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We are all about the laminates for this edition of #floorsoftheweek. Where more is always the merrier with our laminate floors.

Our new additions are from the ever so stylish Kronotex range. Their reputation and reviews amongst our previous customers speak for themselves.

Kicking off with our 8mm Block Wood Natural laminate. This laminate flooring suits all areas of the home and even extends to some commercial areas. It’s resounding resilience to weather any environment, is just one of its stand out features. 


Kronotex 8mm Block Wood Natural Laminate

Coming in a unique variety of patterns it can light up any room. It’s natural wood appearance illuminating and enhancing any area it touches.

Our Mammut Makro Oak White Laminate flooring is a testament to high quality commercial flooring. Following on from the block wood, this also has a replica wood effect – this time in Oak. The textured white oak flooring is a sumptuous mix of sturdy & sublime. The long boards creating a different look to shorter planks and these will aid installation speed.


Kronotex 12mm Longboard Makro Oak Laminate


The Mammut macro oak is so good we’ve introduced two of them. This one has all the same properties but comes in black. Offering a totally different look for the same quality. This flooring offering a darker, cooler version.


Kronotex 12mm Longboard Highland Oak Laminate


Last and seemingly everlasting is our super tough, stupendous 12mm fantasy wood. It’s the perfect laminate for extreme, high levels of use. If you need a flooring that will cope with anything you or anyone throws at it, then look no further. A dream for commercial use, with its 12mm thick fibreboard and wear resistant surface.


            Kronotex 12mm Fantasy Wood Laminate

This laminate flooring backs up it’s substantial strength with its impressive design and embodied textured look. Laying this laminate is simple and effective with its express clic tongue and groove installation system.

So there you have it, our lovely line up for laminates for this week. Each are equally impressive in their own way. Suiting all areas of need and adding a touch of panache along the way.

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Further reading on our laminates - a dime a dozen

Ahoy there! Floors of the week is back, following on from our guest blog from Tuiss is gonna be a tough ask, not as tough as our solid wood flooring but tough nonetheless.

In store for you this week we have a product apiece from our laminatesolid wood and luxury vinyl tile range.

Kicking off with our 12mm harbour oak laminate, this flooring really does speak for itself. A plethora of warm inviting colours complemented with a fabulous mixture of shadings. Refreshing and dynamic, this flooring not just for standing on, it stands out. Giving even the plainest of rooms that Je Ne Sai Quoi!

Kronotex 12mm Harbour Oak Laminate

As sturdy as it is sumptuous this laminate flooring is an invaluable investment.

Going from sumptuous to serious our onyx oak flooring gives a serious statement of intent. The bold black floorboards are made of oiled solid oak offering a sensational sleek effect which we’re sure you’ll agree.


18mm Onyx Oak 120mm Wide Brushed & Oiled Random Length Solid Wood

A simple tongue and groove system allowing an easy installation. Even easier to clean, making this luxury flooring a home décor dream. Exuding the authentic look as a solid wood product with its individuality setting it apart from the rest.

The light grey vinyl clic flooring we have at Floormaker is a very popular piece of flooring as its value is in it suits many different interiors.

Luxury Vinyl Clic Light Grey Tiles

It’s attractive exterior combined with it’s versatility makes it’s the perfect option for heavy footfall areas. Able to withstand a constant stream of pressure while maintaining it’s flawless exterior.

Bathrooms and kitchens are a welcome environment of this flooring. Its water resistant properties enable it to be right at home in moisture afflicted environments. This flooring excels in all areas and no wonder that it is a popular choice for commercial properties too.

Our variety of flooring, across all species ensures we always have something for everyone. Room by room, colour by colour or domestic & commercial; the choice, as always, is yours.

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Hi Everyone! I am Sally from Tuisshome of luxurious made to measure blinds and curtains. Floormaker have kindly allowed us to help you find the perfect combo for flooring and windows!

To create your perfect home you need to start with the basics. Picking out beautiful furniture, gorgeous floors and stunning window dressings are the three main ingredients that will set the tone in any room. At tuiss, we lead the way in exclusive bespoke blinds, curtains and shutters.

To show you just what we mean and provide you with some inspiration, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite looks that pair the very best of designer flooring with our very own exclusive designs. Making the perfect pairing has never been so easy.

Anneke Curtains from Scion Living by tuiss


Our Anneke curtains are full of soft tones and lend themselves beautifully to light wooden floors. The gentle finish of this Engineered Oak Wood gives a real sense of calm. 

7.2mm Oak 1-Strip Engineered Flooring

It’s also wonderfully hardwearing, easily withstanding the pitter-patter of many feet. Team it with one of our Scion Living rugs, like this Medini number, and you’ve got yourself a dream space.


Aztec Morado Roller Blind by tuiss

If you prefer a cultural vibe with Aztec influences and African charm then dark patterns are the way to go. This Aztec Morado blind complements this  Wood Oak floor perfectly for an exotic look. 

14mm Oak 1-Strip Lacquered Engineered Flooring

For damp and humid spots, the blind will be fine but underfoot you might want to consider this Luxury Vinyl option instead.


Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Rustic Oak

         Geograph Antique Roman Blind by tuiss


You can travel far and wide and still keep your home light and airy. Our Geograph Antique roman blind looks beautiful with oak floorings, especially this Solid Wood option

15mm Glueless Oak 120mm Wide Brushed & Lacquered Solid Wood

With a roman blind you can choose a standard or blackout lining. If you go for the soft filtered light of a standard this UV Lacquered flooring will keep your lovely floors protected.

18mm Oak 83mm Wide UV Lacquered Solid Wood


If you want to go for something spectacular without the price tag, our Kensington shutters

Kensington Premium White Shutters

and a laminate floor is the dream ticket. This laminate is white with a hint of grey to add warmth and contrast nicely with our premium white shutters. Both the flooring and the shutters are waterproof so no room is off limits, even bathrooms and kitchens! (Don’t tell anyone but this one’s our favourite.)

 Westco 8mm Patchwork Latte Laminate Flooring

So no matter your style, if there’s one thing to remember when it comes to redecorating your home, it’s that your windows and floors are the perfect places to start creating your dream home. Get this combination right, and everything else can happily fall into place.

tuiss are an online retailer, specialising in window blinds, curtains and shutters. They have been around for around 15 years and have collaborated with some of the biggest names in the interior design world. You can find exclusive designs by Sabine Reinhart, Harlequin and Scion Living (we’re sure you’ve spotted their cute Mr Fox design). Check out their entire range at www.tuiss.co.uk

This instalment of floors of the week isn’t strictly keeping to the agenda, but there’s no fun in sticking to the rules all the time. Unlike our wood flooring, some rules are there to be bent.

Not confining ourselves to indoor flooring we also have wall tiles at Floormaker and we’ve brought our range into the fresh air with our outdoor flooring. We are going to discuss and showcase the range we have and who knows, it may be something you didn’t know you were looking for!

Our Bamboo flooring is different to other woods but in a good way. It maintains all the staple ingredients of style, substance and durability as well as boasting supreme moisture resistant properties. Made from grass not wood, it’s an allergy sufferers dream. Keeping dust and parasites away.

15mm Solid Horizontal Bamboo UV Lacquered 96mm Wide

Supplements modern or traditional designs, it’s honey toned appearance will add a beautiful touch to any home.

Our Black pearl cork wall tiles may remind you of the pirates of the Caribbean. It’s as aesthetically appealing as Johnny Depp and thankfully a lot more reliable and durable than Jack Sparrow. The organic character of the tiles brings a great look to any room and with the sound and heat insulation properties you can bask in the warmth and tranquil atmosphere that the tiles provide.


Cork Wall Tile Black Pearl

That’s enough of the inside; it’s time to go outside. And with the introduction of our outdoor flooring range you now have the option to do that. We are often told it’s what on the inside that counts, but being beautiful on the outside is a bonus, surely?

Well with our Reflection outdoor flooring tile we have just the thing you are looking for. Whether you are looking to beautify a pool area, restaurant space, patio’s or veranda…..the list goes on. This is perfect for that!


Hortus 16mm Woven Tile Reflection Outside Flooring

Eco friendly and consumer friendly (super easy to fit) you can add this sumptuous look to any outside area in no time. Visually pleasing and versatile as flooring comes, there’s only one option when you want to go outside.

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A New Year can = A New Floor! Don’t worry this is not a sales pitch, no need to veer away, we save those ones up for our floors of the week. This is just your hi & bye - friendly, weekend blog.

Count yourself lucky, however, the same cannot be said for your poor floor in your house, or houses (someone done well for Christmas hey!). With the battering it must have taken over the festive period it may be in need of some TLC!

The inevitable influx of visitors around this time of year may well have resulted in a catalogue of detrimental effects on your floors. Whether it be cigarette burns, drink spillages or even those lovely children aka Destruction Derby Clones with their new weapons of mass destruction – cars, guns, pogo sticks and more.  Any of the above can do some serious damage to your beloved floor.

Far from investing in a new floor, even further considering how close to the Christmas credit crunch it is, something may need to be done. You can clean & sheen your flooring to it’s previous state with our maintenance  accessories or if the damage is a little more permanent you can replace your edging or individual planks/areas of wood.

It’s the New Year and your floors not as resolute as it once was. Revive and restore to help it out.

Until next year.

Christmas may have been and gone and the white Christmas obsession will have to wait another year.

But fear not, we can whiten up the rest of your Winter for you with some samples of our white laminates. It has been snowing in various parts of the UK over the last few days so we thought (well me actually!) that we’d share some of our white laminate selection for this edition of floors of the week.

Starting off with one of our biggest hitters our 12mm Rip Oak Laminate, in white of course! The genuine thickness of this laminate explains the durability and longevity this flooring provides. Not content with just substance, the rip oak exudes style from every pore. At home (see what we did there) with contemporary or traditional styling, it really is the chameleon of flooring. A chameleon that doesn’t change colour obviously! 

It’s weathered look is all part of the charm and it’s versatile; meaning it can be installed in any part of the home, including wetter areas such as the kitchen and bathroom. Feel free to implement it into commercial areas too. It’s as tough as it is thick.

In contrast to the rip oak, we have an 8mm glossy tile laminate. The shine on this flooring will literally brighten up any room. It’s dazzling exterior is down to several coatings of hard wearing lacquer. This flooring is tougher than it looks and gives as good as it gets. Sophisticated and stylish, with a stout side. A substantial flooring with an extra dose of style.



Whether you like White or prefer other shades, Floormaker has the range to suit all need. Fifty shades of grey or back to black. We can supply what you demand.

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After our grandstand floors of the year we now return to normality with our floors of the week blog. If you haven’t seen this before, this is where we highlight our flooring products allowing you get to know it and us a little bit better.

A chance for you to get weekly snapshots of our quality flooring and should you want too (we won’t stop you!) you can buy & own some of your very own!.

This week we have some flooring from across our different ranges. Laminate to Engineered to Luxury Vinyl Tiles & Bamboo. Quite the selection we think you’ll agree! Sit back and let us show you the best of Floormaker.

Our 8mm Patchwork Latte Laminate flooring is one our latest additions to Floormaker. So good we have mentioned it before. It’s rustic look exudes style from every pore. Giving a brand new look to the traditional white flooring.


Our one strip engineered oak random length flooring is ideal for turning a room into a cosy concoction. It's very easy to lay and it's sturdy. Positives in abundance. It can be sanded down in future (if it gets a bit tired) to bring a new sheen to the flooring and to ensure it lasts even longer. Given a new lease of life when needed.


Luxury Vinyl Tile is flooring designed to tackle areas other flooring can’t. This is where our oak natural brushed LVT comes in. Not just content with looking like real oak it has the capability of enduring the higher moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Easy to install, easier to clean, it as we say at Floormaker -  "a flooring dream".

Bamboo flooring has a touch of mystery about it, as explained here. In general people don’t associate it with flooring. Just shows how wrong we can all be! Our 14mm strand dark woven bamboo flooring is gorgeous and deserves a place in any home. The dark hazelnut colour of the wood will add a dash of sophistication to any room it graces. It’s a natural flooring and as such is suitable to many environments and keeps dust at bay. The perfect flooring to round off our diverse selection.


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What a year we have had at Floormaker. Our festive season at HQ was full of fun activities which some of us haven’t yet quite recovered from (me included). And this was just after our hectic Toys R Us promotion where you fine people followed and shared us in abundance. If sharing is caring, then we have never felt so loved. Thanks!!

Loved or not, some of our products were discontinued this year and it was a shame to see them go. But let’s not dwell too much on the past as we also released new products into the flooring wild. But not just products, 2 whole ranges too!

We went outside the flooring box and introduced outdoor flooring to our inventory. Available in Tranquillity, Beige and Reflection colours. 

Much more recently we released a section of cork wall tiles. They are delight to be seen but not heard (the noise reduction properties).



While looking at the stats for the top performing floor of 2015, it was so clear cut – you could say it was black and white

This adorable laminate flooring tops the charts month on month. A visual delight combined with practicality and durability explains why this is our number 1.


Coming in at a very respectable and proud second is the  Colourtile Blanco White Vinyl Tiles

Its simple, laid back appearance is very popular. The tone and neutral effect of the tiles really opens up a room, giving that expansive look.


Zipping in at Number 3 is our  Zany Zebrano Laminate.

Very unique looking so it will stand out in any surroundings. Combining the light and dark boards to give an original effect. It’s suitability for any room, be it children’s or adults is reason enough for its high standing on the hallway of Floormaker fame.


Fourth or floorth as we like to call it. A solid entry from our 15mm solid oak flooring.  

Durable, dazzling and dateless all wrapped up in a premium pack. Traditional and trendy are evident qualities of why this flooring is so in demand!



Last but not least! Filling up the final place on our Floormakers best sellers is the wideboy 18mm Solid 1 Strip Oak Wide Random Length flooring. 

A stunning flooring that will make a welcome addition to any home. For sophistication our customers need to look no further than this elegant floor to satisfy all you interior design needs.

Our dazzling top 5........



And that’s all folks, for another year at least! Can these floors hold onto their title next year or will our new additions threaten to steal their crown?! We showcase our top selling floors of the week on our Twitter every Wednesday. 

A good friend of Floormaker Anna Morrison has written us an excellent piece on how to make your house a home in the New Year, You can catch Anna on her Twitter for further inspiration.

What is  a ‘house’?

Simply put, it is a fixed, functional structure that provides a space for residence and shelter. More often than not people will subconsciously interchange this term with ‘a home’, but from where I am standing - a house has to be made a home.

This transformative process can be achieved in a variety of ways. It can be both a fun and creative project. However, for some individuals, the task of turning a house into a home, can be daunting and rather confusing.

With the New Year upon us, many people are looking to change certain things in their lives – lose weight, quit smoking, take more photographs, etc.

Why not change your house into a home? Or if you feel you already have, a bit of redecoration can really help to make your home more personal and bespoke. For those of you that are puzzled as to where you should begin, try the floor. Often dismissed, the flooring of a house is crucial when it comes to establishing a particular and intimate space. It is the literal stage for your creative expression, the canvas for your furnishings, the foundation for your design concept… and it is not to be forgotten about or underestimated.

Whether you want a warm, cosy, comfortable environment or a modern, sleek, clean one – the floor is the best place to begin to build the atmosphere you want to create.

Now, contrary to popular belief, flooring is not an especially complicated, expensive or tedious task. It may not be as simple as putting up some new artwork or changing the photographs in a frame, but the reward and impact it generates is certainly worth it and with a vast array of choices it really does make a space a personal reflection of your taste. Flooring enhances a room both consciously and subconsciously, completing the overall look and adding tremendous value.

I myself am a sucker for an inviting, warm and cosy environment, and I am totally in love with the following products:


Parador 8mm Brown Wine & Fruits Narrowboard  

The beautiful ‘Smoked Oak Shadow’ wooden floor is both elegant and traditional, with authentic features it would be perfect in a room in which you are looking to inject some glamour and style. If you are searching for something a tad more rustic, I would recommend checking out the ‘Wine and Fruits Brown Narrow Board’ floor (my personal favourite!). An utterly bespoke style, this laminate flooring is designed to resemble repurposed shipping crates and exudes vintage charm. It would work perfectly for those with a soft spot for the unique, the rare, or the farmhouse/rustic look.

For those of you that are more inclined to current, modern styles - don’t feel left out! The following are fantastic options if this is more your kind of taste and would support a variety of modern furnishings:



12mm Rip Oak White

Self Adhesive Vinyl Textured Green Slate

 The ‘White Rip Oak’ floor may have an element of the traditional about it, but the polished white/grey palate and the ultimate sleek appearance makes this floor a fantastic, contemporary statement – it would work perfectly with a variety of modern furnishings and technological items… the ‘Vinyl Textured Green Slate’ shares this characteristic. The tonal qualities are indeed natural and cosy, but this is not achieved by the total abandonment of a modern concept. These glistening tiles would sit comfortably in any room in which the theme is contemporary design, working especially well (I would imagine) in a modern kitchen or bathroom.

Whatever your taste, don’t be afraid of expressing it in your house – starting from the ground up. Where you live is your own personal bubble… where your decisions are final, where you are free to express yourself fully, where your design concepts can become your design projects and eventually your design reality. Flooring your house can lead to it becoming a proper, personal home. So get out a pad and a pen and start planning. Add flooring to your New Year’s Resolutions list and make sure your 2016 is spent in a truly bespoke, personal home.

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It’s a Christmas makeover for #floorsoftheweek. It has been unceremoniously dumped and replaced by #wallsoftheweek - where we are proud to unveil our new cork wall tiles in a variety of tones and colours.

Drum roll please……..Black Pearl, Malta Platinum, Hawaii Natural, Fiord White, Stone Oyster, Stone Art Pearl.  A fine selection even if we do say so ourselves. Feast your eyes on these….. 


Not just a visual treat, the cork tiles have other properties that will have you reaching for your bank card. They reduce sound levels and have heat insulation properties. Protecting both your ears and energy bills in one fell installation.

The natural variance of the cork effect gives each wall a textured look. The decorative effect adding an extra ambience to a room. Having mats, floors and now walls - Floormaker is your one stop shop for home decor delights.