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Floors of the Week: Strong & Sturdy

Sturdy flooring

Life can be tough on a floor. Whether it's a spileld drink, the cat's claws, or just the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, there's always something threatening to ruin your beautiful boards.

Fortunately, our floors are more than up to the task of coping with you and your family. Here are six examples of the tough, resilient products that we have to offer:

Rustic oak flooring

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring - Rustic Oak

Our Luxury Vinyl floors are superbly tough, and this design looks just like real oak!


Herringbone oak floor

10.5mm Oak Wood Herringbone Floor

Engineered wood flooring is inherently sturdy and long-lasting. That traditional-looking herringbone pattern hides a superbly robust construction!


Akzent beech

8mm Akzent Beech

This laminate floor may look weathered and fragile, but the surface is actually very hard-wearing indeed. It's shabby-chic style with none of the hassle!


Black slate tile

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring - Black Slate Tile

Another offering from our Luxury Vinyl range, this time in the style of beautiful black slate.


Playground laminate flooring

8mm Playground Laminate Flooring

The floor of a child's bedroom takes more punishment than most, but this wonderfully cute design (and, more importantly, its resilient laminated surface) will hold up over years and years of playtime.


White oak flooring

13.5mm Engineered Prussian White Oak

Finally, here's another gem from our Engineered department. You might think that white flooring is a foolish choice for a busy family home, but this floor is easy to clean and superbly long-lasting!

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Floors of the Week: Laminate, Engineered, or Solid Wood?

Laminate and wood flooring

So you've decided that your home needs a new floor, but you're not sure which type to buy. Do you want a hard-wearing Laminate floor, a robust Engineered product, or a sturdy, sumptuous Solid Wood surface?

In this week's Floors of the Week blog, we're going to help you make that decision. Here are two examples of each of those three options - laminate, engineered, and solid wood. Which do you like best?


Laminate Flooring:

Richmond oak laminate

8mm Richmond Oak

This is a knotty, authentic-looking laminate with outstanding resilience.


Rustic laminate flooring

7mm Rustic Oak Laminate Flooring

A lighter option than the Richmond Oak floor, this laminate is very true to its name - rustic, country-style beauty at an affordable price.


Engineered Flooring:

Merbau effect oak

13.5mm Engineered Merbau Effect Oak

With an elegant yet modern look, this merbau-effect oak floor is very striking indeed!


Herringbone oak floor

10.5mm Limed Oak Herringbone Parquet Flooring

Herringbone flooring always has a great impact on a room, and this limed oak floor is built to both look good and last.


Solid Wood Flooring:

Dark oak flooring

18mm 1 Strip Dark Oak (83mm wide, random length)

Dark, rich, and entirely authentic, this solid oak floor is perfect for interior design connoisseurs.


Solid oak floor

10mm Solid Oak (90mm wide, random length)

The surface of this floor is exquisitely detailed, and the wooden oak boards will stay beautiful for years.

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Floors of the Week: New Engineered Floors

New engineered floors

With outstanding resilience and an authentic wood surface, engineered wood flooring is one of the best, most luxurious flooring options on the market. We've been adding a range of new products to Floormaker's Engineered Flooring section over the last week or so, and we thought that our regular Floors of the Week blog would be the perfect place to show you what's new!

So, if you think that an engineered wood floor might be a good choice for your home, take a look at these brand new beauties:

Engineered limed oak

14mm Engineered Limed Oak (130mm Wide)

Engineered walnut flooring

Engineered 3S Walnut Flooring

Jacobean oak floor

14mm Engineered Jacobean Oak (130mm Wide)

White cotton oak flooring

Engineered Oak - White Cotton

Engineered Chateau Oak Floor

14mm Engineered Chateau Oak (130mm Wide)

Smoked oak flooring

Engineered Smoked Oak Shadow

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Guest Blog: Choose the Right Sofa for Your Floor

Meet Your Sofa

Where would you be without a floor and a sofa in your living room? Probably sitting in a hole, wondering why you feel so uncomfortable! That's why it's vital to furnish your home with durable flooring and a comfy sofa - the two go hand-in-hand when it comes to living room decor.

It's easy to transform your house into a nice, cosy home if you choose the right sofa for your floor. After all, you wouldn't mix a spotty shirt with striped trousers!

In this guest blog post, Beth from meetyoursofa.com selects a variety of Floormaker products and pairs them with some of Meet Your Sofa's best designs...

Unfinished oak floor

18mm Unfinished Oak (150mm Wide, Random Length)

This unfinished oak floor really is a blank canvas - it's ready to stain, varnish and colour to your heart's content. You'll want to show off your gorgeous floor with...

Windsor sofa

Windsor 2 Seater Sofa

The exposed legs of the Windsor 2 Seater Sofa encourage light and space to flood the room. This sofa cleverly combines a retro style with a fresh minimalism and comfort that you won't forget in a hurry.


Oxford oak flooring

7mm V-Groove Oxford Oak

A luscious laminate flooring, Floormaker's V-Groove Oxford Oak stands for elegance and durability. It's easy to maintain and looks the part, especially when matched with...


Jackson sofa

Jackson 3 Seater Sofa

Designed with families in mind, this classic, traditional sofa can withstand your energetic children and pets. Pairing it with the 7mm V-Groove Oxford Oak flooring is a very sensible choice as both are made to last for a long time.


Engineered oak floor

14mm Engineered Oak (180mm Wide)

Consisting of three layers of wood and topped with solid oak, this gorgeous floor is very hard-wearing indeed. It's a perfect match for...


Vincent sofa

Vincent Corner Sofa

This heavy-duty corner sofa sits wonderfully on Floormaker's engineered oak flooring. The Vincent Corner Sofa mixes a reliable, classic design with hints of fresh, contemporary style.


Tuscany walnut floor

8mm Tuscany Walnut Flooring

Floormaker's Tuscany Walnut flooring brings a warm atmosphere to the living room - even in the winter! It contributes a soft, welcoming glow to the room, and goes exceedingly well with...


Jenkins Armchair

Jenkins Armchair

Sink deep into the snuggly Jenkins Armchair! The exposed wooden legs match the Tuscany Walnut flooring perfectly, and give the sense of more space and light in the room.

Ready for more comfiness in your life? Click here to visit Meet Your Sofa!

Floors of the Week: Laminate Flooring Sale

Discount laminate flooring

Everybody loves a good bargain, and that includes the team here at Floormaker! We're currently having a sale on our Laminate Flooring range, and so we thought it might be nice to use this week's Floors of the Week blog to show off some of the best deals we're offering. There's never been a better time to buy a beautiful new floor!

All prices correct at time of writing.

Cutter oak laminate flooring

8mm Cutter Oak
£6.36 per m2

Dark oak laminate

7mm V-Groove Dark Oak
£7.19 per m2

Grey oak flooring

8mm Grey Oak
£7.07 per m2

Rustic oak floor

7mm Rustic Oak
£5.99 per m2

Cornwall oak

3 Strip Cornwall Oak
£5.28 per m2

Richmond oak flooring

8mm Richmond Oak
£8.39 per m2

Any of these floors will truly transform your living space, and at less than £10 per square metre, your new design will be very cost-effective indeed!

We offer free delivery on all UK orders! Click here to see the rest of our Laminate Flooring range.

Floors of the Week: Luxury Living

We all want to live in luxury – the trouble is that a luxurious lifestyle tends not to come cheap!

For this week’s Floors of the Week blog, we at Floormaker have picked out some of the most luxurious-looking designs in our catalogue. From sumptuous solid wood to our cool, contemporary, and stunningly stylish laminate range, there’s a little bit of luxury for everyone...and for every budget!

All prices correct at time of writing.

White zebrano flooring

8mm Zebrano Fine White Oak
£10.79 per m2

This wonderfully modern design looks like it's been torn straight from some glossy interior design magazine, and yet it's cheap enough for even the leanest of budgets!


Engineered natural oak

13.5mm 3 Strip Engineered Natural Oak
£19.44 per m2

Engineered wood flooring is one of the best all-round flooring products there is, and at less than £20 per square metre, this gorgeous natural oak surface is an absolute steal.


Luxury brown vinyl flooring

Luxury Vinyl Clic - Brown
£22.19 per m2

This one is from our Luxury Vinyl section, so it should come as no surprise that we number it among our most luxurious products! It looks just like real wood, but being made of vinyl, it's suitable for a far wider array of environments.


Dark bamboo flooring

14mm Dark Strand Woven Bamboo
£25.79 per m2

Want something exotic? Then why not try bamboo? This stand-woven floor is water-resistant, environmentally-friendly, and extremely attractive.


Solid oak flooring

18mm Solid 1 Strip Oak (83mm Wide, Random Length)
£26.80 per m2

Solid wood flooring remains a big status symbol for British homeowners. If you want to add some solid wood to your living space, these fabulously detailed wooden boards, may well be the way to go.


Elephant Skin oak

Brushed & Oiled Elephant Skin Smoked Oak
£70.79 per m2

If you're serious about achieving that luxurious look, you need our Elephant Skin oak flooring - that outstanding weathered wood surface is to die for!

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Floors of the Week: Get the Wood Look

Wood-effect flooring

Wood flooring hasa natural, earthy appeal that has kept it at the top of interior design wishlists for decades. Contemporary styles come and go, but wood flooring never goes out of style, and it's not hard to see why.

Interestingly, there are several different ways to give your living space that sough-after wood flooring look. Here are some examples from the Floormaker catalogue...

Oak Achat flooring

8mm 3 Strip Oak Achat

This hard-wearing laminate floor has an attractive multi-hued design that looks just like real oak.


Engineered oak flooring

20mm 1S Engineered Oak Random Length

This one is from our Engineered Wood range; a beautiful real oak veneer is bonded to several layers of tough plywood, creating a superbly strong flooring product that looks absolutely fantastic.


Luxury wood-effect vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Beige

This wood-effect floor is actually made of vinyl, making it a fantastic choice for the kitchen or bathroom!


Solid arctic oak

18mm Brushed & Oiled Arctic Oak (120mm Wide)

Sometimes, you just can't beat solid wood. This amazing oak floor is ideal for giving your home a truly organic feel.


Elephant skin oak floor

Elephant Skin Brushed & Oiled Engineered Wood Flooring

Finally, we come to another engineered product: the Elephant Skin floor is so named for the stunning cracks and whorls that adorn its surfance, and if you want a really rich, natural look in your home, this is the floor for you.

So which of these floors is your favourite? Let us know on Twitter!

Floors of the Week: All Sorts of Laminate Flooring!

Assorted laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is made by bonding a decorative appliqué to a strong layer of fibreboard, then topping this construction with a transparent wear layer for added protection. Laminate floors are very popular nowadays, partly because of how easy they are to install and look after, and partly because they allow homeowners and interior designers to achieve all kinds of different looks on a shoestring budget.

Here, for example, are six of the wildly diverse designs available from Floormaker's own Laminate Flooring department...

Oxford Oak laminate flooring

7mm V-Groove Oxford Oak

Palisander White Oak flooring

8mm Palisander White Oak

Black and white laminate flooring

8mm Black & White Laminate Flooring

Bottocino Classico Cream tiles

8mm Bottocino Classico Cream

Wine and fruits flooring

8mm Narrowboard Wine & Fruits (Brown)

Zebrano flooring

8mm Zebrano Laminate Plum Astoria Floor

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Floors of the Week: Made to Last

Durable flooring

A home can be a busy place, and when you're choosing a new floor for your living space, you want to be sure that it will stand the test of time.

If you want a beautiful floor that stays beautiful, Floormaker can help. We specialise in attractive, hard-wearing products that are perfectly suited to your hectic home life. Children, pets, houseguests...Floormaker's floors can withstand all of them!

Light grey oak vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Clic: Light Grey Oak

Our Luxury Vinyl range is perfect for busy homeowners who still want to make their space look spectacular. Our Light Grey Oak flooring is as durable as it is attractive!


Cork flooring

Sealed Cork Tiles

Cork is an exceptionally hard-wearing choice of floor, and a particularly good one for the bathroom.


Atlas oak flooring

12mm Atlas Oak Anthracite

This floor's design may look aged, weathered, and even a little fragile, but the laminated veneer will provide an extremely sturdy surface for you and your family to use.


Brushed oak vinyl flooring

Luxury Vinyl Clic: Natural Brushed Oak

Another beautiful design from our Luxury Vinyl department - this one looks just like solid oak flooring!


Davos white oak floor

8mm Davos Oak Laminate Flooring

White flooring may seem a brave, even foolhardy choice for a hectic family home. Don't worry, though - those beautiful white boards are very hard-wearing, and any mess can be wiped away easily!


Welcome mat

'Welcome' Doormat

If you're serious about helping your floor to last as long as possible, make sure you have a doormat at both your front and back entrances. We have a range of attractive doormats to choose from, and each one is specifically designed to keep dirt and debris away from your nice new floor.

Any questions? Give Floormaker a call on 08444 889 177 and we'll do our best to help!

Floors of the Week: Glossy & Gorgeous!

Glossy laminate flooring

Looking for a new floor? Have you considered purchasing something with a glossy finish? Going glossy can be a great way to ensure that your new design looks as eye-catching and as full of life as possible - there's no better way to reinvigorate a room!

Glossy flooring can also help a small room to look bigger. A glossy finish reflects more light, which creates the illusion of space and adds a feeling of breezy openness to even the most cramped interiors.

If you feel like going glossy for your latest project, here are six gorgeously glossy floors from Floormaker's Laminate Flooring department:

Glossy black tiles

8mm Glossy Black Tiles

Glossy cream tiles

8mm Bottocino Classico Cream

Dark Bottocino tiles

8mm Bottocino Classico Dark

Glossy merbau floor

8mm High Gloss Plateau Merbau

Victorian Oak flooring

8mm Glossy Victorian Oak


Glossy white tiles

8mm White Glossy Tiles

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