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Picasso Style Rugs

Hi everyone, guess what we are talking about this week on our blog? Yup – it’s rugs. We have a whole range of splendid rugs to show off about, and where better than on our blog.

This week we are mainly talking about our new Picasso range. Most of you will have heard of the famous artist Pablo Picasso. These rugs have abstract patterns similar to his works and style. Imitation is the highest form of flattery and all of our Picasso rugs will do just that. Flattering a home, office and all types of flooring.

Ebony Picasso Whirl Rug

A modern take on the artist’s style. Weaving contemporary with classic, this hand-tufted rug is a beautiful rug that exudes style from every fibre. The earthy colours are encapsulated in the geometric patterns - the wispy swirls are a sensation. 

Red Picasso Whirl Rug

Similar to the Ebony but with more fire based and heated colours. It’s warmth and welcoming effect is replicated throughout the rug. It’s pattern and colours are designed to be able to suit any home décor and fit in with a variety of interior designs. 

Multi Colour Picasso Whirl Rug

A truly vibrant version of the Picasso rug. The effervescent colours inject colour and personality into any surroundings. It doesn’t just catch the eye; it holds it and refuses to let go. Contemporary and contentious due to its marmite effect. You either love or loathe this rug – it’s an opinion polariser - puerile or perfection, the choice is yours!

Fuchsia Picasso Whirl Rug

This rug is based on the artist’s designs and the fundamental colours of the fuchsia flower. This delight combination creates a mesmerising rug. The swirling geometric patterns encapsulate the colours perfectly, emanating style and substance. Soft to the touch and pleasing on the eye it’s a delight to the senses. 
And there you have it, another eventful blog with 4 of our Picasso designs, there is enough options there to suit anyone. 

We’d love to know what your favourite is. Tell us on our Facebook which one floats your boat. Or hop on over to our Twitter and follow us, meaning you never miss any updates.

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Cardiff seo meetup green and red dragon logo

SEO Meetup Rundown

I got the mail in my inbox from a fellow member of staff highlighting an SEO meet up in Cardiff. It sounded like a great idea. Us picking up many a tip, contacts and general digital information from the seminar.

There were 3 amigos (that's us btw) due to attend until one, unfortunately, had to pull out at the last minute, thank god for periscope!

Admission: I was a geek before it was cool. SEO and all things digital/computer have a reputation for being a bit geeky as it is deemed techy based. The event was held at Urban Tap house. A bar? With other people around, food, drink and all things social? Bursting the digital media myth with this testosterone filled, networking atmosphere! Great start!

I was looking forward to this meeting for many reasons. 
  • Different, interesting subjects.
  • Measure and assess my knowledge against my peers
  • Pick up valuable tips
  • Make useful contacts
  • Beer!

The venue was cosy, shall we say, but that was due to an initial allocation of 30 places, which was quickly changed to accommodate 50 people. This increase in traffic (boom boom) bodes well for future events. 

There was an overflow room to cope with the added allocation, which we were banished too. I say banished, it was more pulled than pushed due to the plush seating arrangements. Both rooms had a visible screen and the sound was the same quality. 

photo of brett and luke from floormaker

We did migrate to the other room for the all-important Q&A sections, a very worthwhile part of the meetup and dare I say it – the most valuable. We get to enjoy the plethora of the speakers knowledge and people can ask specific questions related to their industry and business. Tailored tips are what will benefit your business the most. 

The Speakers


First up was Prabhat Sha from @OnlineSellerUK an expert in Amazon selling. Now, this wasn't the speaker I came for, as my interest in Amazon is purely social but it was an interesting and informative presentation. A lot of the information such as description and images were more beginner level but there were some nuggets of info for the more experienced seller. The fact that Amazon takes your supplier details alludes to their nefarious nature resulting in them first piggybacking and then steamrolling the competition. But then they are #1 and this is one, of many, reasons why.

That said you can still set up your own business successfully. Whether it's an initial hobby where you are looking to expand as you progress or for an already established business that is interested in adding this selling medium to your existing channels. Amazon can't and won't compete with everybody.

The Q & A session was excellent in fact. The variety and depth of questions allowed the audience to extract even more from Prabhat's knowledge banks, including an accidental reference to a saucy subject. People will always find innuendo in innovators.  An interesting note to point out was that people not attending for that particular talk, started to consider using Amazon  as a side project (chocolate teapots anyone?). And that can only be good for the skill set and hopefully – the purse strings.

Google Analytics

Next up was Jess Spate @Jess_Spate We know Jess quite well. 2 of our directors have been on her beginners Google analytics course (how much Jess?) She also touched base with me initially about the vacancy I hold here at Floormaker. Obviously, I am very thankful for her help in securing this job – I won't need to mention my peerless interviewing technique! She only took 10% commission too. Sorry Jess, I am joking obviously.

It was 5%.

Moving on swiftly, Jess spoke about Google Analytics, anyone detect a theme here? This was more on the intermediate level so some people may have been waylaid at the start, but there was still some tips even the complete novice could take away. Steve, the event organiser was very helpful in asking for tips about basic analytics themes and mistakes so that all the audience could take some titbits from the presentation.

jess spate google analytics speaker

Again this was finished off with some great questions and superb answers. The most interesting point was that we are all hoping for Google to give us more information (solicited) on individual users. Big brother is getting bigger!

Last but not least was Jonathan of Stills, find him at @JonWalkerOM. He was the main reason (beer excluded) why I came to this meetup. Sorry Jess (again), but only because I consider myself excellent at GA already. The on-site optimisation is something I am working on most minutes of every day, in between my cmd  + tab (alt +tab, PC users) of Google analytics.

Jonathon fell into SEO as a result of being jobless, not unemployed per se, but underused by his company. What started as a hobby, something to pass the time or just to justify his wages/presence turned into a career in SEO.

His talk covered all manner of on page SEO which I enjoyed immensely. Judging by the feedback from others I wasn't the only one. It was funny and informative and some of the do not do's were definitely being done by some attendees. Probably not from today onwards though. And that, right there is one of the main benefits of attending meetings like this. It's not all about what to do to promote your site/business/blog. Removing a faux pas can do just as good and in some cases – even better.

There was one question from an attendee that was billed as a beginner query. The blank looks on the rest of the crowd and Johnathon's face told a different story. I would like to repeat what it was but I still don't quite understand what it was. Better to keep my mouth shut and let people assume I don't know rather than open it and confirm it as fact! Probably should just google it. 
Jon Walker On Page seo speaker

FYI: Here is the best google article ever written. His words, not mine. But after reading it, I am more than inclined to agree. 

The Q & A was excellent; consistent with the rest of the evening. These sections were a particular highlight for both my colleague and me, and long may they continue in future events.

Handily this brings me onto the feedback of the event. It wasn't going to be a bed of roses and I expected that. It being the first event along with the increased allocation would inevitably suffer teething problems.


The room turned out to be sufficient for all the people that attended. The overflow room could be used for people to chill out in. The only disadvantage being you might have missed (        ) face when his vibration tool comments weren't received as expected

For next time, I suspect a bigger room may be needed as great feedback on the course and increased attention/publicity will result in higher attendances. 


Great variety of topics and the speakers covered a wide range of topics. Mixing things up helped keep the audience engaged throughout. Not sure how 2.5 hours of intense focus on PPC re-targeting would have gone down.

Thumbs up from me on this regard. I would like the level of the tutorial to be issued beforehand. This would save beginners attending an advanced course and vice versa. 

The Host

The MC, the main man, the organiser, the grafter or whatever we are going by these days was excellent. Steve welcomed us and others in and made sure that everything was ok with us throughout the evening. Whether this was a result of guilt for deflecting us to the overflow room is another discussion entirely.

He filmed the whole thing on periscope which you can catch here  http://bit.ly/periscopecardiffseo for a limited time. Be kind, the first ten minutes is a bit sketchy, teething problems remember! I will be posting a link when Steve posts it to a permanent host. So check back in the near future to get that link. Check back anyway, it'll be nice to see you! Cough cough session time cough cough!


I'd suggest that we have a sign in sheet next time, where people can volunteer their contact information for networking and possible future collaboration. I have set up a twitter list for the which you can subscribe to here http://bit.ly/seocardifftwitterlist. If you're not on the list, let me know and I will add you. For a fee! Sorry Free*

Until next time.

PS. Sorry Johnathon this article is <2000 words……you should have talked more. File under Faux Pas.

Oriental Offerings

The rugs are back again. We’ve just released a whole range of fantastic rugs so there is still lots to talk about. Last week included British iconic designs and Arte & Accent gallic flair. This week we will be concentrating on the Oriental range and all these wonderful rugs have to offer. These Asian delights come in 4 fantastic designs. Read on for too find out what delights we have in store for you.


Anatolia Rugs

The Anatolia rug has a superb historical look to it. It’s a heavy textile immersed in its symbolic &  utilitarian past. The combination of patterns blend in effortlessly to compliment its overall look. As fashionable as it is functional, an ideal accessory to any flooring.
                                        Floormaker Oriental Anatolia Rug

Baluch Rugs

The Baluch designed rug is a perfectly assembled piece. The geometric patterns are arranged symmetrically to create a beautiful, uniformed pattern across the pile. Woven to an exceptional standard it will bring a contemporary look to even the most traditional home décor. 
Floormaker Oriental Baluch Rug

Jeldar Rugs

The Jeldar  differs from the other Oriental styles as it’s teeming with designs and patterns. These patterns  are splayed  right across the rug. The different tinted colours illustrate the diamond patterns perfectly, creating a simple but stylish effect.

Floormaker Oriental Jeldar Rug

Bukhara Rugs

The Bukhara style rug is fashioned from the Turkmen rugs; part of the Tekke era. It backs up its historical importance with exquisite designs and patterns. The shapes are replicated throughout the rug, adding character to its lavish look. 
Floormaker Oriental Bukhara Rug
All rugs are available in 57cm x 90cm & 80 cm x 150cm. Having the choice of occupying or filling a space. Bringing character, history and most importantly style to any room. 

Please tell us what you think of these rugs on our Facebook and if you’d like to keep tabs on our activities you can follow us on Twitter.
If you missed the rugs from last week you can check it out here.

Rug Revelation

New in store, new in stock and new to Floormaker is our exclusive range of Rugs to add that 
something extra to your floor. We have taken on board a selection of high quality rugs that are 
easy on the eye and even easier on the Wallet.

City of London

Take our City of London rug. It’s a quirky, bold rug that represents all that is Great about Britain, 
focusing on the iconic sights and sounds of London. The highly recognisable emblems are 
vibrantly displayed. Suitable for office décor to add that touch of patriotism to the workplace or 
equally at home in the home. Brightening up any room with its vivid images. 

Westco City of London Rug

Union Jack

Keeping to the same theme as the city of London rug the Union Flag rug has the national identity 
running through its material. While similar to the London rug it is more of a replicate of itself, what 
with the UK flag repeated across the whole of the design. It’s quirkiness lies in its lack of uniform 
with the copied images aligned in different directions. We’d call it organised chaos! The 
outstanding images emphasised further with its white edging can’t fail to impress – both you and 
any visitors. Rule Britannia! 

Westco Union Flag Rug

Frise Accent

With a slightly more passive effect is our Frise Accent rug. A contemporary design, which will 
seamlessly blend into a room’s décor while adding its own luxurious touch. The understated effect of the slim leafing design adds that winning combo. 
Westco Frise Accent Rug

Frise Arte

The Frise Arte rug adds a cutting edge to this selection. Its emboldened squared designs are 
replicated throughout the rug but with one key change. Colour. The vibrant, subtle and 
effervescent colours give this rug that all important character and a modern, contemporary and 
fashionable look. 
Westco Frise Arte Rug

My favourite look of all four, but they each have their own plus points. Taste is subjective, you can 
let us know which one you like on our Facebook page. We have other ranges that may also take 
your fancy and we will be talking about them over the next few blogs. Each rug will get their day in the sun.

To keep up to date with our upcoming rugs, products and news you can follow us on Twitter.

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Decorative Cork Wall Tiles

Sorry, no floors of the week this week! But, and it’s a good but, we have walls of the week. Last time we switched it up was for decorative natural cork wall tiles, no prizes for any correct guesses to why we are mixing it up again!

We did have 6 styles of cork wall tiles and with our addition of 4 new styles -  Country Ivory Cork , Country Red Cork, Brick Cork, Stone Cork it brings us up the perfect 10.

Since their introduction they have been very popular and they offer a completely different aesthetic look to painted or wallpapered walls. Add to that their sound and thermal insulating properties and you have both style and substance.

Coming in different thicknesses you can choose the depth and decide how much insulation you want. We feel with the 10 styles available there is now truly a choice for everyone. All bases covered. All boxes ticked. Let us know which cork walls you would pick! -  On our Facebook page.

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Embrace The Space

We love space. In fact we love all aspects of space. Whether it’s emotional, physical, philosophical or technological.

Peace, tranquillity and well being are synonymous with freedom. Don’t worry we are not getting all Zen like quite yet…..allow me to explain.



With our recent foray into the astronomical Space, with the British ‘Tim Cook’ no less, technological advancements are on the up, not just in Space; but home décor too. From the original stone flooring right up until the present day with the multi layered (engineered) and printed flooring (laminate). Flooring isn’t any bigger but it’s definitely better. Gone are the days where nails and glue was essential, now you can click and go.  ‘Floating’ your floors sans David Blaine!

For the impression of more space use lighter toned flooring to open up a room.  Often the illusion is enough without having to have more actual physical space. But if it’s real extra room you want, then it’s time to get organised.  It’s the classic saying (well my version anyway) “Out of sight, out of sight”. Shelfstore have a variety of shelves (obviously) where you can de-clutter a room and make the most of the space. Our particular favourite is this under the stairs piece.  The space under the stairs is often used as a haven for miscellaneous objects, a magnet for all and sundry. Strewn objects no more with this super stair sorter.

understairs storage furniture 

Image courtesy of ShelfStore


An inverse equation meaning: a lack of space = a lot more stress. Hold off on the hoarding; and harmonise your life, home and office. Just putting things away and not leaving them lying around, especially on the floor, especially our floors! A visual delight, floors are there to be looked at and walked on.  It’s Flooring not Storing!



Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonising everyone with the surrounding environment. Flooring is a vital part of that. It is the main focus of a room. Everything else can change quite often over time, flooring typically is around for a lot longer.

 Opening up the room with your furniture blended with your flooring is a productive way to get good vibes and create a tranquil relaxing atmosphere.

feng shui room and flooring


Image courtesy of About Home


To physically have more room makes logistic and common sense. No accidents, no clutter, no mess and much easier to keep clean and tidy. Having a consistent type of flooring throughout your home keeps it simple, neutral and contained.

Space is a wonderful thing that we would always like to have more of. With home decoration hacks and tips there are many ways to embrace your space and wallow in your new found freedom.

 blueprint overview of rooms and flooring

Image courtesy of Deviant Art

Now you've finished why don't you tell us your thoughts on our Facebook page or Follow us on Twitter.

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Floors of the Quarter

Where has the time gone? It’s almost the end of April already. With this in mind we are going to take a quick look back at the first quarter and what products have been the most popular thus far. Leading the flooring race, as it were.

Drum roll please…… with no super surprises our top 3 popular floors all come from our laminate range. Anyone following us on our social media, in particular Twitter, would have got more than our inkling from our top performers of the week update.
Twitter tweet of best selling flooring

Laminate is a great product and as technology has developed it has improved furthermore. An affordable looking replica of solid wood with all the added bonus of versatility and ease of installation. An ever increasing range and selection that suits all tastes. Contemporary, traditional or just plain wacky – Laminate flooring covers all bases; a home run of home décor!

Our top 3 is made up of products from Kronotex and Westco – both established and well respected manufacturers of Flooring.


Sitting proudly at Number 3 is the Kronotex 8mm Black and White Laminate. A visual treat thanks to its alluring contrasting shades. The combination of properties showcasing its elegant look. Suitable for many areas of the home and quick installation joints. Enabling customers to fit it almost as quick as they pick it!

Kronotex 8mm Black & White Laminate


Being the bridesmaid and not quite the bride on this occasion is the Westco 8mm Botticino High Gloss Laminate (there’s always next quarter!). Proud of its #2 status and so it should be. The ceramic tile effect is a splendid look that has the ability to light up any room. The smooth sleek styling adding panache and elegance to its surroundings. Simple to maintain and a breeze to clean helping any owners keeping the sparkling look a constant.
Westco 8mm Bottocino Cream High Gloss Tile Effect Laminate


At the top of the Floormaker flooring tree (see what I did there!) is Kronotex 12mm White Rip Oak Laminate. With its superior thickness, high density and stunning appearance it ticks all the flooring boxes and then some! Scaling both contemporary and traditional styling it can blend into any home décor. Complimenting any interior décor you already have, or alternatively using it as a base and focusing your décor around that.
Kronotex 8mm Black & White Laminate

Its rustic look weather look belies its durability. One of, if not the most resilient flooring in Floormakers range.  Even suitable for installation in commercial and retail spaces. Its these reasons and more that it’s the Floor of the quarter and deservedly so.

And that rounds up our Floors of the quarter, we hope you enjoyed. You can tell us what you think on our Facebook page.

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Carpet Tiles

We’ve taken an interesting detour with this edition of Floors of the Week. Our carpet tiles get little coverage due to it’s big bad brother of real wood and replica wood flooring hogging all the limelight.

The humble carpet tiles have a lot to offer and we have them in various tones and colours so there should definitely be a style available to suit any eye.


Kicking off proceedings with our mustard carpet tiles. Suitable for all areas of a house, the blended mustard tones of these tiles helps create a neutral, fitting in effect to match a wide range of interior décor. It’s simple to lay and is super hard wearing and resilient. Less time laying, more time enjoying the visual benefits.

Mustard Carpet Tiles


Our charcoal carpet tiles offer a contemporary look to its surroundings. Perfect for creating an expansive room while allowing more light and the appearance of extra space to a room. As durable as it is delightful, a carpet tile like no other.

Charcoal Carpet Tiles

Midnight Blue

If you’re interested in introducing a touch of class to a room, then look no further than our midnight blue carpet tiles. Perfect for dining and showcase rooms it’s an enchanting background tile. It can look just as nice in a bedroom or study, but then nobody else will get to see it! It deserves a front and centre placing to display your home décor taste.

Midnight Carpet Tiles


The last of our showcased carpet tiles today is our Olive range. Offering the complete package – easy to lay, hard wearing  and with a beautiful look to top it all off.  A suitable look for living rooms, bedrooms, offices and many more.

Olive Carpet Tiles

And there you have it, a selection of our finest to feast your eyes on and perhaps open your doors to?

Let us know what you think of our Floors of the Week  on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter for all the latest Floormaker news. 

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Laminates For Everyone

Hot off the virtual shelves at Floormaker we have 4 brand spanking new laminates for your attention. They were put on the site last week and offer a whole new look to our popular laminate collection. Two of the laminates are of the tile effect. A popular laminate style, the tiled effect has many admirers and you will soon see why. 

Tile Effect Laminates

The ashen slate effect is an authentic looking flooring with the grout lines prominently adding that retro touch. Practical and presentable this flooring offers the best of both worlds. A versatile flooring that doubles as a visual dream.

Westco 8mm Ashen Slate Tile Effect Laminate Flooring
                                         Westco 8mm Ashen Slate Tile Effect

The tones and textures of the anthracite flooring are a sight to behold. A elegant, prominent flooring that manages to blend in seamlessly with the background. The tiling effect adding that extra string to its already impressive bow. Suits a variety of interior designs. It maintains a classy appearance without overshadowing the room. Suitable for all areas of a home it boasts versatility and vitality in one fell swoop.

Westco 8mm Anthracite Slate Tile Effect Laminate Flooring
                                             Westco 8mm Anthracite Slate Tile Effect

Authentic Looking Laminates

Our dark fumes oak laminate is a very impressive addition to our range. A natural looking replica of real oak flooring.  The darkened effect helps illuminate a room, casting complimentary shadows across the interior. It’s rich tones adds comfort, warmth and authenticity to all rooms.

Westco 8mm Dark Fumes Oak Laminate Flooring
                                           Westco 8mm Dark Fumes Oak 

The final installation is our 8mm barn oak laminate flooring. It offers a different look to the dark fumes flooring but is no less impressive. The textured effect is resplendent across the planks combining to create a sumptuous floor. As versatile as the rest, it’s a beautiful styled flooring that is here to stay.

Westco 8mm Barn Oak Laminate Flooring
                                                                       Westco 8mm Barn Oak Laminate Flooring

All of the new laminates has something to suit all tastes. Whether it’s tiling or wood replicas, these floors satisfy those needs. Versatility is evident in that they can be laid in kitchens and bathrooms too. We recommend securing with PVA adhesive if doing so, to ensure a solid, non leaking base.

These new floors can be found in our laminate range. Take a peek at your leisure.

For more peeks at our laminate range you should read some of our previous posts. To keep up to date with us you can follow us on Twitter and/or like us on Facebook.

Until  next time……

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Functional Flooring

It’s Monday and you know what that means! Yes, it’s #floorsoftheweek time. We have quite the selection in store (literally) for you to feast your eyes on.

Solid wood, cork tiles, luxury vinyl and outdoor tiles are the order of the day.

Solid Wood

Let’s start with the sensational solid wood. It’s a dream accompaniment to any room and this onyx oak is no different. If you want to make a statement and let your room take the floor literally, then this is the surface for you. The bold black floorboards are made of real, oiled oak. It has the benefits of authenticity with the colour setting it apart from other standard tones on the market. An outstanding product deserving of a good home.
18mm Onyx Oak 120mm Wide Brushed & Oiled Random Length Solid Wood

Cork Flooring

The solid wood flooring is suitable for general living areas, where our next floor white cork tiles are more apt for the kitchen and/or bathroom areas. Strong and resilient and all importantly  it can withstand moisture making it an ideal surface for those wetter areas of a home. Not just functional but funky looking too. The white tone gives it a neutral canvas for your design to blend into. You don’t need to accommodate it into the surrounding, it does it all by itself.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Keeping on the same theme our luxury light clic grey flooring is also deemed suitable for bathrooms. It’s a premium product so if you’re looking for that something a little extra special, this floor is for you. It looks just like a stylish oak floor but has the added versatility to go where solid wooden floors dare to tread.  High endurance combined with simple fitting asks the question of when can I install it, not where!

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Oak Light Grey
                                                                          Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Oak Light Grey

Outdoor Flooring

Leaving the confines of the interior, with our outdoor Hortus flooring we can delve into looking at the exterior of your home. Our reflection woven flooring would make a perfect addition to the outside of any home. Can be laid by pools, verandas, patios and much more. The sumptuous look of the flooring allows it to be bold while blending in! Eco friendly and maintenance free. A quick wash down with a hose or power wash is all this floor needs to maintain its look and feel.

Hortus 16mm Woven Tile Reflection Outside Flooring

This was quite the variety of flooring this week as we are sure you will agree.  Covering all areas of a home both inside and out.

To keep in the loop of our floors of the week and our other shenanigans you can follow us on Twitter or like us on Facebook.

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