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Seo Meetup Cardiff | Thursday 18th August 2016

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I attended the #CardiffSEO 2nd meetup in Cardiff last week. This meetup, like the last SEO gathering, was researched, planned, organised and carried out by the host with the most – Mr Steve Morgan of Morgan Online Marketing fame.

The last meeting was a great start to a promising future for the SEO meetups in Cardiff and the number of attendees at this event confirms the local SEO ball is well and truly rolling.

The two speakers were excellent, well informed, interactive and answered any queries with gusto!

Steve (you know - the famous Morgan marketing one) recruited two of his colleagues that he has or currently works with on various projects. He even has ‘history’ with one of them. The less typed about that, the better! Providing a real-life example that this event is as much about networking and building working relationships as it is about learning from the speakers. Allowing attendees to see the dynamics and seamless way the speakers interact with each other – both professionally and personally. This provided a  good example for people who struggle with communicating with clients on an informal and/or formal level. It’s a fine balance that once achieved can yield excellent relationships and most importantly – results! After all, that’s what we’re here for.

The Speakers     speaker megaphone

Technical SEO – Andrew Isidoro of Gocompare.com

This presentation was excellent and was the main reason I came to the meetup. People are so concerned about how and what a website looks like; they often forget to look ‘under the hood’. User experience is a big deal and a vital factor for metrics such as bounce rate, re-visits, avg session duration and a little something called conversions! Looking after the technical SEO ensures that the search engines rank you. If you’re not ranked, then basically you’re not seen! What’s the point in having a beautiful Ferrari (other supercars are available) and keeping it hidden in a garage! 

Users can’t experience what they can’t see. Sensory under-load!

I won’t delve into the talk too much, as I couldn’t say it better than Andrew himself. He was very convincing I might add, even had me believing that Berlin was a Country! 🇩🇪 🇩🇪 🇩🇪 
No wonder the Eggheads production team never got back to my e-mail! 

Andrew has kindly shared the technical SEO slides and maybe (hint hint) he will follow up with a post at some point.

5 Most Common Ad Word Mistakes – Sara Jones of oneeyedcat.com

I work with a PPC specialist and I was quite proud to not only know the terms that Sara was talking about but also what they meant and how to best use them.

acronym seo tweet

I sighed in relief as I realised that we don’t make any of the mistakes (anymore) that she highlighted, but for beginners or even advanced ad-word users, there were some vital nuggets of information. Not least the word ‘P****’ coming up in keyword and search term research. For some reason Sara didn’t reveal if it was a text or display ad!

Again I won’t elaborate on the specifics too much of this talk, a lot of the proof is in the pudding on her adword slides

2 takeaways that are well worth a mention: -

  • Digital imitates life. We all know stalking is possible on the web (Facebook anyone?) but in marketing terms this is known as re-marketing. You can digitally stalk consumers but you shouldn’t stalk buyers – that’s just not cool! While I'm in the reprimanding mood it's worth noting you should limit your stalking too. Adwords accounts allow you to cap the frequency, which may very well prevent a digital restraining order.
  • Negative keywords produce a positive effective; take note! Negative keywords used in AdWords prevent unqualified and irrelevant clicks on your ads. Else this can result in wasted money- £5206.26 in fact, on paint that didn’t exist. 

painting money

A picture can say ^ more than 5 thousand pounds!

This pricey sum was wasted due to missing and/or inadequate keywords cc the word 'Paint'.

Learnium Website Review

A clever and relevant addition to the meeting agenda from Steve (yes, him again!). The learnium.com (nice link for you there, not quite a .ac one, but still!) website was exposed on screen. Robert Dragan gave an elevator pitch for a brief introduction - biggest elevator in the world btw! Then it was thrown to the crowd, cough cough wolves - to dissect, cough cough devour!

learnium website home page
Lots of interesting insights and helpful suggestions were given, supplemented with a healthy dose 
of debate. (You can let Robert know your thoughts directly - robert@learnium.com), my own initial thoughts were that the site didn’t immediately reveal its purpose. At first glance, I couldn’t decide whether it was the same as Duolingo, Open University or Udemy - despite already being told what the site was! A few participants echoed this. The site was missing USP’s  and/or obvious features and benefits. The call to action button was in the right place IMO, but there was a bit of to and froing over that. Excellent! Sara quoted Unbounce (I think) in saying that  black and orange (again I think) is the best colours for conversions on CTA’s. No prizes for guessing what colour our site is in, peek at the header! Soooooooo……….where’s our sales!

And that's it from me, let me know your thoughts by tweeting @floormakeruk, and if you attended the event let us know how it went for you. Constructive comments remember! Negative criticism 
doesn't work the same as for the keyword version! Nobody wants to see Steve cry!

You can always Tweet us or Andrew, SaraSteve or Robert if you have any further comments. 

We also have a Cardiff twitter list if you want to follow some of the attendees & speakers and be 
kept in the loop. Please let us know if you would like to be added to the list if not on there already. 

Wildlife Rug Styles

It has arrived. The day has come. It’s the last rugs of the week blog post! In case we don’t have any more rugs, let us cherish this final instalment of rugs. Sit back and read on. You’ve had a 2-week warning (and a bit extra) to prepare for this last edition. It’s a mammoth edition (animal pun intended) of our safari and wildlife styles.

There are 9 highlighted this week and in total we have 46 rugs on the site. Something for everyone and a whole lot more! They range from Patriotic, Frise, Oriental, Picasso, Romany, Shaggy, Esprit, Visiona, Ziegler and course this week's Safari styles.

If you have a favourite you can let us know on our Facebook page. If you like the rugs, then like us too!

The wildlife rugs come in 3 styles:  With the explosion of social media and the exposure they can generate, even the animals are engaging in selfies - portrait and group shots.  For the non-media savvy animals we have styles of their fur.

Skin/Fur Rug Styles

Kicking things off, we have the portrait rug of the zebra and the wild cats  patched rug. The black and white tones splayed across the soft pile create an 80’s style look. Its  distinctive look adds a swinging style that will stand out in any room. A zany appearance that is  just kept within its limits with the straight-laced uniformed black border.  The border taking on the actions of a zoo, keeping the pattern contained.
Floormaker Zebra Skin Safari Rug
Floormaker Zebra Profile Safari Rug

The wild cat's rugs contains a patchwork selection of all the big bad cats of the wilderness.  From the leopard, cheetah, tiger and king of the jungle - Lion; all felines are covered. The fur collage will take pride of place in any room. A safari sensation that comes in 2 sizes – scary & super scary.
Floormaker Wild Cats Patched Safari Rug

Portrait/Profile Rugs

We all love a selfie or two (don’t we) and it seems the animal kingdom is no different. Evolution and nature have caught up with the narcissistic tendencies of the modern world. Not even the animals are safe from the trend or the flash!

We have 3 tiger profile rugs, which show the magnificent beast in all its glory on a variety of backgrounds. A centrepiece of any room, these rugs don’t so much stand out as stand up. The darkened background tiger rug creates an eerie effect and a visual sensation. The close up showcases the snarl and fearfulness of the tiger. The final piece of the range shows the tiger in full flow, capturing the tiger in mid gallop across its natural habitat.

Floormaker Tiger in the Wild Safari Rug
Floormaker Tiger Portrait Safari Rug

Tiger Close Up Portrait Style Safari Rug

Our lion portrait is an iconic piece. With a portion of dark shading, the lion is giving the impression of lurking in the shadows. A refined piece of this magnificent creature. A truly masterful piece that would add class to any room.
Floormaker Lion Portrait Style Safari Rug

Group Shots

Our elephant design features a selection of the great mammals drinking from a river. With the wild background, this ensemble reflects the real life landscape of the wild and how these animals function in their natural habitat. Bringing a serene look to home décor adding to a tranquil setting.
Floormaker Elephant Landscape Safari Rug

The infamous big 5 of the safari world are featured in our last and certainly not least rug. The mere presence of the bison, elephant, lion, rhino and tiger, in one place, elevates its look, feel and stature to another level. Not so much fighting for space on the rug, more embracing and enhancing. Bringing the big players of the animal kingdom all to one room, it brightens and emboldens its surroundings.
Africa's Big Five Animals Rug

Most of the rugs come in a variety of sizes. So whichever fits your personality will also fit your room. 

And that’s all for now folks. The last post on rugs for the time being. Whisper it quietly but there may be more additions sooner rather than later. You saw it here first!

In the meantime. feel free to let us know on Twitter which ones are your favourite and why?

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Esprit Rugs From Floormaker

Time comes around so slow when you’re looking forward to the rugs of the week. I have started alternating the posts between Monday & Tuesday – increasing the levels of anticipation to a new high!

You’ll be sad to learn that this is the penultimate edition of rugs of the week; next week will be about the safari and animal themed rugs and then there will be no more. We had an influx of 46 new rugs on Floormaker and I wrote something nice about them all – hurrah. If you’re feeling nostalgic you can read 'Oriental Rugs' which is the most popular rugs of the week post to date.

Let us forget about the past for the moment and concentrate on this week's rugs. It’s the turn of the Esprit design. You may know Esprit already as a clothing brand. Its quality design and material has transcended to rugs.

Esprit Light Beige

This lighter rug exudes class and blends in lovely with furniture and interior design due to its neutral tones and relaxed colour. The bold diamond shapes create a wonderful illusion of depth. A centred background completing the overall style of the rug.
Esprit Light Beige  Diamond Rug

Esprit Dark Beige

The darker version of the diamond rug exhibits a different effect. The darker tones of the pile create a cosy atmosphere and the diamond patterns differentiate between popping and subsiding in the centrepiece of the style. This exudes a contrasting style adding to the overall look of the rug.
Esprit Dark Beige  Diamond Rug

Esprit Terracotta

The terracotta diamond rug is a visual treat too and it adds vibrancy to its style skill set. The outstanding colour and tone of this style add fiery tones to any setting, drawing the focus of the room. A different tone to complement the set of Esprit rugs.

Esprit Terracotta  Diamond Rug

It’s the diamond pattern of these 3 rugs that will win people over. Attention is drawn to the centre of the pieces while the different colours and tones enhance and promote the style in their own way. From clothes to rugs, from the rack to the floor – there is no doubt Esprit have made a quality transition.

Let us know what you think of these rugs and this week's posts on our Facebook page or tweet us if you prefer Twitter. We’ve recently added Instagram to our social media accounts and will be posting some great images of our rugs in the very near future – so keep a look out for that.

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staggered flooring planks

In all of Floormaker’s products you’ll find in Instructions and for most laminate floors we’ll tell you to ‘stagger’ it. But, what does that really mean? If you want your laminate floor to look gorgeous but you’re unsure what we’re instructing you to do and you’re a bit too scared to call us up and ask (though you shouldn’t be!) here’s a blog to explain what we mean. 

With many laminate floors Floormaker will instruct you to ‘stagger’ the planks as this way you get both a more attractive looking floor and it’s far, far more durable. 

So let’s get staggering. Make sure you’ve let your packs of flooring acclimatise to the room’s temperature for 72hrs. Then get all the planks up and simply start shuffling them about, just like a pack of cards. Shuffle and mix them up as much as possible so they’re in a completely different order to how they came. Once you’ve finished doing this, you can begin laying, making sure you’re taking all the necessary precautions. 

Shuffling the planks like this means when you begin to lay the planks, all the joints will be at different levels across the room. You don’t want the joints of laminate planks being side by side right the way across your room as they won’t have any room to expand and contract and will soon begin to buckle. And that’s why and how you stagger! So you see it’s actually quite simple. 

All you’re aiming to do is make sure the joints of each and every one of the planks are 12mm away from the next plank’s joint. Leaving a 12mm gap is simply a precaution to make sure your floorboards have plenty of room to expand and contract with bumping into each other and start to buckle. 

If you’re still unsure what we mean when we say ‘stagger’ your laminate, call us on 02920 344 358. We want your flooring to look beautiful so we’ll be more than happy to talk you through the process. 

Updated: 5/7/16

A Selection Of Zieglers

Rugs of the week are back, hurrah! We had such an influx of new and fantastic rugs it has given us (well me) plenty to write about each week.

It’s the turn of our Ziegler rugs in the spotlight. Just half of the range this week, there will be more to come next week........bet you can’t wait!

Ziegler rugs originated in Switzerland and have all been manufactured and designed with the Western market in mind. They have endeavoured to create styles and patterns that would help this type of rug fit into modern and traditional decor. 

The soft palette of the rugs pile creates a comfort and cosiness like no other. Softer than most traditional rugs due to its hand knotted manufacture. Coming in 2 sizes, it is able to fit smaller or larger spaces. 

Red and Cream Ziegler

Our red and cream styles are stand out while also blending in. Its discreet patterns and sensuous colours compliment each other and the style of the rug perfectly. Whether you prefer a red or cream centrepiece, we have each option for both. 
Floormaker Red & Cream Ziegler Runner Rug 
Floormaker Cream & Red Ziegler Runner Rug

Blue and Cream Ziegler

The blue and cream version has a more aqueous look to it. The patterns are a little more intricate and offer a different outlook to the flooring. Classic in its design it has the retro look all wrapped up.
Floormaker Blue & Cream Ziegler Runner Rug

Red and Black Ziegler

Serving up the final offer of this week's rugs is the black and cream Ziegler. The vivid contrast that black and red offers is prominent in this design and helps the background patterns on the rug pop.
Floormaker Black & Red Ziegler Runner Rug

Whether you are looking to spice up a modern interior with a classic accessory or add another classic piece to a traditional room – the Ziegler’s have all these properties and more. 

Let us know what you think of our rugs on our Facebook page. 

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New 8mm Laminates from Faus

Furthering our floors of the week range we are back with Faus. We highlighted the 12mm laminates last week, this week we will be talking about our Faus range of 8mm laminate flooring. These are also suitable for commercial use but are also appropriate for domestic use too. 

Night Black Slate Laminate Floor

Delving into our dark laminates is the Faus night black slate. This is a sleek and stylish flooring that creates a moody, hued effect. The random placement of the planks emphasise the abstract design and multi directional specifics.

Faus 8mm Night Black Slate Laminate Flooring

Aventino Slate Laminate Floor

The aventino slate offers a contrast in colour and subsequently a different effect to the black slate. The light tones open up a room while giving it a fresh, sprightly effect. Again, as with the other Faus range, the planks extend in 4 different directions which prove pleasing on the eye. A broad, beige colour makes this flooring suitable for many rooms, with it being able to blend in with a variety of home décor.

Faus 8mm Aventino Arena Slate Laminate Flooring

Imperial Oak Laminate

The Imperial Oak laminate offers the same visual and space enhancing benefits due to its similar lighter tones and effects. It has a multi width plank effect with each plank having 3 different sizes across its breadth. This varies the visual effect the flooring creates and the extra wide planks are ideally suited for larger rooms which can handle and help illuminate the extended flooring.

Faus 8mm Imperial Oak Laminate Flooringl

Traditional Slate Laminate Floor

A traditional flooring this Faus laminate has mosaic and minimal one tone flowery designs impressed on the planks. Bringing tradition back to tiling this flooring is timeless and scales the contemporary and classic design in one floor.  A visually appealing vintage flooring.

Faus 8mm Traditional Tile Laminate Flooring

Palantino Vesuvio Slate Laminate Floor

Last of the 8mm Faus range is the Palantino Vesuvio slate laminate. It’s a stand out flooring all arranged in a organised chaos multi directional and sizing design. Enabling it to be laid in such a manner that it is truly original and it cannot be replicated elsewhere. Orchestrating originality with planks makes this flooring a winning choice.

Faus 8mm Palatino Vesuvio Slate Laminate Flooring

All of the 8mm laminates come with an AC rating, which basically means they are of commercial grade and durability. They can withstand a lot of pressure and heavy footfall – in domestic or commercial atmospheres. So if it’s style or stability you’re looking for, or even both; then these laminates are for you.

You can let us know what you think of our 8mm range on our Facebook page or just send us a tweet to our Twitter account.

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Floors Of The Week: Tiled Authentic Looking Laminates

Faus Commercial Laminate Range

Lately our weekly blog posts have been about our influx of new beautiful rugs. But not today. Today we are going back to our traditional floors of the week. Bet you’ve missed it? Or at least you can pretend you have!  As of last Friday, we have 8 new lines of laminate flooring.  Each of them outstanding in their own special way. 

We’ll talk you through the range of 8mm laminate flooring in next week’s post. This week is all about the three ranges of 12mm laminate we have in and the value they add to the home and in particular the commercial world. If you cannot wait then you can see the other Faus laminates here

Bretagne Oak

Kicking off with the Faus 12mm Bretagne Oak Laminate Flooring. This represents the stylish era of the Palace of Versailles. Enhancing the quality of a room instantly with its palatial aspect and theme of flooring. The lighter tones open up a room to give a more expansive feel and spacious look.

Faus 12mm Bretagne Oak Laminate Flooring

Natural Parquet

The Faus 12mm Natural Parquet Laminate is another lightly toned flooring that embraces the space too. The multi directional flooring creates a varied and refreshing pattern to the flooring and gives texture and effortless style to a room. Different shades of the alternatively aligned planks ingratiated in the pattern building a theme replicated throughout a room.

Faus 12mm Natural Parquet Laminate

Natural Herringbone

Our final instalment for this week’s update is Faus 12mm Natural Herringbone Laminate Flooring. A realistic herringbone pattern embedded in the planks and slewed across the room creating a mesmerising effect. Each splint on the wide plank is individually and expertly bevelled to create a traditional look.
Faus 12mm Natural Herringbone Laminate Flooring

All of the floors are of 12mm thickness. Meaning they are extremely durable and will look equally as great in the office or factory as they are built to last. Substance and style wrapped up in great package.

That’s all for this weeks floors of the week, and if you’re missing the rugs then you can catch up with last week's post here. If you have any comments on our flooring that you would like to share then please let us know on our Facebook page or tweet us.

Thanks for reading. Until next week…….. 

Visionia Styles

Visionia rugs are a visual treat to behold. Machine woven, they are of dense, luxurious cut and loop construction. Anti- static, simple and easy to clean and of exceptional value – all of the sides are overlocked and the ends are folded, adding that extra durability. 

Here at Floormaker we have 5 different tones of Visionia – available in 5 different sizes -   110cm X 60 cm , 230cm X 60 cm, 150cm X 80 cm, 170cm X 120 cm and 230cm X 160 cm. A variety of sizes so they can accommodate and enhance a range of room sizes and shapes. 

Both beige and light beige are filled with neutral, earthy tones and the rue colouring helps to elongate and maximise the appearance of any room it may be laid in.  The patterns are simple but they are stunning in effect. 
Floormaker Visiona Light Beige Style Rug

Floormaker Visiona Beige Style Rug
The red visionia offers a darker, emboldened effect. The scarlet red look bleeds into the rug showcasing its deep hues and shaded appearance. The geometric patterns are of the same shade, the patterns less pronounced with the separation illuminated expertly by the contrasted pale red lines. 
Floormaker Visiona Red Style Rug
The grey visionia replicates the red version with its defined two tones of colour. The grey is a subtler design which blends more into the surroundings rather than standing out. The neutrality of it allows it to blend into most interior designs. 
Floormaker Visiona Grey Style Rug
Saving the treats till last (the chocolate) visionia has a good mix of all the other designs. It’s casual, rich colouring brings a touch of class to proceedings and the slightly different toned colouring melts into the rug with ease. It’s luxurious cut and loop pile is emphasised perfectly with its languid, luscious style. 
Floormaker Visiona Chocolate Style Rug
Like these rugs? Let us know on our Facebook or Twitter. We’ll be sure to answer any queries you may have. If you’ve missed any of our other new rugs you can catch the full range here.

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Delicious Deluxe Styles

The deluxe range has entered the Floormaker building. The last few episodes of rugs of the week have involved different selections of our new range. This week the 5 colour variants of our shaggy rugs get their day in the sun.

Floormaker Two Tone Beige Shaggy Deluxe Rug           Floormaker Black Shaggy Deluxe Rug        Floormaker Cream Shaggy Deluxe Rug      Floormaker Brown Shaggy Deluxe Rug      Floormaker Red Shaggy Deluxe Rug

This two-tone beige deluxe design makes a wonderful addition to a room. Fill up some space or add that bit extra to the home décor. Pleasing to the eye and touch.
beige shaggy rug

The grey or black (you decide) style brings warmth and comfort into the equation. It’s darker hues represent a feeling of cosiness and exudes a comfortable look that makes you want to rest your head on the soft pile and snooze the rest of the day away.
black shaggy rug

The cream deluxe shaggy is the crème de la crème of colours. Cream being a light toned colour helps to give the impression of a larger space and it’s neutrality allows it to fit in with many styles and colours of home décor.
cream shaggy rug
Leading into the brown rug, this has similar visual properties and attractions to the grey/black rug. The brown tones giving it a traditional look which helps it add character and enhanced history to a room. The plush fibres give it a comforting yet classic look.
brown shaggy rug

Finishing up with the red shaggy. This rug's colour explodes into your attention with its vibrant, efficacious tone. It will stand out in a room as a centrepiece or a welcome distraction. The red tone exuding warmth with the thick pile backing up that style with real substance.

red shaggy rug

While the same styles, these deluxe rugs have subtle differences from each other with the differing tones and colours, with the red being the most enigmatic! If you like you can let us know on Facebook what you think of these tones and colours. Feedback is always welcome!

You can catch up with our full range here and take a peek at our previous rugs of the week.

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