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Best Blogger Interview: Keri-Anne from Ginger Lily Tea

This week in our best blogger series we interviewed Keri-Anne from Ginger Lily Tea. Some, well actually all of her photos are absolutely beautiful, her answers ain't bad either! 

You and your blog in 30 seconds, go?

Hello, my name is Keri-Anne. I am a mother to two little girls and we live in England. We spend most of our free time in the forest or meadows, painting or collecting flowers. I love to capture creative photographs or film of the girls on adventures and I post these to my blog. I also love to blog about home interiors, baking and crafting. I have been blogging since I was 15 (when I was full of teenage angst) and it is one of my biggest passions alongside photography. I am a creative product photographer also and a little bit of a dreamer.

How did your transition from teenage to adult blogger go? What has been the biggest change that you have noticed in the blogging world?

When I blogged as a teenager, my blog was very personal and my way of writing and dealing with typical issues. I didn't ever think about brand/PR work and I used it as a diary. As I grew older, I saw more blogs working with brands and more creative opportunities becoming available. I still kept my own blog as a personal diary until only a few years ago when I started getting some amazing opportunities. I still like to think my blog is very personal and I will always keep it that way. I blog because I love to write and document mine and my family's life but having some amazing opportunities has been a great support to us too.

You have a DIY section on your blog. Have you every had any DIY mishaps or disasters even?

 I love my DIY section. It is mostly just little tutorials on crafts but I have had the odd disaster such as putting a nail into the wall to hang a picture and having plasterboard fall off so I have had to put a poster over it to cover it. I also tried to paint my room claret once and I am terrible at decorating so the whole wall was super streaky and looked like a child had painted it!

We love the collage and mosaic styling of your collective posts. Do you create your own images from photos or do you have a go-to resource for images?

Oh thank you. I use a site called Polyvore for that. I find products I love from around the Internet and add them to my favourites via the site. The site then automatically uploads the information and URL of that particular product so if I am using it within a collage or for my site, it will link back to that product for others to see.
Polyvore logo  Ginger Lily Tea Collage

You have previously said you get inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest, with the every evolving world of social media, are there other platforms that have been useful to you since?

I am very visual and I think, for me, those two platforms will always be a favourite. When I feel that my house needs a little freshen up or I am looking for adventure ideas, I automatically have thousands of images to inspire me. I thank Pinterest for the amount of housework I get done because if I need to do house work and look at my home folder on Pinterest, it always makes me get up and go and clean my own home! With my Instagram, I feel that the inspiration comes from the engagement I get too. People can be so wonderful and supportive and if I upload a picture and get lovely comments, that always inspires me to keep doing what I do.

In the design world has there ever been a massive trend where you thought was going places but has gone away rather quietly without the fanfare?

My favourite two trends have always been shabby chic and botanical. Last year, botanical was pretty big and I loved all the products that came out in the stores but I haven't really seen too much this year. For me, I don't really follow a trend. I love both those styles and that is what I have in my home. I feel the trend now is quite rustic with lots of wood and distressed items. I think though that it shouldn't really matter if something is in style or has been/is a trend. Everyone had their own tastes and not everyone will like what is on trend. I decorate my home with items I love and it makes me happy to be surrounded by my hanging lace dresses, botanical prints and wicker baskets. If you can sit in your home and feel happy with what you are surrounded with then I think that is the best reason for the theme you have chosen.

Ginger Lily Tea Lace dress and wall hangings

What bloggers do you like? Any newcomers making waves you can give us the heads up on?

One of my favourite blogs that I have loved for years is My Cakies. Ruby-Ellen's home and lifestyle is really wonderful. A few of my other favourites who have beautiful homes are The Tea Drinking English Rose (another blog I have followed for years and years) and Anchors and Honey who posts lovely DIY's.

  My cakies blog logo   
The tea drinking english rose blog logo  Anchors and honey blog logo

We have added rugs to our flooring range recently. Could you pick 2 favs and why?

Oh I love rugs!! I love the green and cream Ziegler rug because it just feels so homely and like it should belong in a beautiful old cottage and Frise accent rug. Anything with florals or leaves is perfect for me!

Floormaker green and cream ziegler rug
What's the quirkiest thing you own?

Oh wow! I don't believe I own anything quirky but I do believe I have a unique, quirky style. I love to hang lace dresses and flower crowns around the house and I love to make wall features out of book pages. My house has been like this for years and I try to fill a lot my wall space with a garland or botanical print of dried flowers. 

Ginger Lily Tea desk and collage image  Ginger Lily Tea wall hangings & dolls

Quick-fire round: Fav post, toughest post and dream post?

Fav post: Oh my gosh. This is very very hard! I have so many and I actually have a list of all of my favourite posts here

Ginger Lily Tea favourite blogs roll

Toughest post: I think this post:  because I was trying to figure out what to do with myself when my youngest started full time school. 

Dream post: In this post, I am talking about my dreams and goals for the next year."

What are the top 3 things on the wish list?

On my wish list, I would love lots of hanging plants in the bathroom. I would also love an old ottoman for all my blankets and I would love a beautiful rose garden!

Hedgerow rose garden

Image: Hedgerow Rose

If we only had time to read 1 blog (sorry!) of yours, which would you recommend?

Just one? I feel this might be a good post and would give a good sense of who I am :) 

Well, you did recommend 75! Yes 75 of your fav blog posts. So we're a little busy for now!

A huge thanks to Keri-Anne for agreeing to this interview and sending over some wonderful photos for us to use! Please let us know your thoughts in the comments. If you missed our previous interviews then you can catch up below:-

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 Moderna Rugs Of The Week 


Whether you’re a circles or a square fan we have just the rug or 2 for you! Part of our new additions to our flooring range which I mentioned last week.

Moderna Circle

Both rugs are composed of elegant and vibrant colours, not too bright, just the right shade of delicious. The circular Moderna rug’s circles are made through a combination of leaf shapes, moulding together to create the perfect leaf circle.

Floormaker Moderna Circles Rug 

Floormaker Moderna Circle Rug

Moderna Square

The square Moderna rug is comprised of blue, purple, brown and green colours and shades. Each individual square has the same colour but with different shades and alternate thickness of the designs. This helps create a disjointed and visually stunning effect.

Floormaker Moderna Squares Rug 

Floormaker Moderna Square Rug

The rugs are very comfortable and soft underfoot. The polypropylene fibres doing their job sufficiently. Not content with being soft and stylish – these rugs are sturdy and can withstand a high amount of foot traffic.

We suggest these rugs are most appropriate for dining, living and bedrooms but they can also be laid in busier areas with no problems whatsoever.

More of a modern style than the retro rugs we mentioned last week, the clue of course being in the name! This offers a different look for interior designs and its fresh look helps it blend and complement any room it graces. 

To keep up to date you can follow us on Twitter where we'll be updating all the info about the new rugs as they happen. To see the rugs in all their glory you can view them on our Resplendent Rugs Pinterest board.

Floormaker Rug Pinterest Board

Please let us know what you think of our Moderna rugs in the below comments. 

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Retro Curved Rugs


See, I promised didn’t I, that rugs of the week would be back. It was more a case of when not if! Any doubters should hang their heads in shame – then make it up to me ‘buy’ buying half a dozen of our new rugs💰💰! Only joking, 1 or 2 will do. After all, they are stunning and worth every penny.

So rugs of the week is back. Did I mention that already? Our blog timeline has been filled and filled impressively by our best blogger interviewees Life at 139a, MiaFleur and Sidestreet Style. If you have missed any of those interviews then you have definitely missed out.

    floormaker meets life at 139a logo           floormaker meets miafleur logo            floormaker meets side street style at 139a logo


This week we are concentrating on the retro curve rugs we have added to our range. They are a thrilling throwback to the 70’s era – the decade of style and fashion.

The curves, arches, arcs and bends of the patterns on the retro rugs is the making of them! The colours are vibrant enough to stand out whilst blending in effortlessly. They can complement or combine a room’s décor all depending on how you utilise them. Traditional and Trendy – they straddle both generations with ease and a dollop of grace.

The grey retro curve version stands out more as an individual piece while the beige version is outstanding in itself. More of a background to a room while the grey takes centre stage.
Floormaker Retro Curve Beige RugFloormaker Retro Curve Grey Rug
  Retro Beige                                                  Retro Grey    

Picking your selection of colours and desired prominence of a rug means you have a decorative style to suit your own particular tastes.


Available in 2 sizes – 120cm X 170cm | 160cm x 230cm – ensuring you can get the perfect fit. Suitable for the home and the office, giving the opportunity to jazz up the workplace or punch some panache into the home.

Floormaker medium and large size dimensions

And that’s it for this week I’m afraid. Short and sweet – just a selection of 2 our new range of rugs. Hopefully enough to whet your appetite for the upcoming range. You can follow us on Twitter to keep up with the news on our rugs and all things Floormaker, and even like us on Facebook! Who knows you could be our 1001 like!

Floormaker 1000 likes facebook meme

From the archives

Previous popular editions of the rugs of the week include             

Please let us know what you think of these rugs in the comments. 

Floormaker and Sidestreet Style logo

Best Blogger Interview: Laura from Sidestreet Style

This week we are interviewing Laura from Sidestreet Style. She's based near Floormaker don't ya know and her partner cuts our Google Ads guy's hair -  it's a small and wonderful world 😃 

Ok, first things first. You, tell us all about yourself?

I'm Laura, I'm a South African expat  🇿🇦  🇿🇦  living near Cardiff in Wales with my Welsh partner and our two young sons. We absolutely love adventures and travelling the world but also making our house a home and enjoying all that Wales has to offer.

          Laura in fashionable clothing

We are based in Cardiff too, how do you feel interiors style has changed over the years particularly in South Wales? Has anything really surprised you?

I love the current Scandia inspiration that has filtered through into the homes in and around Cardiff. There are also a lot more interior and home stores in the city which are very design driven. There have also been a real movement towards chic interiors when it comes to local and independent coffee shops and restaurants as people want to relax in stylish surroundings. 

Childrens bedroom collage

What did you do before you started blogging?

Before blogging I was studying and working as a freelance photographer, mainly covering events, music festivals as well as some products and portrait commissions.

spiderman and camera

DIY is becoming more common and evidently so are the mistakes. What's the biggest blunder you've witnessed or god forbid committed yourself?

Luckily we have made very few DIY disasters ourselves, My parents developed properties for years, in fact by the time I was 4 years old I had already see around  properties being done up and sold so when it's come to advice they have been key and have provided us with very practical advice. Our current home which we bought as a project had some terrible DIY including shelves that had been put up in an alcove in the living room which was held together by No More Nails and on the verge of falling down.

One of us follows the other on twitter, we won't say who doesn't (awks)! Is Twitter your favourite social media platform? You have loads btw! How has social media helped you and other bloggers?

Haha we do actually both follow each other now. Twitter is probably my most successful social media platform as it's one I use daily and enjoy using and still find there is a lot of discussing and dialogue that goes on. Social media can be amazing if used for the right reasons and can bring creatives and companies together in a  seamless and natural way as well as connecting others. I also love social media purely for keeping in touch with friends across the world and that’s the beautiful thing about social media that it can really help to inspire blogs.

Recalibrating and finding a balance https://www.bloglovin.com/blog/post/2897443/5164259869  on @bloglovin

Ok, your top three favourite bloggers and why?

That's such a hard question as I read so many blogs and I am inspired by them all but in different ways. Here are three blogs I am currently reading at the moment

  • Wild and Grizzly - I love Lori's eye for design, fashion and chic interiors with a does of European travel.
  • Kat Got The Cream - Another very stylish lady who captures that minimalist and effortless chic into everyday interior and adventures.
  • The Roost - A collaborative interior design blog which offers of loads of inspiration and tutorials on up cycling, currently love reading this blog
         roost & kat got the cream & wild and grizzly blog logos

For more great blog recommendations Laura has a blog roll of honour on her site. A quick look confirmed that we have the same tastes. Luminaries include:

side street blog roll of honour

Continuing the favourite theme - which of our floors or products tickle your fancy?

I really like your Solid Wood and Parquet Flooring as I think that wooden floors brings a real sense of warmth into any home and is so classic and timeless. In fact when we go to view houses the first thing I always do is look what’s under the carpet and often do a little dance if the original floorboards are there and can be stripped and buffed and if not laying down solid wood flooring is the next step.

You have written a few posts revolving around flooring, we've noticed (obviously), do you have any particular personal insights about flooring that you would like to share?

As I said above my main tip would be try and repair or preserve the original flooring if you can. It absolutely kills me when people buy a period property and rip out those beautiful Victorian tiles in the hallway or cover up potentially stunning wooden floorboards. Another tip is don't disregard how important and impactful good flooring is for your household and as much time and care should be put into keeping your floors in good condition as with any other part of the home.

laura and baby on wood flooring

Which of your blog posts have garnered the biggest interaction with your readers? 

I find my interiors posts especially the more personal ones always do well, as do our family travel adventures which often highlight different cultures and their homes. Seasonal posts also do very well and I had a Christmas Craft post that went viral and had more than 90, 000 views within a few days.

christmas craft

What do you think is next for interior design? Have we said goodbye to any recent trends or fads already in 2016?

I think simplicity and minimalism is going to be sticking around for a while and excess and clutter is out. This may also be down to the shift in society, with life becoming increasingly manic and stressful, more people are focused on making their home life a calm, clean and clutter free place, which is why I think the Scandinavian approach to interiors has done so well.

minimilistic style images

A question we usually ask our bloggers is: Do you know what engineered flooring is?

Please correct me if I am wrong but I think it's a real wood based product that is easy to maintain like laminate but has a more high end look to it?

That's pretty much it, no correction needed.

Our sincere thanks to Laura for that great interview, if you liked that let us know in the comments below and you can follow us on Twitter for updates on our best blogger series.

Previous Best Blogger Interviews

The ladies from MiaFleur
Stephanie from Life at 139a
Floormaker and MiaFleur logo

Best Blogger Interview: (Hollie, Jacqui & Amelia) from MiaFleur

MiaFleur is the second installment of our 'Best Blogger Series' (you can catch last week's here) with 3 lovely ladies answering our probing questions about all things fashion.....and more!

Mia Fleur ladies

First things first, there are 3 of you! Can you talk us through how the blog came about and how you collaborated?

Well, we’re a mother and two daughter team, so it was a very organic and natural collaboration for us really.  As we’re all passionate about interiors, design and styling, an online homewares shop was the obvious answer.  We started blogging in 2012, at the same time as launching our online boutique.  We know that simply buying a product is not where the journey ends and for some, knowing how to make the product look just as good in your own home can be tricky. Which is why since the inception of MiaFleur, we’ve always felt that the blog is an integral part of what we do and we love helping our customers to achieve their own unique style.  

We thought you were all sisters!

What did you do previous to blogging (occupation)?

Jacqui is a partner in a Potato Merchants business with her husband and has been doing that for about thirty years, whilst also raising five children, gaining a degree in Textile Design and desperately trying to fulfil her creative side in her spare time.  Amelia graduated in 2012 with a degree in Textile Design and had previously spent many years in our ‘sewing room’ at home being taught by Jacqui. Hollie graduated in 2008 with a degree in Fashion and Textile Management and prior to MiaFleur had most recently been working as an Account Manager for a footwear supplier.   

Having 3 different inputs into the blog, what do you feel are the advantages and disadvantages over a solo user blog?

It’s very much a joint effort between the three of us, with us all playing some part in either the writing, styling or photography.  We very much see 3 inputs as being a benefit, rather than a negative in any way.  We each have our own aesthetic, which gives MiaFleur its quirky style, however we also have our own skills and knowledge base as well, which helps us to produce more varied content.

Many of our interviewees past and upcoming are winners and nominees of blog awards. Yourself included. What's your take on these awards and have they helped you in any way?

Entering, and indeed winning awards is a fantastic way to increase exposure for your blog.  It’s also an incredible feeling to just be nominated, never mind to actually win!  Creating interesting and varied content on a weekly basis is a difficult and time consuming task, so for any blogger to feel the recognition that awards can give is a huge sense of achievement and pride.

Amara 2015 awards banner

You have a few posts on your blog in reference to Flooring. How important is flooring in completing a look for a home and do you have any tips or DIY gone wrong stories?

Well, I think it goes without saying that flooring is one of the key components of any room, it ties the whole scheme together and should be a big consideration. The key thing to consider with flooring is what the space will be used for.  Having had 5 kids (and a dog!), Jacqui can safely say, hard flooring was a wise choice!

Now that you mentioned pets, we saw (and borrowed) and posted an infographic that helps you decide what flooring based on what pets you have.

Which of our Flooring takes your fancy?

We’re rather taken with the engineered wood range, this herringbone parquet in particular is lovely: 

engineered herringbone parquet flooring

You guys follow us on Twitter - thanks! Is it your favourite social media platform? How has social media helped your blogging efforts and success?

Each social media platform has its own merits really. Personally, we love using Instagram, but it’s also a fantastic resource as a blogger and business because of the levels of interaction and engagement.  I think you’d struggle to have a successful blog without social media, it’s the most valuable tool available as a blogger for promoting your content and gaining new readers.

What's in and what's out in home and garden décor?

We have heard that copper may be on its way out, but we think it’s still going to be a big trend for a good while yet.  It’s safe to say shabby chic has had it’s day in the trend stakes, but then again we’re antique and vintage addicts, so we’ll always keep some element of this in our homes.  We would never advise anyone to slavishly follow trends, it’s knowing what works for you and what you like that’s the key.
In terms of big trends right now though, tropical is one of the most popular looks, but that doesn’t mean you need to kit your house out like the Amazon, the idea of trends is to just take a few ideas and incorporate smaller elements to update your existing décor.

Parrot money box

Tropical plates

What's the most eccentric thing you own?

That’s a tough one, we’ve amassed some pretty eccentric things over the years!  In terms of personal possessions, I think it’d probably have to be Jacqui’s crazy bird vase  – in combination with the floral wallpaper it makes for a pretty eccentric look!

Antique italian bird

But of course we love our quirky pieces on the site too and our brand new ‘Monty Dog Watering Can Vase’ is gorgeously kitsch, but proving to be a popular one.


What are your favourite blogs right now and why?
  • We love Swoon Worthy, written by Kimberley Duran – we always link to her posts on our social media and we’re all regular readers.  Not only is her quirky taste really similar to ours, but we love her writing style too. 
  • We also really like Mad About the House, written by Kate Watson-Smyth.  She has a seriously in-depth knowledge of interiors and offers plenty of advice, as well as just an opportunity to drool over gorgeous houses. 
swoonworthy website logo  mad about the house website logo

Great blogs think alike. We love swoonworthy too! Kimberly has kindly allowed us to interview her in the upcoming weeks.

For newcomers to your blog what would you recommend they read first - to get to know you and your methods?

Our ‘Ultimate Copper Styling Guide’  has proven to really popular.  We had so many requests from customers asking how to style copper and what colours to put it with, that we decided not only to write a blog about it, but to make a downloadable ‘guide’ which covers everything you need to know to make copper work for you. 

We already have an ‘About us’ page, but we decided it was high time the readers of our blog really got to know the ladies behind MiaFleur.  So we have shared 5 things about each of us that readers wouldn’t already know.  So if you’d like to know why Hollie is a puffer fish, why Amelia resorted to rinsing a chicken tagine under the tap and how Jacqui managed to survive bringing up 5 kids, read on.  

What's next for MiaFleur?

We have extended the styling help that we offer on the blog, to now include ranges of products.  We now offer ‘styled vignettes’ where customers can purchase a complete set of products, which we have collated and styled into specific looks; this is perfect to give customers a basis to work from and to inspire them with confidence to design their own home.   We have had fantastic response on this from customers and press alike and we’ll be expanding the range considerably over the coming months.

And that's all folks! A huge thanks to the MiaFleur ladies for the valuable insights. If you have any questions or queries regarding this interview, then please let us know in the comments below.

Like this interview like our Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter for regular updates on our best blogger interview series. Next interview is with Laura from SideStreetStyle
floormaker logo     MEETS   life at 139a blog logo

Best Blogger Interview: Stephanie from Life at 139a

 stephanie from life at 139a blog

Stephanie from Life at 139a has kindly allowed us to interview her about her life, likes and blog. Providing us with some valuable tips, and insights into current trends and the blogging world. 

First things first, who are you? Where are you from? And what do you blog about?

Hi there, I’m Stephanie and I blog at Life at 139a www.lifeat139a.com where you’ll find a range of homes and interiors posts from my own home and garden and our latest project, and from gardens I visit. We’re also a year into our allotment stewardship so I share how that’s going too - the short update is the weeds often win! We’ve recently come back from a cycling trip in the Loire Valley so I’m sharing peeks into the many chateaux we visited at the moment too.

I live and work in South London and we’ve been in our current home for fourteen years now, which is amazing and one day maybe we’ll finish it, or maybe not!

You've been blogging over 3 and half years now. What's been the toughest most challenging period to date?

That’s a tricky one, because I’ve always got something to say… I think the trickiest period could be about to happen as I’ve just started a new job, so I think my challenge will be to find time to do everything. Let’s hope I’m wrong though.

What did you do previous to blogging (occupation)?

I still work full-time, although I did take some time off after I stopped my daily commute to the City, which I’d done for thirty years. That gave me some time to do whatever I wanted and part of that was to develop my blog further. Since then though I’ve gone back to work, first with a driving commute and now a walking commute through Greenwich Park. So I think I’m finally getting the hang of a better commute. I don’t talk about the details of my job on my blog, so don’t think I’m being vague.

Floormaker: Yeah of course, nudge nudge link link

Did any other blogs inspire you to start blogging? Who are the current blogs you think we should watch out for?

I wasn’t inspired to start a blog by any in particular. I started to blog when we were undertaking a major redecoration programme of our house, both inside and out, including a new kitchen and a new patio and my personal Facebook statuses, even to me were too much!  I wanted to record our trials and tribulations as well as successes as I never believed those TV shows where the householder cries because it’s all too much. Having experienced it, I now believe it because, unfortunately not everything went to plan with our work either.

Now though there are many blogs I read regularly and my favourites are wide-ranging but include:
  • The Twinkle Diaries  - Caro is another yellow fanatic, and we have to stick together.
  • Mammasaurus  - Annie has a beautiful blog, and she’s a beautiful lady in real life too.
  • Podcast Dove  - for Charly’s beautiful photography, and cheeky daughter.
  • Margot and Barbara  - because it’s a great name for a blog, and yes it refers to that TV programme, and because Elizabeth writes heartfelt posts.
But these are just a few of the many blogs I read these days!

Floormaker: That's our holiday reading sorted then!

You must have a favourite blog that you have written? Any particular reason this stands out?

I love this one from our bedroom, mainly because decorating it was a long time coming and because while I wanted to share it online, I still wanted to keep it private too. So by sharing snippets I found the compromise I was after and it’s quite a bold colour scheme too - black, grey and gold (yellow). 

And we still love it - phew!

What’s in and what’s out in the interior design world currently?

I think there’s so many styles around right now that everyone can find something they like to match their theme. Copper is still going strong, and that’s something that’s growing on me the longer it’s about.  Brass too, is on its way back but again, it’s not something I’m overly keen on. I think that’s down to Saturday morning brass cleaning though when I was growing up -that was at our church and at home where we had a brass door step.

brass table and white sofa

I like colour so it’s good to see lots of that about, I think we should all be braver with colour.  But really I think we should all go with what makes us happy, rather than what’s in fashion.

normal is boring sign

You follow us on Twitter - thanks! What's your fav social network to use and blends best with your blog?

My pleasure - I dip in and out of Twitter, but find it moves oh too quickly so can become quite overwhelming. I love Instagram though  as I think it provides a good snapshot into daily life - mine and everyone elses!  I don’t mind some styled shots, but there has to be some real life too to keep me interested.

Floormaker:  We've recently launched our Instagram too - it's an interesting network. We'll follow you if you follow us back!

You've blogged about flooring before and in particular engineered flooring. Do you have hardwood flooring in your home currently and do you have any tips or tricks on flooring design for our readers?

I’m a wooden flooring convert I have to say. I never thought I’d live in a house with wooden floors, but now we only have carpet in one room - our bedroom.  All of our living space has wooden flooring; downstairs there’s parquet flooring, sadly not the herringbone pattern but the more modern square blocks. And in our other bedrooms and landing we have sanded floorboards. When we redecorated our second bedroom, we had the floorboards sanded instead of replacing the carpet. And while the floor needed some repair, it worked really well and the character of the floor really shines through.

spare bedroom before photos        spare bedroom flooring after photos
Before                                                                After

In every room where we have wooden floors we also have a rug because I think they really do add something to the flooring. Getting the size right though is important as you don’t want to completely cover your lovely wooden floor, but you don’t want a postage stamp of a rug either. 

To work out what size you think works - or to check the size of a rug you’ve seen - lay out newspaper on the floor to match the size of the rug then you can see its size more easily.  It sounds a bit odd, but it’s way better to visualise this before you bring it home and realise it’s wrong.

Also on wooden flooring, I’d go for as natural as possible as that’s most likely to stand the test of time in interior trends and be the best value for money. And spend as much as you can afford to that makes a difference, but always negotiate on the price if you can, or at least payment terms. My dad always says “if you don’t ask, you don’t get” and often he’s been right.

Of our flooring and now rugs (cough cough) can you pick a favourite?

Ah a chance to look through some rugs, I’m on it… Actually you have one that’s very much like one I have already and that’s the Red Shaggy Deluxe Rug, Rugs like this are a great way to add texture into your decor, something that we often forget about.
Red Shaggy Deluxe Rug

I’ve seen too that you have the classic herringbone parquet flooring that would be top of my list.

herringbone oak flooring

I can have two on my list, right?

Floormaker: You can now!

Your dream home. Describe it for us?

A bit cheesy but right now I’m living in it. When we bought this house fourteen years ago it was a bit of a stretch and bigger than either of us had before (both MOH and I owned our own properties). And that’s paid off. It’s built around 1890, but has no character features (sadly) although the spiral staircase and enclosed storage more than makes up for that, as does the wood floors and the large garden.

We held our wedding reception in the garden too, so that makes it pretty special. Although it was a bit of a mad rush to tidy it up before the wedding. We didn’t make it either as the main bathroom didn’t get finished so our guests had to traipse up to the top floor to spend a penny!

One day we will move from here, but not yet.  

Although if you’d asked me that last year I’m not sure I would have said we’d move. But then I fell in love with a house I’d never seen and I realised that in the next ten years or so we’ll probably move out of London and was reminded that sometimes life throws things at you to help you grow.

And finally - what happens to your blog if you move?

Ha! I clearly didn’t think my blog name through did I, as we will move one day. I guess I have two choices - only look at houses that have the door number 139a or create a virtual 139a.  I’m not sure I could go through with renaming my blog, that sounds super stressful and we all know moves are that anyway! 

I think limiting myself to other houses numbered 139a could seriously limit my choices and get me at least one or two funny looks from MOH, let alone any estate agents. I think the way to manage this will be to create a virtual 139a; it’ll have my values, my personality and my family (real and online) - and that’s all I think I need.

Floormaker:  Yep this is true. With website hosting you can always re-direct to your new site, not sure this works with real life physical addresses!

Stephanie is our first interviewee in our 'best blogger' series. 

Forthcoming interviews include - MiaFleur & Sidestreet Style.

We'd love to hear any comments you have below. If you have any questions you can ask us and we'll pass them on or you can contact Stephanie via her various social media channels. 

Floormaker's Flooring Favourites For August 2016

Well, well, well. It’s September 2nd - technically summer is over, though being based in Britain – does it ever start!

August was a busy month at Floormaker. With holidays here, new flooring there, last of the rugs put on-line everywhere, it has been non-stop! Reminiscent of this is the continuous conveyor belt of our most popular flooring. It’ll come as no surprise that the laminate section has dominated proceedings. Its classic mix of aesthetics and affordability make it a winning combo. A gold medal achievement of the flooring world (knew I could crowbar a relevant Olympic comment in there somewhere).
Olympic Rings

In a very particular order the most popular flooring of August 2016 are: -

1.    Westco | 8mm Richmond Oak Laminate
2.    Westco | 8mm Bottocino Cream High Gloss Tile Effect Laminate
3.    Westco | 8mm White High Gloss Tile Effect Laminate

Richmond, Bottocino and High Gloss Laminate Flooring
Richmond              Bottocino             High Gloss

Not only are they all laminate, they are all manufactured by Westco – this clean sweep of the top sellers seeks to re-enforce what a quality brand Westco are. We have a wide and wonderful selection of Westco Flooring that has never failed to deliver total satisfaction to our customers.

High Gloss Tile Effect Laminate

Coming in at a well-deserved #3 is the white high gloss tile effect laminate. The sheen on this laminate is what makes it stand out amongst its peers. Glitz and glamour exuded from every plank. Replicating the tile effect perfectly, with the several coats of protective layers adding grit to the gloss!

Westco 8mm White High Gloss Tile Effect Laminate

Bottocino Laminate

Not quite the bride but at least the bridesmaid – the silver medal of flooring goes to the Bottocino laminate. Basically an ever present on our floors of the week, it is no surprise that it is once again scaling the heights of the Floormaker world.

You can keep up to date with our most popular floors of the week on Twitter

Creating an expansive look, these ceramic tile effect laminates open up a room by reflecting any natural light. The sleek and smooth tiles adding a sophisticated look to its surroundings. Easy to maintain, completing the simple and stylish qualities of this laminate.

Westco 8mm Bottocino Cream High Gloss Tile Effect Laminate

Richmond Laminate

At #1 is the Richmond 8mm laminate. Its superiority over the others could lead to a flooring complex amongst our flooring. Maybe with some nice touches of couches (other home décor aids are available) we can get them past it.

A resplendent, resilient flooring has almost as many admirers as it has purchasers. The Richmond is every bit as beautiful as a genuine oak product. Rich with swirls and knots the design fits in well with a variety of home décor.

Westco 8mm Richmond Oak Laminate

You can get these laminates delivered direct to your door, with free** and fast delivery – what are you waiting ‘floor”

Floormaker Free Delivery Van

Last but not least the all important prices*:-

Westco 8mm Richmond Oak Laminate 

£5.99 per m² (inc VAT) 

Westco 8mm Bottocino Cream High Gloss Tile Effect Laminate  

 £19.93 per m² (inc VAT) 

Westco 8mm White High Gloss Tile Effect Laminate  

£18.31 per m² (inc VAT) 

There above lie some of Floormakers Finest Flooring. For the flip side or just to truly appreciate the nicer things in life by seeing ugly flooring - check out our Pinterest undesirables.

*Correct prices at time of publication. 
** With orders over £100 net

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Seo Meetup Cardiff | Thursday 18th August 2016

seo cardiff meetup logo

Est Reading Time: 4 Mins
Laughing Time: 'Subjective'

I attended the #CardiffSEO 2nd meetup in Cardiff last week. This meetup, like the last SEO gathering, was researched, planned, organised and carried out by the host with the most – Mr Steve Morgan of Morgan Online Marketing fame.

The last meeting was a great start to a promising future for the SEO meetups in Cardiff and the number of attendees at this event confirms the local SEO ball is well and truly rolling.

The two speakers were excellent, well informed, interactive and answered any queries with gusto!

Steve (you know - the famous Morgan marketing one) recruited two of his colleagues that he has or currently works with on various projects. He even has ‘history’ with one of them. The less typed about that, the better! Providing a real-life example that this event is as much about networking and building working relationships as it is about learning from the speakers. Allowing attendees to see the dynamics and seamless way the speakers interact with each other – both professionally and personally. This provided a  good example for people who struggle with communicating with clients on an informal and/or formal level. It’s a fine balance that once achieved can yield excellent relationships and most importantly – results! After all, that’s what we’re here for.

The Speakers     speaker megaphone

Technical SEO – Andrew Isidoro of Gocompare.com

This presentation was excellent and was the main reason I came to the meetup. People are so concerned about how and what a website looks like; they often forget to look ‘under the hood’. User experience is a big deal and a vital factor for metrics such as bounce rate, re-visits, avg session duration and a little something called conversions! Looking after the technical SEO ensures that the search engines rank you. If you’re not ranked, then basically you’re not seen! What’s the point in having a beautiful Ferrari (other supercars are available) and keeping it hidden in a garage! 

Users can’t experience what they can’t see. Sensory under-load!

I won’t delve into the talk too much, as I couldn’t say it better than Andrew himself. He was very convincing I might add, even had me believing that Berlin was a Country! 🇩🇪 🇩🇪 🇩🇪 
No wonder the Eggheads production team never got back to my e-mail! 

Andrew has kindly shared the technical SEO slides and maybe (hint hint) he will follow up with a post at some point.

5 Most Common Ad Word Mistakes – Sara Jones of oneeyedcat.com

I work with a PPC specialist and I was quite proud to not only know the terms that Sara was talking about but also what they meant and how to best use them.

Do you know these
25 SEO abbreviations? I got 25 out of 25 right! http://buff.ly/2bRkcCO  via @sewatch

I sighed in relief as I realised that we don’t make any of the mistakes (anymore) that she highlighted, but for beginners or even advanced ad-word users, there were some vital nuggets of information. Not least the word ‘P****’ coming up in keyword and search term research. For some reason Sara didn’t reveal if it was a text or display ad!

Again I won’t elaborate on the specifics too much of this talk, a lot of the proof is in the pudding on her adword slides

2 takeaways that are well worth a mention: -

  • Digital imitates life. We all know stalking is possible on the web (Facebook anyone?) but in marketing terms this is known as re-marketing. You can digitally stalk consumers but you shouldn’t stalk buyers – that’s just not cool! While I'm in the reprimanding mood it's worth noting you should limit your stalking too. Adwords accounts allow you to cap the frequency, which may very well prevent a digital restraining order.
  • Negative keywords produce a positive effective; take note! Negative keywords used in AdWords prevent unqualified and irrelevant clicks on your ads. Else this can result in wasted money- £5206.26 in fact, on paint that didn’t exist. 

painting money

A picture can say ^ more than 5 thousand pounds!

This pricey sum was wasted due to missing and/or inadequate keywords cc the word 'Paint'.

Learnium Website Review

A clever and relevant addition to the meeting agenda from Steve (yes, him again!). The learnium.com (nice link for you there, not quite a .ac one, but still!) website was exposed on screen. Robert Dragan gave an elevator pitch for a brief introduction - biggest elevator in the world btw! Then it was thrown to the crowd, cough cough wolves - to dissect, cough cough devour!

learnium website home page
Lots of interesting insights and helpful suggestions were given, supplemented with a healthy dose 
of debate. (You can let Robert know your thoughts directly - robert@learnium.com), my own initial thoughts were that the site didn’t immediately reveal its purpose. At first glance, I couldn’t decide whether it was the same as Duolingo, Open University or Udemy - despite already being told what the site was! A few participants echoed this. The site was missing USP’s  and/or obvious features and benefits. The call to action button was in the right place IMO, but there was a bit of to and froing over that. Excellent! Sara quoted Unbounce (I think) in saying that  black and orange (again I think) is the best colours for conversions on CTA’s. No prizes for guessing what colour our site is in, peek at the header! Soooooooo……….where’s our sales!

And that's it from me, let me know your thoughts by tweeting @floormakeruk, and if you attended the event let us know how it went for you. Constructive comments remember! Negative criticism 
doesn't work the same as for the keyword version! Nobody wants to see Steve cry!

You can always Tweet us or Andrew, SaraSteve or Robert if you have any further comments. 

We also have a Cardiff twitter list if you want to follow some of the attendees & speakers and be 
kept in the loop. Please let us know if you would like to be added to the list if not on there already. 

Wildlife Rug Styles

It has arrived. The day has come. It’s the last rugs of the week blog post! In case we don’t have any more rugs, let us cherish this final instalment of rugs. Sit back and read on. You’ve had a 2-week warning (and a bit extra) to prepare for this last edition. It’s a mammoth edition (animal pun intended) of our safari and wildlife styles.

There are 9 highlighted this week and in total we have 46 rugs on the site. Something for everyone and a whole lot more! They range from Patriotic, Frise, Oriental, Picasso, Romany, Shaggy, Esprit, Visiona, Ziegler and course this week's Safari styles.

If you have a favourite you can let us know on our Facebook page. If you like the rugs, then like us too!

The wildlife rugs come in 3 styles:  With the explosion of social media and the exposure they can generate, even the animals are engaging in selfies - portrait and group shots.  For the non-media savvy animals we have styles of their fur.

Skin/Fur Rug Styles

Kicking things off, we have the portrait rug of the zebra and the wild cats  patched rug. The black and white tones splayed across the soft pile create an 80’s style look. Its  distinctive look adds a swinging style that will stand out in any room. A zany appearance that is  just kept within its limits with the straight-laced uniformed black border.  The border taking on the actions of a zoo, keeping the pattern contained.
Floormaker Zebra Skin Safari Rug
Floormaker Zebra Profile Safari Rug

The wild cat's rugs contains a patchwork selection of all the big bad cats of the wilderness.  From the leopard, cheetah, tiger and king of the jungle - Lion; all felines are covered. The fur collage will take pride of place in any room. A safari sensation that comes in 2 sizes – scary & super scary.
Floormaker Wild Cats Patched Safari Rug

Portrait/Profile Rugs

We all love a selfie or two (don’t we) and it seems the animal kingdom is no different. Evolution and nature have caught up with the narcissistic tendencies of the modern world. Not even the animals are safe from the trend or the flash!

We have 3 tiger profile rugs, which show the magnificent beast in all its glory on a variety of backgrounds. A centrepiece of any room, these rugs don’t so much stand out as stand up. The darkened background tiger rug creates an eerie effect and a visual sensation. The close up showcases the snarl and fearfulness of the tiger. The final piece of the range shows the tiger in full flow, capturing the tiger in mid gallop across its natural habitat.

Floormaker Tiger in the Wild Safari Rug
Floormaker Tiger Portrait Safari Rug

Tiger Close Up Portrait Style Safari Rug

Our lion portrait is an iconic piece. With a portion of dark shading, the lion is giving the impression of lurking in the shadows. A refined piece of this magnificent creature. A truly masterful piece that would add class to any room.
Floormaker Lion Portrait Style Safari Rug

Group Shots

Our elephant design features a selection of the great mammals drinking from a river. With the wild background, this ensemble reflects the real life landscape of the wild and how these animals function in their natural habitat. Bringing a serene look to home décor adding to a tranquil setting.
Floormaker Elephant Landscape Safari Rug

The infamous big 5 of the safari world are featured in our last and certainly not least rug. The mere presence of the bison, elephant, lion, rhino and tiger, in one place, elevates its look, feel and stature to another level. Not so much fighting for space on the rug, more embracing and enhancing. Bringing the big players of the animal kingdom all to one room, it brightens and emboldens its surroundings.
Africa's Big Five Animals Rug

Most of the rugs come in a variety of sizes. So whichever fits your personality will also fit your room. 

And that’s all for now folks. The last post on rugs for the time being. Whisper it quietly but there may be more additions sooner rather than later. You saw it here first!

In the meantime. feel free to let us know on Twitter which ones are your favourite and why?

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