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Outdoor Flooring Now Available from Floormaker!

We at Floormaker have brought you many stylish, unusual flooring designs over the years, but as varied as those products were, they all had thing in common: each one was strictly for indoor use only.

However, the latest additions to our catalogue change everything. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to Floormaker's brand new Outdoor Flooring collection:

Outdoor Flooring

Pictured above are our new woven decking tiles, which combine the durability of deck boards with the sumptuous elegance of traditional textile products. We offer the following colours:

Bold Beige Outdoor Tiles

Bold Beige

Reflection Outdoor Tiles


Tranquillity Outdoor Tiles


These three fabulous new products are extremely well-suited to life in the great outdoors, and they can be used in a number of different places, including gardens, patios, balconies, gazebos, and verandas. You can even put them around the edge of your swimming pool (if you're lucky enough to have one!)

We are also happy to hear from commercial clients who are interested in using our outdoor tiles. Floormaker's woven decking is ideal for external seating areas, so if you need a new outdoor flooring solution for your pub, café or restaurant, look no further.

Click here to browse our new outdoor flooring range, or give us a call on 08444 889 177 to find out more about these truly unique new products.

Now In Stock: Luscious Longboard Laminates



It's been Frantic @ Floormaker this Friday, with Four new products added to our laminate range. Going Luscious with Laminate.......drum roll please.......12mm Longboard Tower Oak Nature Laminate, 12mm Longboard Tower Oak Grey Laminate, 12mm Longboard Tower Oak Polar Laminate & 8mm Block Wood Laminate. That's a whole lot of laminate!

Our Longboard range comes in 3 remarkable tones & colours, suiting all manners of taste. Something for everyone.

The 12mm Longboard Tower Oak Nature Laminate Flooring is a splendid representation of the natural effect of wood. The commercial grade laminates increase its scope for inside or outside installation. The extended length of the boards shorten installation time.

12mm Longboard Tower Oak Nature Laminate Floor


The 12mm Longboard Tower Oak Grey Laminate Flooring is of the same ilk as the nature product. Mirroring the commercial benefits in practicality, efficiency & durability.The authentic natural wood look of the laminate complemented by its traditional pattern.


What the 12mm Longboard Tower Oak Polar Laminate Flooring adds to this longboard collection is its individuality and wow factor. Wrapping up the set nicely with its rustic looking knots and cracks. Being a commeral grade product it can bring a substantial look to any such surroundings.  

Longboard Tower Oak Polar Laminate

Last but not Least of the Laminates is the 8mm Block Wood Laminate. A very resilient laminate flooring emboldened with a unique variety of patterns. A flooring capable of fulfilling all creative minds. As adaptable as it is accessible - it can be removed and relocated at leisure.

8mm Block Wood Laminate


That rounds up our new additions for this week. Keep your eyes peeled for a special prussian revelation coming to a floormaker on-line store near you.

Floors of the Week: Something a Little Different

Unusual floors

We love the traditional look here at Floormaker, but we're also big fans of trying something a little bit out of the ordinary. For this week's Floors of the Week blog, we thought we'd showcase some of the more unusual options available in our Laminate Flooring section...

Zebrano floor

8mm Plum Astoria Zebrano

We'll start with our ever-popular zebrano flooring - that eye-catching assortment of colours will have a spectacular effect on practically any room!


Playground laminate flooring

8mm Playground

Perfect for a child's bedroom, this 'Playground' design has a rustic beauty that adults appreciate just as much as youngsters.


Ash Contrast laminate flooring

8mm Ash Contrast

The boards of this floor are coloured for maximum contrast, creating a very stylish and striking overall effect.


White vintage flooring

8mm Wine & Fruits (White)

With a shipping crate motif that's sure to appeal to vintage lovers and upcycling addicts, this floor design is one of our most unique!


Black and white flooring

8mm Black & White

People often say that 'X is the new black', but we all know that black will forever be the coolest colour of them all. This bold floor design is brimming with sleek style, and it's sure to look outstanding in your home!


Bliss art galiano oak

10mm Bliss Art Galiano Oak

Finally, we come to our Bliss Art design, which alternates dark grey floorboards with silver aluminium spacers to create an amazingly modern look.

Visit our Laminate Flooring department for more appealingly unusual floor designs!

Now in Stock: 5mm Fibreboard Underlay

Today we welcome a new addition to the Floormaker underlay family: our 5mm Fibreboard Underlay (a.k.a C990042 for the technically-minded!)

5mm fibreboard underlay

The underlay has a flexibility to boast about. Whether you want Laminate, Engineered or Solid Wood flooring the underlay is suitable for all. From our customer queries:  we know that deciding on a type of flooring can take a while but luckily the underlay option is a quick win. You pick and we pack.

It’s a durable product meaning it will last the lifetime of your chosen flooring and then some! The underlay providing a comfort level everyone should expect. Home comforts albeit translate from being home comfortable.

Perfect for addressing any issues with uneven floors. Irregular surfaces can discourage people from attempting to implement a new floor. Problem easily solved with this underlay. It can be laid across undulated surfaces to create a level surface. The idea base to put your selected flooring on.

All beautiful floors should be seen and not heard. The ‘beauty’ of the underlay is that it reduces any such noise that one associates with laid flooring. Underlay not being seen is a given, not being heard is its bonus. 

An inexpensive addition to a flooring package, the underlay goes one step further in saving customers some pennies. The thermal properties of the underlay aids insulation which in turn helps on heating costs. Underlay undercuts utilities (catchy huh?).

Underlay is notoriously easy to cut, fit and lay – saving time for the important task of designing & fitting your flooring jigsaw masterpiece.

Floors of the Week: Luxurious Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is popular for a number of reasons: it’s inexpensive, it’s easy to lay, and it’s significantly more water-resistant than some other flooring options, making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Clearly, vinyl has a lot of appealing qualities, and today, we’d like to add yet another item to that long list of positive features. ‘Luxurious’ may not be an adjective you’d normally associate with functional, budget-friendly vinyl flooring, but your opinion on this front may change once you’ve visited Floormaker’s Luxury Vinyl Flooring department!

The products that make up our Luxury Vinyl range are just as durable, as practical, and as cost-effective as all the other vinyl floors you’ll find on the web, but unlike most vinyl products, they’re also extremely attractive! With a stunning look and feel, these products easily trump 99% of all other vinyl floors on the market, and we have a range of different designs on offer – from wood-style flooring to slate-effect tiles, we at Floormaker really do have the lot!

Here are six of the best products from our Luxury Vinyl department:

Slate effect tiles

Light grey tiles

Rusitc oak vinyl flooring

Grey oak vinyl

Limed oak vinyl

Brushed Oak Vinyl Flooring

Like what you see? Visit our Luxury Vinyl Flooring section for more products just like these!