldn't say no to a little extra spending money - Christmas is an expensive time of year, and as Mr Tesco once said, every little helps! That's why we're giving away a £50 Toys R Us voucher to one lucky winner - it's valid in-store and online, and it's sure to go a long way if you've got children to shop for!


How to Enter:

To enter this great competition, all you have to do is retweet this competition tweet. Make sure you're following @floormakeruk on Twitter, too - only Floormaker followers will eligbile to win the grand prize!

The competition will close - and we'll announce the winner - at 10am on Friday the 10th of October, so be sure to get your entry in by then. Please note that this competition is open to UK entrants only.

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Floors of the Week: Wood-Style Laminates

Wood-style laminate flooring

Everybody wants a wooden floor, but few of us can afford the sky-high price of genuine hardwood flooring. Does this mean that, until our wealthy aunts and uncles bequeath us their fortunes, our dreams of beautiful wood flooring are doomed?

Perhaps not. If solid wood flooring is out of your price range, our stunning wood-style laminate flooring may well be a viable alternative – it’s cheaper, it’s easier to take care of, and if you pick the right style, it really can look just as good as real wood!

This week’s Floors of the Week were chosen for people just like you – people who want the natural beauty of hardwood, but without the price tag and troublesome maintenance requirements. What do you think of these beauties?

Phalsbourg Oak flooring

12mm Phalsbourg Oak

Harbour Oak flooring

12mm Harbour Oak

Rustic Oak flooring

7mm Rustic Oak

Dark Harbour Oak flooring

12mm Harbour Oak Dark

Don't like any of these? See our Laminate Flooring section for loads of other wood-style designs!

Floors of the Week: Five Favourites

Our favourite floors

Every week, we choose a handful of Floormaker's very best products and tie them together in our Floors of the Week blog. Usually, we pick a theme for this weekly digest - previous topics include bedroom flooring and light colours - but this week, we thought we'd cut loose and simply choose five of our favourite floors from throughout the Floormaker catalogue.

You'll see our choices below - we think you'll find there's something for everyone!

Fineline Oak Flooring

14.5mm Fineline Oak

1 Strip Natural Oak

13.5mm 1 Strip Engineered Natural Oak

Playground Flooring

8mm Playground Laminate Flooring

Oak Achat Floor

8mm 3 Strip Oak Achat

White Navaro Oak

8mm Navaro Oak

What do you think? Would you use any of these floors in your own home? Let us know on Twitter!

Floors of the Week: Stunning Flooring for Children's Bedrooms

Children's floors

Decorating your child’s bedroom is a mammoth task. Trying to find the perfect combination between fun, youthful and stylish can be difficult. You want a room that is exciting and playful but also complements the rest of your house. We’ve carefully selected these beautiful ‘Floors of the Week’ to set a stunning foundation for the interior design of your child’s bedroom. Some are sophisticated and some are a little more playful, yet the one thing they all have in common is their exquisite quality and low-maintenance nature.

You can use your imagination to create vivid and inspiring interior designs with one of these stunning floors as your foundation.


Cherry floor

 Cherry Laminate Flooring

8mm Glossy Red Tile Laminate Flooring

8mm Playground

10mm Narrow Board Siberian Ash Wood Imitation Floor

7mm Rustic Oak

Remember to tweet us your favourite floors! We love sharing design tips with you. 

Floors of the Week: Beautiful Bedroom Flooring

Bedroom flooring

Decorating the bedroom is a fine art - you want to make it look attractive, of course, but you also want it to feel comfy and cosy and welcoming. Many people opt to carpet their bedroom floors, but we feel that this approach can lead to very stuffy results; If you want a chic, modern-looking bedroom, we strongly recommend using laminate flooring instead.

For our latest Floors of the Week, we've chosen four of our favourite bedroom floors for you to take a look at. How would you like to wake up to one of these beauties in the morning?

High gloss floor

8mm High Gloss Plateau Merbau

White zebrano floor

8mm Zebrano Fine White Oak

Rustic oak floor

8mm Rustic Oak (Wide Plank)

V-groove floor

7mm V-Groove Riffel Oak

What do you think of these beautiful bedroom designs? Let us know on Twitter!

Floors of the Week: Stunning Laminate Tiles

From left: 8mm Kamala Tile, 8mm Paros Tile, 8mm White Glossy Tile, 8mm Carrara Marmor

Ceramic tiles look lovely in the home, but they can be quite tricky to install, requiring all manner of grout and mortar. You could hire a professional installer, of course, but this will add quite a bit to the overall cost of your renovations.

But there is an alternative! If you want the beauty of ceramic flooring without any of the fiddly stuff, laminate tiles can be a great solution - they're inexpensive, they're attractive, and they're superbly easy to install.

If laminate tiles sound like your sort of thing, we think that you'll find our latest Floors of the Week to be very appealing indeed...


Kamala tiles

8mm Kamala Tile

Paros tiles

8mm Paros Tile


Glossy white tiles

8mm Glossy White Tiles

Carrara Marmor tiles

8mm Carrara Marmor

What do you think of our floors? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook!

Floors of the Week: Spotlight on Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley floors

This week, we’re using our regular Floors of the Week blog to focus on one of our favourite suppliers: Laura Ashley!

As you may already know, Laura Ashley herself was a designer from Merthyr Tydfil, a small town in South Wales. Her penchant for quaint, charming, and quintessentially British styles made her well-known throughout the country, and the company that bears her name is now one of the biggest design brands in the UK.

Now, Laura Ashley’s name is mainly associated with textile designs, but the company also makes a variety of fine floors. Here are four of our favourites:

Mills Oak floor

8mm Mills Oak


Teak flooring

8mm Weathered Teak

Bog Oak floor by Laura Ashley

8mm Bog Oak

Light Grey Pine Floor

8mm Light Grey Pine

See more of these floors on our Floors of the Week board on Pinterest!