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Floors of the Week: Solid Wood Stunners!

We appreciate that Floormaker’s bumper-size catalogue can be a little difficult to get one’s head around, and so, once a week, we like to dip into our product list and pull out a few of our favourite floors for that week.

These are our Floors of the Week, and this week, we’re on something of a solid wood kick:

Solid wood floors from Floormaker

Clockwise from top left: Black Onyx Oak, 2 Strip Oak, American Walnut and Unfinished Oak

As you can see, there’s quite a bit of variety in this week’s selection. From the light-coloured crispness of the beautiful 2 Strip Oak floor to the bold black design of the Onyx Oak, these four floors ably demonstrate the sheer range of tones and textures on offer in Floormaker’s Solid Wood section. There’s even an unfinished oak floor, which allows you to create your own custom finish!

See more of our Floors of the Week on Floormaker’s Pinterest page.

Bold and Beautiful Laminate Flooring

In almost every Floormaker blog post we argue that your flooring is the foundation of any room, both literally and figuratively. Your choice of flooring can set the tone for any design scheme, look or feel you wish to create in your room. Natural tones are extremely popular for flooring choices, as well as wooden or wooden-looking flooring.

A neutral and creamy colour or a light grey flooring can lend itself to many a colour scheme and you can dress it up your down as you so wish, but we think that occasionally thinking outside the box with your flooring can really pay off. We are urging you to be brave and bold and rather than encorporating a neutral flooring into your colour scheme, choose a flooring that becomes your colour scheme. Opt for something patterned and unique, flip interior design on its head and explore your creative side! 

With our exquisite range of laminate flooring, anything is possible. We've got an astonishing array of floor types to meet any of your design needs, but while we're encouraging you to be bright and bold, here are 3 of our favourite bold and beautiful laminate floors. 

1. 8mm Kimberley Slate Effect

This gorgeous slate effect tile is so striking it makes a beautiful centrepiece for any room and the golden colour is flattering to any colour-scheme you wish to opt for the walls. We would recommend a Mediterranean theme with teracotta and rich browns and reds to pull out the gold in these tiles. Opt for rustic and earthy accessories and tones to make your room come alive. 

2. 8mm Zebrano Laminate Flooring

8mm Zebrano Laminate Plum Astoria Floor

Our Zebrano laminate is loud, proud and utterly gorgeous. The plethora of rich browns at play here makes the flooring the talking point of the room, however the earthy tones are complimentary to many a colour scheme. Our advice? Plain cream walls and a vibrant, block colour sofa. The flooring is vibrant enough so try not to over-complicate the room. 

3. 8mm Narrow Board Ash 

The beautiful Narrow Ash Laminate is a stunning and complex flooring, offering gorgeous tones in a variety of different colours. It's intricate and detailed and is a beautiful foundation for any room. We would recommend choosing rich and warming colours for the floor, perhaps a deep cranberry or a rich aubergine purple. Rich colours will balance out the light and shade of the floor and create a homely and warming atmosphere.

What do you think? How would you accessorise your bold and beautiful flooring? Get in touch, we'd love to hear from you! 


The Versatility of Laminate Flooring

Here at Floormaker, some of our most popular flooring is our extensive range of laminate flooring options. The extremely durable wood substitute is friendly on your wallet and your design scheme. There are a variety of stunning colours and tones available lend themselves to many interior design visions. We’ve chosen three different laminate floors from Floormaker and used some gorgeous images from Pinterest to provide you with some inspiration for which looks and colour schemes to go alongside your wonderful flooring.

1.      3 Strip Cornwall Oak


This gorgeous honey-toned wood-effect laminate flooring creates a light and airy atmosphere within any room in your home. Perhaps the most traditional flooring choice, the colouring lends itself to many design schemes. 

The Look 

One of our favourite looks is to use a deep, dark colour against the light flooring. This lovely rich purple is the perfect complimentary colour. It works particularly well witht he white panelling and the light sofa. The mirror above the sofa really expands the room and we love the patterned cushions! Our Cornwall Oak laminate floor would be perfect to recreate this look. 

2.        7mm White Oak Laminate Flooring 


This beautiful light grey laminate flooring is a really contemporary and modern look, with ashy tones which really add something special to your room. Light grey is one of our favourite colour foundations for an interior design scheme. This is one of our top Pinterest looks.

The Look 

We would recommend if choosing such a gorgeous colour as our White Oak Laminate Flooring, let the flooring be the primary colour in the design scheme, and opt for bright accessories instead. We love the adorable bunting and the beautiful turquoise fireplace, and the coloured cushions make the room seem vibrant and colourful, though the walls and flooring are fairly neutral.

3.     8mm Bourbon Oak  

This beautiful dark Bourbon Oak laminate comes with an essence of grandeur and adds a really relaxing vibe to your living area. This rich colour adds so much depth to a room your living room can be absolutely stunning if you choose your design scheme carefully. 

The Look 

We've used this beautiful living room we found on Pinterest before in a blog post, but we think the design will perfectly complement our Bourbon Oak. The flooring is so rich that patterns and bright colours won't work, use a strong dark block colour like this gorgeous navy. Accompanied by the vibrant red sofa and the subtle pattern on the cushions which match the plain rug, this living room has a comforting and relaxing atmosphere and we would love to come home to this every day, wouldn't you?


Stylish Interior Design for a Child's Bedroom

In addition to all of the other joys that children bring to your life, there is an added bonus for interior design buffs: you get a whole new room to design and play with! As you may have pegged by now, we at Floormaker spend quite a lot of time on Pinterest, and this week we’ve stumbled across many elaborate children’s bedroom designs. We’ve found some designs that are so modern and stylish that it doesn’t seem like a child lives there at all!

This has sparked quite the debate in the Floormaker office: where do you draw the line when it comes to implementing style into your child’s bedroom design? We have concluded that, although it’s lovely to have a certain degree of style in your child’s bedroom, it’s important to remember that the design should be fun and funky, creating a room that your child absolutely loves to play in! Here are 3 designs that have this brief nailed, perfectly combining fun and style. We’ve even included some tips that you can use to draw inspiration from these pictures within your own homes. 

1. Bright and Colourful

Bright kid's bedroom

We think this room is a gorgeous combination of fun and stylish. There are bright colours, some beautiful wall stencils – but there is a definite air of deliberate design and it is perfectly put together. We love the stripy rug and the adorable play area in the centre of the room; there’s also a tidy desk area to keep your little one’s school stuff neat and tidy! To recreate this look, start with some gorgeous Oak Laminate Flooring. Choose a nice colour for a feature wall and paint the rest in white or cream. Use some fab wall stickers and accessorise with bright colours: duvet sets and desk equipment, the brighter the better! The best thing about this design scheme is the fact that it’s easy to personalise for your child’s hobbies and interests. It’s also a great room for both girls and boys.

2. Gorgeous and Girly

Light-coloured twin bedroom

We love this room for two sisters. It’s beautiful and stylish, though we think it could be a tad more youthful. We love the matching duvet sets and that funky bean bag – gorgeous, eh? The bunting is also beautiful! We’d personally add a bright rug and some gorgeous fake flowers, along with maybe some brightly coloured picture frames to really finish this off. We do love the colour scheme of light wood-effect flooring and bright teal, though! Definitely some stunning design inspiration going on in this image.

3. Blue and Boyish

Boy's bedroom design

This bedroom is perfect for a little boy, and for mum and dad too – look how stylish it is! The gorgeous striped feature wall is wonderful; we love the blues and greens. We also love that funky rug and the gorgeous wooden furniture and complimentary pillows. We love the fish and the globe too – educational and decorative! We think we’d personally opt for some Maple Laminate Flooring instead of this beige carpet, and a slightly bigger rug. We love the blue boxes too – great for storing toys! And the striped feature wall is definitely one for the folder, don’t you think?

Do you have any interior design tips for children’s bedrooms that you’d like to share? Let us know!

3 Stunning Bathroom Designs

A bathroom should be one of the most luxurious rooms in your home. It is a room in which you get moments of privacy, relaxation and pampering and the interior design should reflect these things, allowing you to take in your surroundings and breathe a sigh of relief at the end of the day. We’ve scoured Pinterest and found 3 completely different (but all equally beautiful) bathroom designs that would certainly make us very happy to relax in, and politely borrowed some design tips you can incorporate into your own bathroom!

1. The French-Inspired Bathroom

French-inspired bathroom

This bathroom keeps things simple but, as we’re sure you will agree, it works! It has a very French-inspired design theme and we love the gorgeous standalone bath and the delicate flooring. The dusty duck-egg colour paint works perfectly for the bathroom and the white wooden boards on the wall create a pristine and minimalistic finish. We love the mini vanity table next to the bath as a finishing touch. From this bathroom we can take a dusty pastel colour palette and combine it with creams and whites, minimal accessories and perhaps patterned flooring. Patterns could be subtle, picked up in rugs or with towels. This is the perfect bathroom for those who like understated and simplistic designs.

2. The Ultimate Luxury Bathroom

Luxury bathroom

This bathroom is so luxurious-looking that it could easily be found in a 5* hotel! We love the double sinks and mirrors, which are separated by those gorgeous mosaic tiles. This bathroom focuses on an earthy colour scheme, giving a very warm and comforting atmosphere overall. So, what design inspiration does this bathroom offer? Stick to earthy browns and reds when designing a bathroom for the feeling of complete luxury and grandeur. Opt for plain tiles generally, but accentuate the features that you want to stand out with patterned or mosaic tiles for a splash of style. We adore the mix in textures from wood to glass with the shower and the cabinet, as well as that dark coloured bath.

3. The Shiny Modern Bathroom

Contemporary bathroom design

This might be our favourite of the three bathrooms, though as you can see, making that final decision is nigh-on impossible! First of all, let’s talk about that wonderful bath; the brash, rustic silver exterior of the tub is stunning and works perfectly with the beautiful grey wall tiles. The contrast in the matte grey and shiny silver adds depth to an otherwise fairly minimalistic colour palette, which is complimented by the white that's picked up in the flowers and towels. The wonderful interior design wisdom that we’ve learned from this picture is to work with a grey palette in the bathroom. If you personally would like to see splashes of colour, you can work teals, pinks or lilacs into this stunning design with candles, towels and other decorations. A bath tub is the centre-point of a bathroom so be sure to choose one that is bold, stylish and that you simply love, then work it into the colour scheme.

Floormaker's New Responsive Website!

You  may already have spotted this, but here's the official announcement: Floormaker's got a brand new look!

A screenshot of Floormaker's new design

We are delighted to announce that Floormaker's website is now fully responsive after an extensive makeover. We wanted a website that reflected the quality of our products while offering an enjoyable, user-friendly buying experience no matter what device you view the site on. That's why we decided to take the leap into the world of responsive design, and we're so glad we did.

Our new responsive design means that your user experience will not be compromised no matter what platform you use to view our website. Our gorgeous new website is fully responsive and user-friendly for desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices and even tablets!

We've utilised the latest design technology to ensure that our website is of the highest quality, so you will always enjoy your Floormaker shopping experience.

Head back to the homepage now and have a little browse - we look forward to helping you on the journey to your dream home!

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Beautiful Bedroom Designs

Your bedroom is your boudoir. Your own personal haven of comfort and relaxation. It should be one of your favourite rooms in the home, a room where you can truly chill out and feel at peace. That’s why the interior design choices you make within your bedroom are so important. You need to choose furniture, colours, textures and wallpapers which you genuinely love, combining to create your own personal paradise – the perfect room for some privacy. That’s why this week we’re discussing beautiful bedroom designs. This blog includes pictures of three equally stunning yet completely different bedroom designs, why we love each one and some handy design tips we can take from them!

1. Gorgeous and Feminine

Gorgeous and Feminine Bedroom

There are so many things we love about this bedroom design. Firstly – the combination of colours. That duck egg blue is so striking! We also adore the wallpaper, the silver pattern is so unique and draws attention to the focal point of the room which, of course, is the bed. Those light fixtures are gorgeous too! The inspiration we draw from this room is how effective a feature wall can be. Adding a gorgeous printed wallpaper to one wall and opting for a plain paint in the rest of the room, or alternatively painting one wall in a bright and vibrant colour and the rest in a subtle and neutral colour can be one of the most effective design tricks.

2. Mature and Modern

Modern Bedroom Design

This room strikes us as slightly more mature than the previous image, but every bit as beautiful. We love that dusty blue combined with the neutral beige and brown colours we see intricately placed across the room.  Plus, any wooden floor is a winner with us! The beauty is in the detail with this room – those gorgeous plants and patterned cushions work perfectly to tie everything in together. We can learn from this that plain walls can look phenomenal in a bedroom – as long as they’re accompanied by complimenting patterns and pops of colour in the accessories!

3. Stylish and Masculine

Stylish, Masculine Bedroom

This is probably our favourite room of the three. This gorgeous bedroom has a slightly masculine twist but is absolutely perfect! An exposed brick wall is a personal interior design favourite of ours here at Floormaker, and when you combine it with gorgeous rich browns in the wooden floor and accompanying furniture it marries beautifully. We love the subtle contrast of checks and stripes with the rug and duvet set! This room can teach us to use our storage spaces as part of the interior design – choosing colours and textures to complement the look and feel of the room! It also teaches us that bedrooms don’t have to be soft and feminine to be stylish and gorgeous. 

So now you’ve seen our favourite bedroom interior design looks – what are yours? Find us on Twitter and let us know!

Get 10% Off Your New Floor!

Huge Flooring Sale

*Excludes Clearance Corner

We've been keeping this quiet until now, but the more vigilant among you may already have noticed that we're having a sale! Aside from our Clearance Corner range, every single product on the Floormaker website is currently available for 10% less than its usual price – and if you’re flooring an entire room, that 10% can make a BIG difference!

Let’s say, for example, that you want a new laminate floor for your 5m2 living room. You would need 3 packs of this 7mm Oak Laminate Floor...

Oak Laminate Floor

Isn't it lovely?

...and that would normally cost you £63.40, but if you buy during our 10% sale, you’ll pay just £57.06. And if you want to go a bit more upmarket – say you want a lavish solid wood floor – the savings will be even greater:

American Walnut

Pictured: 18mm American Walnut

This American Walnut floor usually costs £33.59 per square metre, but it’s currently reduced to £30.23 per square metre, which means that you can floor a 5m2 room with solid wood flooring for just £174.12! We’ll even deliver it for free!

This 10% offer is available for a limited time only, so don’t miss out – get shopping!

Top Tips for Decorating your Hallway

When planning the interior design of your home you tend to work around the rooms in the house. You need a nice kitchen, a cosy living room, a fresh and clean bathroom and a beautiful bedroom – right? We’re here to make a plight for the often forgotten element of interior design – the hallway. Hallways are often decorated in a plain manner, without any particular attention to detail. We’ve got three little decorating tips that will simply transform your hallways, turning them into beautiful features within the home, rather than blank spaces between gorgeous rooms. We’ve scoured the net (mainly Pinterest – how on earth did we daydream about interior design before?!) for some examples of beautiful hallway design and little tips on how to recreate these looks. Though we’re not too biased…all of these hallways have beautiful flooring and we think that really does make all the difference.

1. Sparkle, Mirrors and a Table

This gorgeous hallway is what dreams are made of, and though we can’t help but think those excessive fairy lights are slightly impractical, they certainly do look beautiful. Which leads us on to our first tip – why not add some fairy lights to pretty up a hallway? If you’ve got a plant pot or a chair then add some pretty sparkly things. Even if you only turn them on when you’ve got guests round (sneaky) – the transformation is undeniable. Tip number 2 from this picture is to add a table and fill it with pretty looking things. Candles, ornaments, flowers, beautiful boxes. Make your hallway interesting. Tip 3 is to add a mirror – mirrors really create a spacious atmosphere. Plus you can buy gorgeous frames to add interest to the walls. Place a mirror behind the table and practically turn your hallway into a stand-out feature of your home. 

2. Block Colours, Lampshades and Wall Panelling 

This beautiful hallway is like a mini room on its own, and quite frankly has us in interior design heaven! There are 3 decorating tips we can take from this beautiful hallway. Number 1 is to paint your hallway in a captivating block colour. This steel-grey is used specifically for the hallway, and gives it a real personality of its own. The second is to add interesting lampshades. All hallways need light, right? So made the lighting of your hallway an independent feature. Choose lampshades which add character and watch your hallway transform. The third tip is look into some wall panelling. This beautiful patterned panelling makes your hallway stand out and adds a splash of grandeur to your home – which everyone loves really, don’t they?

3. A Photo Frame Wall   

This is a modern interior design idea which seems to be getting a lot of love on the internet – and we can see why, it’s cheap, easy and so simple to do! Essentially, get lots of photo frames in different colours and sizes and fill them with whatever you like – newspaper clippings, genuine pictures, bits of wallpaper, or you can even leave them empty! The idea is for the picture frames themselves to create a unique feature. You can buy an assortment of frames from Ikea or your local arts and crafts store and decorate them how you like. The result? A perfectly bespoke, unique and funky hallway that will get everyone talking.



Do you have any more ideas on decorating your hallway? Get in touch with us, we’d love to hear your tips! You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest



Egger Laminate Flooring: Our Picks

Selected Egger floors

Egger is an Austrian company that was founded in 1961. They produce a variety of wood-based interior design products, and their laminate flooring products are particularly beautiful. We stock a selection Egger floors here at Floormaker – here are some of our favourites:


Riffel Oak Flooring

7mm V-Groove Riffel Oak

This floor has a very natural look that’s ideal for a more traditional interior (we love the antlers on the wall in the photo – they go very well with this floor!) If you’re sick of your slick-looking city abode, the Riffel Oak design is a great way to put a little bit of nature in your home!


Milonga Oak Flooring

1 Strip Milonga Oak

This one has a slightly bolder, richer appearance that really helps to warm a room up. Great for bedrooms, living rooms and hallways.


White Riffel Oak Flooring

7mm V-Groove Riffel Oak White

Our last Egger pick is this wonderful white design. If you want your living space to feel cool, crisp, and breezy, this one is ideal for you!

All of these floors are available to purchase from Floormaker's Laminate section, along with many other beautiful Egger laminate flooring products.