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Decorative Cork Wall Tiles

Sorry, no floors of the week this week! But, and it’s a good but, we have walls of the week. Last time we switched it up was for decorative natural cork wall tiles, no prizes for any correct guesses to why we are mixing it up again!

We did have 6 styles of cork wall tiles and with our addition of 4 new styles -  Country Ivory Cork , Country Red Cork, Brick Cork, Stone Cork it brings us up the perfect 10.

Since their introduction they have been very popular and they offer a completely different aesthetic look to painted or wallpapered walls. Add to that their sound and thermal insulating properties and you have both style and substance.

Coming in different thicknesses you can choose the depth and decide how much insulation you want. We feel with the 10 styles available there is now truly a choice for everyone. All bases covered. All boxes ticked. Let us know which cork walls you would pick! -  On our Facebook page.

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Embrace The Space

We love space. In fact we love all aspects of space. Whether it’s emotional, physical, philosophical or technological.

Peace, tranquillity and well being are synonymous with freedom. Don’t worry we are not getting all Zen like quite yet…..allow me to explain.



With our recent foray into the astronomical Space, with the British ‘Tim Cook’ no less, technological advancements are on the up, not just in Space; but home décor too. From the original stone flooring right up until the present day with the multi layered (engineered) and printed flooring (laminate). Flooring isn’t any bigger but it’s definitely better. Gone are the days where nails and glue was essential, now you can click and go.  ‘Floating’ your floors sans David Blaine!

For the impression of more space use lighter toned flooring to open up a room.  Often the illusion is enough without having to have more actual physical space. But if it’s real extra room you want, then it’s time to get organised.  It’s the classic saying (well my version anyway) “Out of sight, out of sight”. Shelfstore have a variety of shelves (obviously) where you can de-clutter a room and make the most of the space. Our particular favourite is this under the stairs piece.  The space under the stairs is often used as a haven for miscellaneous objects, a magnet for all and sundry. Strewn objects no more with this super stair sorter.

understairs storage furniture 

Image courtesy of ShelfStore


An inverse equation meaning: a lack of space = a lot more stress. Hold off on the hoarding; and harmonise your life, home and office. Just putting things away and not leaving them lying around, especially on the floor, especially our floors! A visual delight, floors are there to be looked at and walked on.  It’s Flooring not Storing!



Feng shui is a Chinese philosophical system of harmonising everyone with the surrounding environment. Flooring is a vital part of that. It is the main focus of a room. Everything else can change quite often over time, flooring typically is around for a lot longer.

 Opening up the room with your furniture blended with your flooring is a productive way to get good vibes and create a tranquil relaxing atmosphere.

feng shui room and flooring


Image courtesy of About Home


To physically have more room makes logistic and common sense. No accidents, no clutter, no mess and much easier to keep clean and tidy. Having a consistent type of flooring throughout your home keeps it simple, neutral and contained.

Space is a wonderful thing that we would always like to have more of. With home decoration hacks and tips there are many ways to embrace your space and wallow in your new found freedom.

 blueprint overview of rooms and flooring

Image courtesy of Deviant Art

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Floors of the Quarter

Where has the time gone? It’s almost the end of April already. With this in mind we are going to take a quick look back at the first quarter and what products have been the most popular thus far. Leading the flooring race, as it were.

Drum roll please…… with no super surprises our top 3 popular floors all come from our laminate range. Anyone following us on our social media, in particular Twitter, would have got more than our inkling from our top performers of the week update.
Twitter tweet of best selling flooring

Laminate is a great product and as technology has developed it has improved furthermore. An affordable looking replica of solid wood with all the added bonus of versatility and ease of installation. An ever increasing range and selection that suits all tastes. Contemporary, traditional or just plain wacky – Laminate flooring covers all bases; a home run of home décor!

Our top 3 is made up of products from Kronotex and Westco – both established and well respected manufacturers of Flooring.


Sitting proudly at Number 3 is the Kronotex 8mm Black and White Laminate. A visual treat thanks to its alluring contrasting shades. The combination of properties showcasing its elegant look. Suitable for many areas of the home and quick installation joints. Enabling customers to fit it almost as quick as they pick it!

Kronotex 8mm Black & White Laminate


Being the bridesmaid and not quite the bride on this occasion is the Westco 8mm Botticino High Gloss Laminate (there’s always next quarter!). Proud of its #2 status and so it should be. The ceramic tile effect is a splendid look that has the ability to light up any room. The smooth sleek styling adding panache and elegance to its surroundings. Simple to maintain and a breeze to clean helping any owners keeping the sparkling look a constant.
Westco 8mm Bottocino Cream High Gloss Tile Effect Laminate


At the top of the Floormaker flooring tree (see what I did there!) is Kronotex 12mm White Rip Oak Laminate. With its superior thickness, high density and stunning appearance it ticks all the flooring boxes and then some! Scaling both contemporary and traditional styling it can blend into any home décor. Complimenting any interior décor you already have, or alternatively using it as a base and focusing your décor around that.
Kronotex 8mm Black & White Laminate

Its rustic look weather look belies its durability. One of, if not the most resilient flooring in Floormakers range.  Even suitable for installation in commercial and retail spaces. Its these reasons and more that it’s the Floor of the quarter and deservedly so.

And that rounds up our Floors of the quarter, we hope you enjoyed. You can tell us what you think on our Facebook page.

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Carpet Tiles

We’ve taken an interesting detour with this edition of Floors of the Week. Our carpet tiles get little coverage due to it’s big bad brother of real wood and replica wood flooring hogging all the limelight.

The humble carpet tiles have a lot to offer and we have them in various tones and colours so there should definitely be a style available to suit any eye.


Kicking off proceedings with our mustard carpet tiles. Suitable for all areas of a house, the blended mustard tones of these tiles helps create a neutral, fitting in effect to match a wide range of interior décor. It’s simple to lay and is super hard wearing and resilient. Less time laying, more time enjoying the visual benefits.

Mustard Carpet Tiles


Our charcoal carpet tiles offer a contemporary look to its surroundings. Perfect for creating an expansive room while allowing more light and the appearance of extra space to a room. As durable as it is delightful, a carpet tile like no other.

Charcoal Carpet Tiles

Midnight Blue

If you’re interested in introducing a touch of class to a room, then look no further than our midnight blue carpet tiles. Perfect for dining and showcase rooms it’s an enchanting background tile. It can look just as nice in a bedroom or study, but then nobody else will get to see it! It deserves a front and centre placing to display your home décor taste.

Midnight Carpet Tiles


The last of our showcased carpet tiles today is our Olive range. Offering the complete package – easy to lay, hard wearing  and with a beautiful look to top it all off.  A suitable look for living rooms, bedrooms, offices and many more.

Olive Carpet Tiles

And there you have it, a selection of our finest to feast your eyes on and perhaps open your doors to?

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Laminates For Everyone

Hot off the virtual shelves at Floormaker we have 4 brand spanking new laminates for your attention. They were put on the site last week and offer a whole new look to our popular laminate collection. Two of the laminates are of the tile effect. A popular laminate style, the tiled effect has many admirers and you will soon see why. 

Tile Effect Laminates

The ashen slate effect is an authentic looking flooring with the grout lines prominently adding that retro touch. Practical and presentable this flooring offers the best of both worlds. A versatile flooring that doubles as a visual dream.

Westco 8mm Ashen Slate Tile Effect Laminate Flooring
                                         Westco 8mm Ashen Slate Tile Effect

The tones and textures of the anthracite flooring are a sight to behold. A elegant, prominent flooring that manages to blend in seamlessly with the background. The tiling effect adding that extra string to its already impressive bow. Suits a variety of interior designs. It maintains a classy appearance without overshadowing the room. Suitable for all areas of a home it boasts versatility and vitality in one fell swoop.

Westco 8mm Anthracite Slate Tile Effect Laminate Flooring
                                             Westco 8mm Anthracite Slate Tile Effect

Authentic Looking Laminates

Our dark fumes oak laminate is a very impressive addition to our range. A natural looking replica of real oak flooring.  The darkened effect helps illuminate a room, casting complimentary shadows across the interior. It’s rich tones adds comfort, warmth and authenticity to all rooms.

Westco 8mm Dark Fumes Oak Laminate Flooring
                                           Westco 8mm Dark Fumes Oak 

The final installation is our 8mm barn oak laminate flooring. It offers a different look to the dark fumes flooring but is no less impressive. The textured effect is resplendent across the planks combining to create a sumptuous floor. As versatile as the rest, it’s a beautiful styled flooring that is here to stay.

Westco 8mm Barn Oak Laminate Flooring
                                                                       Westco 8mm Barn Oak Laminate Flooring

All of the new laminates has something to suit all tastes. Whether it’s tiling or wood replicas, these floors satisfy those needs. Versatility is evident in that they can be laid in kitchens and bathrooms too. We recommend securing with PVA adhesive if doing so, to ensure a solid, non leaking base.

These new floors can be found in our laminate range. Take a peek at your leisure.

For more peeks at our laminate range you should read some of our previous posts. To keep up to date with us you can follow us on Twitter and/or like us on Facebook.

Until  next time……

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Functional Flooring

It’s Monday and you know what that means! Yes, it’s #floorsoftheweek time. We have quite the selection in store (literally) for you to feast your eyes on.

Solid wood, cork tiles, luxury vinyl and outdoor tiles are the order of the day.

Solid Wood

Let’s start with the sensational solid wood. It’s a dream accompaniment to any room and this onyx oak is no different. If you want to make a statement and let your room take the floor literally, then this is the surface for you. The bold black floorboards are made of real, oiled oak. It has the benefits of authenticity with the colour setting it apart from other standard tones on the market. An outstanding product deserving of a good home.
18mm Onyx Oak 120mm Wide Brushed & Oiled Random Length Solid Wood

Cork Flooring

The solid wood flooring is suitable for general living areas, where our next floor white cork tiles are more apt for the kitchen and/or bathroom areas. Strong and resilient and all importantly  it can withstand moisture making it an ideal surface for those wetter areas of a home. Not just functional but funky looking too. The white tone gives it a neutral canvas for your design to blend into. You don’t need to accommodate it into the surrounding, it does it all by itself.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Keeping on the same theme our luxury light clic grey flooring is also deemed suitable for bathrooms. It’s a premium product so if you’re looking for that something a little extra special, this floor is for you. It looks just like a stylish oak floor but has the added versatility to go where solid wooden floors dare to tread.  High endurance combined with simple fitting asks the question of when can I install it, not where!

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Oak Light Grey
                                                                          Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Oak Light Grey

Outdoor Flooring

Leaving the confines of the interior, with our outdoor Hortus flooring we can delve into looking at the exterior of your home. Our reflection woven flooring would make a perfect addition to the outside of any home. Can be laid by pools, verandas, patios and much more. The sumptuous look of the flooring allows it to be bold while blending in! Eco friendly and maintenance free. A quick wash down with a hose or power wash is all this floor needs to maintain its look and feel.

Hortus 16mm Woven Tile Reflection Outside Flooring

This was quite the variety of flooring this week as we are sure you will agree.  Covering all areas of a home both inside and out.

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Other Flooring News

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Marvels of our Flooring

Happy Monday everyone and welcome to floors of the week. This edition of our blog we are showing and telling about 2 of our engineered floors, our white corkboard and venture outside with a look at our Hortus outdoor range.


Cork tile flooring is experiencing a renaissance, especially at floormaker. Our Westco white cork tile flooring is leader of that particular pack. Its white look gives it a distinctive appearance whilst maintaining a neutral base suitable to match many interior designs and home décor styles. Minimalistic in style, minimal in effort. Its simple installation design allowing a simple and quick fitting. 

Westco Sealed White Cork Tile Flooring
                                       Westco Sealed White Cork Tile Flooring

Both sustainable and solid it is ideal for moisture susceptible areas. Perfect for kitchens and 
bathrooms. Insulates against sound and heat giving this flooring the complete package.


Our engineered flooring this week is the Prussian grey oak and Parador black oak herringbone
Both have a steadfast top layer of oak with vastly different styles and therefore appearances.

The herringbone is a fantastic looking flooring. Exuding elegance from every board. The zig zag 
pattern of the flooring gives a quirky alternative to standard parallel flooring. Sleek and sturdy, it’s 
sensational in every way. 

black oak herringbone engineered flooring
                    Black Oak Herringbone Engineered

The Prussian engineered is of a different perspective. This flooring is again, another alternative to 
the standard oak flooring. The ying to the white oak yang. 

The grey and auburn shaded planks add another dimension to the typical floor coverings. The colour fusion gives the flooring a warm ambience adding to the comfort and cosiness of a room. 

13.5mm Prussian Grey Oak Lacquered 145mm Wide Engineered flooring
                       Prussian Grey Oak 


With our relatively recent foray into outdoor flooring our Hortus woven tranquillity is one of our star 
performers. The tranquillity in the name tells you all you need to know about the effect and suitability this flooring displays. The chameleon effect of the flooring seamlessly blends into any 
surrounding with consummate ease. Unnoticed but not unappreciated this flooring is here to stay. 
Ideal for both commercial and domestic use, wet or dry areas, there really is no area it doesn’t suit 
or indeed supplement. 

Hortus 16mm Woven Tile Tranquillity Outside Flooring
                                     Hortus Woven Tile Tranquillity Outside Flooring

That’s about it for this week’s edition. Don’t forget you can follow us on Twitter or Like us on 
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the details here.

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Social Media at Floormaker

Floormaker joined the digital on-line revolution a few years ago, but it feels like 20! Such is the advancement and pace of the digital world; you miss one hour, you miss a new social media app!

Along with consistent updates and developments to our website we also delve into the social media world. Much like our flooring, social media channels can be very different and this is why we have invested our time and effort into different ones. Each has their own specific audience and benefits. It allows us to show, and you to see our flooring news/tips/updates/products in an easy way. It also lets you share your views with us – be they good or bad (please be gentle!)

In no particular order, well alphabetical actually – as we don’t want each channel loyal followers giving us grief on why theirs isn’t first! So without further ado, fanfare, hullaballoo (ok ok we’ll get on with it) – our channels are Facebook, Google Plus, Houzz, Linked In, Pinterest & Twitter.


We have added Houzz & Linked In since our last update on social media.



A delight of media – sound, visuals, articles, quotes are all included in this infamous social media channel. We try and share useful information, quality product photos and get discussions going. Our go to social channel to let you know what’s going on. Ours and hopefully yours – one stop shop for all things floormaker.


Google Plus

What? Where? How? Why? Are a selection of the questions the uninitiated ask when talking about Google’s very own social network. Despite its unfamiliarity, it’s one of the most popular - with the top 5 registered users . We love it! It allows us to share articles and best of all delve into similar niche communities to us. Providing innumerable amounts of inspiration, and we get to talk with like-minded people. If you haven’t indulged yet, the time is now. You don’t know what you’re missing until you know!


Houzz & Pinterest

Houzz is a social media/website and online community about architecture, interior design and decorating, landscape design and home improvement. We like to post idea books to give you inspiration and themes on what you can do with different flooring.


Similar to pinterest in some ways but vastly different in others. It concentrates on the home décor niche, which is ours if you haven’t noticed- whereas pinterest covers everything and anything, but we like them too.

Pinterest is vastly different to the other social media channels. It’s all about the visuals with a titbit of text to explain the image. We love lots of images and we like to pin/share these with you. We like to add our own images too and it’s great to share any new products that we release. Not all fanciful though, we do show some undesirables too, to warn people of what not to do!

For inspirations and wow moments, get on board with us for the best visual portfolios in the home décor world.

Linked In

This is the more formal side to our business. Service with a smile. If you’re in the flooring or home décor business then connecting with us on this channel is a must. This is where we network and build relationships with similar niches and businesses.



Last but certainly not the least of our social channels. If anything Twitter is our most prominent. With peoples time-lines being repopulated at 4 times an hour then we can put out a lot of useful information without (heaven forbid) spamming anyone!

We chat to other flooring folk and a lot of interior designers on here. Re-tweeting important and useful articles as well as funnily commentating (we think so anyway) on current events and trends. We like to blabber on Twitter. If you’re into that sort of thing then follow us, we promise we do produce some diamonds from the rough.


And that’s it from Floormaker and our social media update this week. Try and connect with us on some of our channels if you haven’t already. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Designer Flooring

Our #floorsoftheweek is here and we are starting the week off with showcasing two of our premium laminates and a magnificent engineered floor. 

Laminates are among the most popular options throughout the flooring world and when you look at these 2 beautiful specimens it isn’t hard to see why!

Laminate Flooring

Being every bit as beautiful as genuine oak flooring and twice as versatile; our Richmond oak laminate steps up to the flooring plate with gusto. Aesthetically pleasing and affordable, this flooring has few equals in the world of laminate. The detailed surface is rich with knots & swirls which fit with various interior decor styles.

Westco 8mm Richmond Oak Laminate flooring
               Westco 8mm Richmond Oak Laminate

It can withstand a tremendous amount of stress over prolonged periods and is simple and easy to 
clean. One quick wipe and it’s good to go, again and again.

With our Zebrano laminate flooring you can delve into a whole new area of interior design. It’s part 
of a new trend but it has the useful ability of being able to blend! Perfect for adding a touch of class 
to a dining room or creating a zany floor for a kids’ bedroom. 

Kronotex 8mm Zebrano Plum Astoria Laminate flooring
                        Kronotex 8mm Zebrano Plum Astoria Laminate

A sumptuous designer flooring with the durability to backup its exterior promise. With this product - 
beauty is far from skin deep. 15 x stronger than traditional hardwood flooring this floor is here to 
stay! Suitable for commercial – so you can have a snazzy office décor, or all areas of a house – 
giving you unlimited options of installation. To say this product is a favourite is the understatement of the week.  

Engineered Flooring

Talking of statements, our walnut wide engineered flooring makes a big one. Showcasing its 
appealing nature with its assortment of colours. It has the ‘wow’ factor in bucket loads and then 
some! Composed of real wood, in a layered structure making this flooring tougher and longer lasting than solid wood, with the added benefit of continual restoration to keep it looking majestic.

The stunning walnut top layer exudes class, beauty and sophistication. A magnificent choice for 
many rooms of the home. Its glueless loc system ensures installation is a breeze. 
13.5mm Walnut 3-Strip Brushed & Oiled 206mm Wide Engineered flooring
                         13.5mm Walnut 3-Strip Brushed & Oiled 206mm Wide Engineered

If you like or love these floorings, don't forget all our flooring comes with free delivery. To see more 
of our range then check out or laminate and engineered sections.

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A Mashup of our Flooring

Flooring comes in all shapes, thickness, colours, species, and sizes. Variety is the spice of flooring 
life. With that said we have a multitude of flooring in our #floorsoftheweek post. A flooring mashup.

In alphabetical order – we start with Bamboo move onto Laminate & LVT, and finish with the good


Bamboo as previously mentioned in other posts is a super resilient flooring. Nature is a tough cookie and this is reinforced in our 15mm Solid Horizontal Bamboo. Sourced from grass as 
opposed to a tree the beauty of the bamboo is resplendent. The honey-comb tones shimmer 
throughout the planks turning the notch up on any home décor. Comfortably suited to both 
traditional and contemporary designs, it straddles both facets of homeowners desires.

15mm Solid Horizontal Bamboo UV Lacquered 96mm Wide flooring
                     15mm Solid Horizontal Bamboo 


The harbour oak 12mm laminate flooring has no voice but it’s beautiful look speaks volumes for 
beauty and classic design. The plethora of warm wooden colours present in the planks reflect a stunning mixture or light and dark, giving a textured look to a room.

Kronotex 12mm Harbour Oak Laminate flooring
                   Kronotex 12mm Harbour Oak Laminate

It’s resilient, resolute and robust – the sturdiness matching it’s spectacular look. A Floormaker
favourite at an affordable price.

Vinyl Tile

Following suit with a tough yet tantalising flooring - is the rustic oak luxury oak vinyl tile. Like the
laminate its versatility is second to none. It can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens and commercial 
areas. This is of course, in addition to the regular rooms of a house.

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Rustic Oak flooring
                                                   Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Rustic Oak

Not satisfied with the technical proficiencies of this flooring, it also have a gorgeous weathered
design. Portraying a natural, authentic look in line with many traditional themes. An excellent
substitute for areas where solid wood flooring isn’t a feasible option.


Our engineered flooring is made up of multiple layers of real wood and also has depth of quality, 
look and suitability. One of our favourites, which will be one of yours soon enough is our 20mm 1
strip oak. The brushed natural oak top layer sits atop 3 layers of study plywood. A fantastic looking
product, backed up with substantial strength and suitability. 

20mm Oak 1-Strip Brushed & Oiled 190mm Wide Engineered flooring

Suitable for a variety of environments and can be sanded periodically to give it a whole new lease of life, looking like a brand new flooring once again.

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