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Spotlight: 10mm Narrow Board Canyon Cherry Flooring

Canyon Cherry Flooring

You might have noticed this gorgeous design among our Floors of the Week this week - Canyon Cherry Flooring really is quite the showstopper! Narrow board floors are a little unusual compared to the wide floorboards found in country-style interiors, but when your boards have such beautiful depth of colour, the narrow boards will create gorgeous and complex patterns which is what makes this floor so special.

The Canyon Cherry flooring is so stunning that it belongs in a truly beautiful room. We scoured Pinterest to find a room worthy of this gorgeous floor, and we settled on this truly beautiful kitchen for inspiration:

Kitchen floor

As you can see, this beautiful kitchen design allows the floor to do the talking. Our Canyon Cherry design has such warmth and appeal that there's really no need to go over the top when you're accessorising the room.

The kitchen in the photo above has got it spot on, with white cabinets, chrome appliances, and a gorgeous neutral-coloured tile on the wall. Though sparse of colour, this kitchen still feels warm - it's a truly beautiful room!

Use our Canyon Cherry flooring in your kitchen for a comforting, warming atmosphere with a strikingly modern finish. Don't go overboard with bright colours - just let Floormaker's beautiful boards transform your home!

Floors of the Week: Narrow Boards, Broad Appeal

Narrow board floors

As you browse through our Laminate Flooring department, you may notice several products with the 'narrow board' label. While wider floorboards can be great for traditional, country-style interiors, narrow boards will give your floor a very striking appearance that's great for contemporary designs.

With that in mind, here are four of our favourite 'narrow board' floors:


Siberian Ash

10mm Narrow Board Siberian Ash

Chocolate flooring

10mm Narrow Board Chocolate

Cavallo oak floor

10mm Narrow Board Cavallo Oak

Canyon Cherry flooring

10mm Narrow Board Canyon Cherry

What do you think of these four floors? We want your feedback! Follow us on Twitter and let us know how YOU would use them.

Floors of the Week: Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring Collection

If we told you to imagine a vinyl floor, you'd probably picture a self-adhesive, water-resistant product that's cheap to buy, easy to lay, and not much to look at. Vinyl is the workhorse of the flooring world; people buy it because it can cope with water and mess, not because it will make their homes look nice.

But this week, we want to change your perception of vinyl flooring. Our Luxury Vinyl department is a relatively new addition to the Floormaker site, but it's already becoming one of the brightest jewels in our crown - those floors do a great job of combining the beauty of wood flooring with the practicality of vinyl.

Here are some of the best designs from our Luxury Vinyl Flooring collection:

Brown vinyl floor

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring - Brown

Grey oak vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring - Oak Pastel Grey


Rustic pine floor

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring - Pine Rustic

Beige vinyl flooring

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring - Beige

Light oak vinyl floor

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring - Oak Light Grey

Our luxury vinyl floors are installed using a simple ‘clic’ method (no glue or nails required!), and their high-endurance properties make them ideal for busy areas like offices and potentially messy rooms like the kitchen. Click here to view the rest of our range!

Putting our 'Floors of the Week' to Work!

Every week, we choose a selection of different floors to show off as our Floors of the Week. A lot of thought goes into their selection, but we don't often show you how we visualise these beautiful floors within interior design schemes. This week, we though we'd try something a little different - we've scoured Pinterest and found a few images that will provide you with some interior design inspiration for our Floors of the Week!


The Floor: 8mm Bourbon Oak

Bourbon Oak

This rich, gorgeous oak-effect floor adds an atmosphere of warmth and comfort to any room it's placed in. The dark, complex tones make it extremely beautiful indeed, and the overall look of the floor is really quite striking.


The Look: Muted Colours

Muted Colours

Neutral colours will let the floor speak for iteself. The muted mint and grey colour palette adopted in this living room will really let the gorgeous Bourbon Oak floor come into its own. There are also an array of gorgeous patterns going on, adding more life to the room. We love the photo frame wall, as well! Though fairly muted, this colour scheme is anything but boring.


The Floor: 8mm Palisander White Oak

White Oak

This gorgeous floor is light and airy, but it has a beautiful, natural shading in some areas, which adds an element of interest and variety. It's tricky to get the perfect interior design for a light floor like this, but when done properly, the effect is truly mesmerising.


The Look: Light and Bright

Light Room

Keep the room light and airy, and add vibrant colour using accessories. This gorgeous room has got it spot on - lovely light walls, a pale grey sofa, a white lampshade - but there's no way that anyone could accuse it of lacking colour! use accessories to add splashes of colour and pattern - a gorgeous rug, as pictured above, is a perfect example.


The Floor: Natural Brushed Oak Vinyl

Natural Oak

This honey-coloured vinyl floor has a very traditional wooden look to it. However, traditional doesn't have to be boring - the natural browns of this design create real depth of colour, and the lovely tones lend themselves perfectly to many a different design scheme.


The Look: Modern, Chic and Fabulous!

Chic and Modern

This beautiful living room works perfectly with a light-coloured floor like the Natural Brushed Oak. We love the pops of neon colour, especially against that cool black-and-white sofa. The photo on the wall and those lovely flowers all add stunning splashes of colour, and the tone of the flooring allows you to experiment with various patterns and colours throughout the room for a fantastic finish.


The Floor: 8mm Austria Oak

Austria Oak

This deliciously dark floor adds a sophisticated and sleek look to any space. The ashy tones are warm and comforting, as well as being totally modern!


The Look: All-Out Grey!

Grey Interior Design

We love a consistent colour against white walls. This room has such a polished and finished look, and those subtle splashes of deep red tie the whole thing together wonderfully. Experiment with different hues of grey to create a calming and relaxing interior that you'll be more than glad to come home to!

Floors of the Week - Light and Dark

Light and Dark Flooring

We’re always talking – or, more accurately, blogging – about the wonderful diversity of the Floormaker catalogue. From rich, dark wooden floors to bright, breezy, contemporary-looking laminates, we really do cover every inch of the spectrum, offering floors to suit any and all tastes.

Every week, we pick a few products and call them our Floors of the Week. This week’s floors were culled from either extreme of our range – we’ve chosen two of our lightest, brightest designs, and two of our darkest and most delectable to sit alongside them.

Here are the floors that we’re loving this week:

White Oak flooring

8mm Palisander White Oak

Bourbon Oak flooring

8mm Bourbon Oak

Luxury Vinyl flooring

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring - Brushed Oak

Austrian Oak floor

8mm Austria Oak

We want to know what you think of our Floors of the Week! Come and join the conversation on Twitter or Facebook!

Floors of the Week: Engineered Oak

Engineered Oak Floors

We’ve written about the brilliance of engineered flooring before, but it bears repeating – engineered wood really is the ultimate flooring product, combining real wood beauty with outstanding sturdiness and practicality.

If you’re not already convinced that an engineered oak floor is ideal for your home, our Floors of the Week will do the trick! Check these out:

Fineline Oak

14.5mm Fineline Oak

Light Oak floor

14.5mm Brushed & Lacquered Light Oak

Brushed oak flooring

13.5mm Brushed Oak

Herringbone parquet floor

10.5mm Herringbone Parquet Engineered Oak

3 strip natural oak flooring

13.5mm 3 Strip Natural Oak

Which of our Floors of the Week is your favourite? Tell us on Twitter or Facebook!

Floors of the Week: Vive la Difference!

A variety of laminate flooring designs

Clockwise from top left: Cutter Oak, Glossy Red Tile, Bliss Art Hungarian Oak, Knottage Pine, Naxos Tile

One of our favourite things about flooring – and about interior design at large – is the sheer number of options available. Wooden flooring is only the tip of the iceberg, and no matter what kind of interior you’re putting together, there’s sure to be a floor that’s perfectly suited to your needs.

Our laminate section alone is home to more than 130 different flooring designs, and this week’s Floors of the Week were specifically chosen to show off the diversity of our collection. For example...

Hungarian Oak floor

This Hungarian Oak floor shows that wood-effect flooring can still look effortlessly modern. The boards are separated by strips of metal, creating a truly contemporary effect.


Glossy red tiles

If the wood look really isn’t for you, how about these bright red laminate tiles? It’s great for a child’s bedroom, as our photo suggests, but it could be successfully worked into plenty of other spaces too.


Knottage pine flooring

And if all you want is a traditional wood-style floor...well, we’ve got those too. Try our Knottage Pine floor for a really rustic interior.

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Floors of the Week: Pretty in Pine

Floormaker's beautiful pine floors

If you hover over the ‘Our Products’ button at the top of this page, you’ll see that Floormaker’s collection contains around twenty different species. These range from traditional styles such as oak and walnut to more modern looks like ash and teak – we like to give our customers a lot of different options!

Pine is one of our most popular species, and it isn’t particularly difficult to see why. The vintage look is very popular right now, and pine-effect flooring is the perfect accompaniment to shabby chic rooms and classically-themed interiors. Here are some of our favourite pine products:

Laura Ashley Pine Fimis

8mm Pine Fimis from Laura Ashley

Light Grey Pine Flooring

8mm Light Grey Pine from Laura Ashley

Siberian Pine Floor

10mm Siberian Pine from Kronotex

 Vintage Pine Flooring

8mm Vintage Pine from Laura Ashley

Want to see more of our FLOORS OF THE WEEK? Check out Floormaker's Pinterest page!

Floors of the Week: New Additions

We’ve added quite a few new products to the Floormaker site of late, and so we’re using this week’s Floors of the Week slot to show them off! Here are four of our most attractive new additions

8mm Playground

The Playground floor – as you’d probably guess from looking at it – is designed for children’s bedrooms. The light colour and the fun pictures will help your son or daughter’s room to feel wonderfully bright and breezy!

8mm Black and White Laminate Flooring

This is an altogether classier affair. The Black & White design is as chic as it gets, and we think it would be ideal for a dining room or living area.

8mm Wine & Fruits White

If you’ve shopped with Floormaker before, you may recognise this as a lighter version of Parador’s much-loved Wine & Fruits Brown floor. The white floor has even more shabby chic charm than its counterpart – even the smallest spaces will look fab!

8mm Nostalgie Teak Silver

Rounding off this week’s selection is the Nostalgie Teak Silver, a beautiful new floor with oodles of traditional, elegant charm.


Which of these floors is your favourite? Tell us on Twitter!

Fabulous Floors of the Week

At Floormaker, we like to constantly update and refresh our selection of flooring to keep things vibrant and fresh. As such, we have had some beautiful new oak flooring in that is definitely worth a second look. Here are today's Floors of the Week, and a little bit about each:

12mm Harbour Oak Dark 1.293M2

12mm Harbour Oak Dark Laminate Flooring (link: http://www.floormaker.co.uk/store/laminate/12mm-harbour-oak-dark-1-293m2/kt12d3573)

This stunning dark oak flooring will give any interior a rich warmth and stylish solidity. Not only is this floor beautiful to look at, but its qualities make it an extremely durable material perfect for withstanding the test of time.


12mm Harbour Oak 1.293M2

12mm Harbour Oak
(link: http://www.floormaker.co.uk/store/laminate/12mm-harbour-oak-1-293m2/kt12d3570)

This Harbour Oak floor has a classic wooden grain finish that will go with just about any colour scheme imaginable! As well as being a joy to look at, this flooring is extremely durable, and so will stand up to all the household punishment you give it.


12mm Atlas Oak Anthracite Laminate Flooring (link: http://www.floormaker.co.uk/store/laminate/12mm-harbour-oak-1-293m2/kt12d3570)

This Anthracite flooring is a slightly more alternative one - in that its colour has a gorgeous grey finish to it. With such a neutral palette to work with, it is hard to think of a design, style, or scheme that this floor wouldn't look amazing with!


12mm Atlas Oak Coffee Laminate Floor (link: http://www.floormaker.co.uk/store/laminate/12mm-atlas-oak-anthracite-1-293m2/kt12d3592)

Our last floor of the week is this sumptous Atlas Oak Coffee that comes in a more recognisable shade. The gorgeous grains and soothing swirls make this one of the versatile floors around, and its super-durable qualities means it'll carry on looking this good for years to come.