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Floors of the Week: Stunning Flooring for Children's Bedrooms


Decorating your child’s bedroom is a mammoth task. Trying to find the perfect combination between fun, youthful and stylish can be difficult. You want a room that is exciting and playful but also complements the rest of your house. We’ve carefully selected these beautiful ‘Floors of the Week’ to set a stunning foundation for the interior design of your child’s bedroom. Some are sophisticated and some are a little more playful, yet the one thing they all have in common is their exquisite quality and low-maintenance nature.


You can use your imagination to create vivid and inspiring interior designs with one of these stunning floors as your foundation.


8mm Wide Plank Cherry Laminate Flooring

8mm Glossy Red Tile Laminate Flooring

8mm Playground

10mm Narrow Board Siberian Ash Wood Imitation Floor

7mm Rustic Oak



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Floors of the Week: Beautiful Bedroom Flooring

Bedroom flooring

Decorating the bedroom is a fine art - you want to make it look attractive, of course, but you also want it to feel comfy and cosy and welcoming. Many people opt to carpet their bedroom floors, but we feel that this approach can lead to very stuffy results; If you want a chic, modern-looking bedroom, we strongly recommend using laminate flooring instead.

For our latest Floors of the Week, we've chosen four of our favourite bedroom floors for you to take a look at. How would you like to wake up to one of these beauties in the morning?

High gloss floor

8mm High Gloss Plateau Merbau

White zebrano floor

8mm Zebrano Fine White Oak

Rustic oak floor

8mm Rustic Oak (Wide Plank)

V-groove floor

7mm V-Groove Riffel Oak

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Floors of the Week: Stunning Laminate Tiles

From left: 8mm Kamala Tile, 8mm Paros Tile, 8mm White Glossy Tile, 8mm Carrara Marmor

Ceramic tiles look lovely in the home, but they can be quite tricky to install, requiring all manner of grout and mortar. You could hire a professional installer, of course, but this will add quite a bit to the overall cost of your renovations.

But there is an alternative! If you want the beauty of ceramic flooring without any of the fiddly stuff, laminate tiles can be a great solution - they're inexpensive, they're attractive, and they're superbly easy to install.

If laminate tiles sound like your sort of thing, we think that you'll find our latest Floors of the Week to be very appealing indeed...


Kamala tiles

8mm Kamala Tile

Paros tiles

8mm Paros Tile


Glossy white tiles

8mm Glossy White Tiles

Carrara Marmor tiles

8mm Carrara Marmor

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Floors of the Week: Spotlight on Laura Ashley

Laura Ashley floors

This week, we’re using our regular Floors of the Week blog to focus on one of our favourite suppliers: Laura Ashley!

As you may already know, Laura Ashley herself was a designer from Merthyr Tydfil, a small town in South Wales. Her penchant for quaint, charming, and quintessentially British styles made her well-known throughout the country, and the company that bears her name is now one of the biggest design brands in the UK.

Now, Laura Ashley’s name is mainly associated with textile designs, but the company also makes a variety of fine floors. Here are four of our favourites:

Mills Oak floor

8mm Mills Oak


Teak flooring

8mm Weathered Teak

Bog Oak floor by Laura Ashley

8mm Bog Oak

Light Grey Pine Floor

8mm Light Grey Pine

See more of these floors on our Floors of the Week board on Pinterest!

Floors of the Week: Office Space

Office flooring

The office is associated with a lot of negative stuff - stress, long hoours, and very often a distinct lack of creativity. In spite of all this, though, the office can still be a vibrant, attractive space, and if you're responsible for decorating the office, it's well worth putting a bit of thought into it. A pleasant workspace can make the work itself a little more pleasant, too!

For our latest Floors of the Week, we decided to choose four of our favourite floors for the office. Each of these floors has a bright and modern vibe that still looks very professional - they'll really help to bring a bit of positive energy to your workplace.

(Work from home? Any of this week's floors would be a great choice for the home office, too!)

White oak office floor

7mm White Oak Laminate Flooring

Oak champagne laminate flooring

8mm V-Groove Oak Champagne

Walnut office flooring

8mm Walnut Laminate Floor

Brushed oak floor

13.5mm Brushed Oak Engineered Wood Flooring

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Floors of the Week: Dark & Delectable

Dark laminate floors

We love light colours here at Floormaker – as we’ve mentioned before, they really can make a room feel much bigger – but today, we’re turning our attention to the other end of the spectrum. This week’s Floors of the Week are dark, and deliciously so; if you want to give your home a rich, elegant vibe, here are four fabulous floors that you simply MUST see!

Classical black tiles

8mm Bottocino Classico

These dark, marbled tiles will really help to bring your whole interior up a notch. Why use a plain old carpet when you could be walking on these beauties?


Harbour oak flooring

12mm Harbour Oak (Dark)

You like the authentic weathered wood look? No problem - this dark Harbour Oak floor is the very epitome of time-worn beauty!


Glossy black tiles

8mm Glossy Black Tile

If you want something a little more glamorous, these are the tiles you need. Several people have said that they wouldn’t look out of place in Victoria Beckham’s living room


Himalaya tiles

8mm Himalaya

Finally, we have the Himalaya tiles, and these ones really are stunning. The design is made up of countless dark, swirling colours, and the floor as a whole will have a huge impact on any area.

See more of these floors on Floormaker's Pinterest page!

Floors of the Week: Budget-Friendly Laminate Flooring

Clearance laminate flooring

From left: 8mm Oak Wideplank, 8mm Grey Oak, 8mm Greenwich, 8mm Rustic Oak, 8mm Portland Oak

How long have you been telling yourself that you can't afford a new floor? How long have you been living with the same grotty old carpet, dreading the expense of a replacement?

It may seem like a big, expensive project, but getting a new floor isn't always as costly as all that. In fact, when you get your new boards from Floormaker, your bank balance will barely even notice!

For this week's Floors of the Week, we've decided to show off some of the most beautiful designs from our Clearance Corner section. Here are five fabulous laminate floors that definitely won't break the bank:

Grey laminate flooring

8mm Grey Oak
Just £7.07 per square metre!


Wideplank flooring

8mm Oak Wideplank
Just £12.41 per square metre!


Greenwich laminate

8mm Greenwich Laminate Flooring
Just £7.07 per square metre!


Portland oak

8mm Portland Oak
Just £7.07 per square metre!


Rustic oak flooring

8mm Rustic Oak (Wide Plank)
Just £12.41 per square metre!

Check out our Clearance Corner page for even more affordable interior beauty!

Floors of the Week: 50 Shades of Grey

Grey flooring

Grey is generally held to be the most boring colour of all. The word 'grey' is synonymous with the dull and the ho-hum, and most budding designers would balk at the proposition of a grey interior.

But grey doesn't have to be boring. In fact, it can be a seriously stunning choice for the modern home! This week's Floors of the Week were chosen to demonstrate the potential of grey flooring - if you thought that grey had no place in your living room, these four floors will give you cause for reconsideration!

Glossy grey tiles

8mm Glossy Grey Tile Flooring

Grey tile flooring

8mm Piasentina Tiles

Grey Laura Ashley floor

Laura Ashley 8mm Light Grey Pine


Pastel grey vinyl floor

Luxury Vinyl Flooring - Pastel Grey

What do you think? Is grey your new fave, or are we talking nonsense? Let us know on Twitter!

Spotlight: 10mm Narrow Board Canyon Cherry Flooring

Canyon Cherry Flooring

You might have noticed this gorgeous design among our Floors of the Week this week - Canyon Cherry Flooring really is quite the showstopper! Narrow board floors are a little unusual compared to the wide floorboards found in country-style interiors, but when your boards have such beautiful depth of colour, the narrow boards will create gorgeous and complex patterns which is what makes this floor so special.

The Canyon Cherry flooring is so stunning that it belongs in a truly beautiful room. We scoured Pinterest to find a room worthy of this gorgeous floor, and we settled on this truly beautiful kitchen for inspiration:

Kitchen floor

As you can see, this beautiful kitchen design allows the floor to do the talking. Our Canyon Cherry design has such warmth and appeal that there's really no need to go over the top when you're accessorising the room.

The kitchen in the photo above has got it spot on, with white cabinets, chrome appliances, and a gorgeous neutral-coloured tile on the wall. Though sparse of colour, this kitchen still feels warm - it's a truly beautiful room!

Use our Canyon Cherry flooring in your kitchen for a comforting, warming atmosphere with a strikingly modern finish. Don't go overboard with bright colours - just let Floormaker's beautiful boards transform your home!

Floors of the Week: Narrow Boards, Broad Appeal

Narrow board floors

As you browse through our Laminate Flooring department, you may notice several products with the 'narrow board' label. While wider floorboards can be great for traditional, country-style interiors, narrow boards will give your floor a very striking appearance that's great for contemporary designs.

With that in mind, here are four of our favourite 'narrow board' floors:


Siberian Ash

10mm Narrow Board Siberian Ash

Chocolate flooring

10mm Narrow Board Chocolate

Cavallo oak floor

10mm Narrow Board Cavallo Oak

Canyon Cherry flooring

10mm Narrow Board Canyon Cherry

What do you think of these four floors? We want your feedback! Follow us on Twitter and let us know how YOU would use them.