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Floors of the Week: Lighten Up!

Light coloured flooring

We love bold, dark colours here at Floormaker, but we also know that things can be made even more beautiful by mixing in some lighter shades. Here are some prime examples from our flooring collection:

13.5mm 1 Strip Engineered Graphite Grey Oak

13.5mm Graphite Grey Oak Flooring

This is a new addition to the Floormaker website, and it's an excellent example of the results that can be achieved by mixing light with dark. The dark lines and details of that oak wood surface are made all the more striking by the chalky, washed-out grey colour of the floorboards themselves.


Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Rustic Oak

Luxury Vinyl Clic: Rustic Oak

This oak-effect floor is taken from Floormaker's Luxury Vinyl department. The warm orangey-brown design is tempered with lighter patches that create a weathered, rustic effect.


Bamboo flooring

15mm Horizontal Bamboo Floor

Bamboo flooring is great for making your home look unique. This natural, environmentally sound product has a stripy sort of pattern that's made exceptionally eye-catching by the wide variety of colours and shades.



White oak flooring

8mm Engelberg Oak

Of course, if you really love the lighter look, you can always plump for a stunning all-white floor like this one!

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Floors of the Week: The Vintage Look

Vintage flooring

Vintage is a hot trend in the interior design world at present. From weathered wooden furniture to traditional floral patterns, if it's from the past then it will probably be extremely popular in the here and now!

For this week's Floors of the Week selection, we at Floormaker thought it might be fun to highlight some of the floors from our catalogue that would best suit a vintage-themed interior. If you're aiming to give your home the vintage look this summer, any of these four floors would make the perfect foundation:

12mm Atlas Oak Anthracite 1.293M2

12mm Atlas Oak Anthracite Laminate Flooring

This beautiful floor has a time-worn appearance that would look perfect alongside all sorts of fabulous vintage furnishings.


8mm Route Des Vins Clair

8mm Route Des Vins Clair

Francophile interior designers will go gaga for these boards, which have a light, charming design and faded French lettering for decoration.


Engineered Pastel Oak Tongue & Groove Flooring

Engineered XXL Oak Pastel

Pastel colours are perfect for vintage spaces, and the extra-wide boards of this floor are ideal for a rustic, country-style atmosphere. And speaking of rustic beauty...


Rustic Pine Effect Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Clic: Rustic Pine

This week's fourth and final floor is taken from our Luxury Vinyl department. The detailed design makes this floor look just as good as real pine, but its outstanding durability and water-resistant properties allow you to get the vintage look in your bathroom or kitchen without fear of causing any damage.

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Floors of the Week: Striking Shades

Colourful flooring

Flooring comes in all kinds of different colours, from bold black to pristine white and everything in between. As is always the case with interior design, different shades have strikingly different effects on a room; for example, a dark-coloured wood floor might help to make a space look elegant and refined, while a lighter colour will generally take things in a breezier direction, making a room feel more spacious and open.

There are loads of different shades to choose from when you purchase a floor from the Floormaker website, and so this week's Floors of the Week blog will look at a few of the available options and the effects they'll have on your living space.

Limed oak vinyl flooring

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring: Limed Oak

We'll start with something relatively light - this oak-effect vinyl flooring has a rustic appearance that's ideal for creating a cosy yet airy atmosphere in the home.


3 Strip Engineered Ash Flooring

Engineered 3S Ash Cognac

This floor has a bright colour that's every bit as rich as its alcoholic namesake. The real-wood veneer is ideal for luxurious rooms with opulent furnishings and traditional designs.


18mm Solid Dark Oak Flooring

18mm Solid 1 Strip Dark Oak Flooring (83mm Wide, Random Length)

The darkest of this week's floors has a very professional elegance that makes it perfect for executive offices and posh homes. The Dark Oak flooring is equally suitable for modern and traditional styles, which means that what you put on top of it is entirely up to you!


White zebrano flooring

8mm Zebrano Fine White Oak

Finally, we have this beautiful white version of our ever-popular Plum Astoria Zebrano flooring. It's great for contemporary spaces, and its crisp, light colour really helps a space to feel cool and airy.

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Floors of the Week: 4 Current Favourites

Favourite floors

There are hundreds of different products on the Floormaker website, which means that picking a favourite is tremendously difficult. Everyone we ask has a different preference, and even our own choices change on an hourly basis!

That being said, we have managed to pick a few truly outstanding products for this week's Floors of the Week blog. At time of writing, these four floors are our absolute favourites from the entire Floormaker catalogue - of course, if you ask us again tomorrow, our selection will probably be entirely different!

18mm Solid Oiled Onyx Black Oak Flooring

18mm Solid Oiled Onyx Black Oak
Type: Solid Wood

You've probably seen a lot of wooden floors before, but how many of them boasted this beautiful black colour?


Brushed & Oiled Rustic Oak Flooring

Brushed & Oiled Rustic Oak
Type: Engineered

Of course, if you want something a little more traditional from your wood flooring, we've still got plenty to offer you!


Carrara Marmor tiles

8mm Carrara Marmor Tiles
Type: Laminate

These stunning tiles allow you to achieve that classical marble effect on a shoestring budget.


Luxury Black Slate Effect Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Clic: Black Slate Tile
Type: Luxury Vinyl

They look just like genuine slate, but these terrific tiles are actually a luxurious vinyl product!

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Floors of the Week: Freshen Up Your Living Space

Oak flooring and black tiles

Tired of the way your home looks? Want to refresh, revamp, and revitalise your living sapce?

When it comes to interior design, one simple change can have a colossal impact. Swapping out your old floor for something fresh can really turn a room around - there'll be no need to repaint the walls, buy new furniture, or call in the builders, because your stunning new surface really will make all the difference on its own.

If you're thinking of giving your home a stylish new floor, here to get you started are three suggestions from the Floormaker website:

Limed oak flooring

14mm Engineered Limed Oak (130mm Wide)

Taken from our Engineered Wood collection, this attractive oak floor has a bright and breezy appearance that will really help your home to breathe.


Black laminate tiles

8mm Senia Laminate Tiles

Bold black tiles like these are ideal for reinvigorating a kitchen or hallway.


Solid oak flooring

18mm Lacquered Oak Flooring (150mm Wide)

Solid oak flooring may be a very traditional choice, but it has a natural, organic feel that's great for making a room feel fresher and less stifling.

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Floors of the Week: Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring

We recently added a Parquet section to the Floormaker website, which means that customers looking to add parquet wood flooring to their homes can now see all the best options on one handy page.

If you're unfamiliar with parquet flooring (composed of small wooden blocks, which can be arranged into a variety of decorative patterns), you may be wondering why it's such a popular, sought-after option. Well, like any wooden floor, parquet flooring is robust, luxurious, and easy-to-clean; on top of all this, however, parquet also allows the owner to create something a little more unique than the average floor covering. You can use your parquet flooring to form an eye-catching herringbone pattern, a wooden mosaic, or another pattern of your own devising. The choice is yours!

Here are four of the best parquet floors from Floormaker's collection:

Cherry parquet flooring

Parador Cherry Parquet Flooring

Black parquet flooring

Parador Black Oak Parquet Flooring

Limed oak parquet

10.5mm Limed Oak Parquet Flooring

Oak wood parquet floor

10.5mm Oak Wood Parquet Flooring

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Floors of the Week: Luxurious Wood-Effect Vinyl

Wood-effect vinyl flooring

We're very proud of our Luxury Vinyl section here at Floormaker, and for our latest Floors of the Week blog post, we though we'd show you some of the best wood-effect designs from this spectacular flooring collection. If you want the wood look in your kitchen, bathroom, office, or pretty much anywhere else, here are six ways to get it:

Rustic oak vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring: Rustic Oak

As the name suggests, this design is ideal for lovers of the rustic, country-style look.


Luxury brown vinyl floor

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring: Brown

Dark, elegant, and authentic-looking, this luxury vinyl floor is perfect for all kinds of different environments.


Limed oak vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring: Limed Oak

This design is a slightly lighter option that's well-suited to more modern interiors.


Grey oak flooring

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring: Grey Oak

Want a weathered-looking wood effect floor? This Grey Oak design is the one for you!


Wood effect vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring: Beige

Another light-coloured design that's ideal for brightening up the home or the workplace.


Pine effect flooring

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring: Rustic Pine

Finally, we have this spectacular pine-effect floor - the detailed, organic-looking surface is stunning!

Want to see more? Visit Floormaker's Luxury Vinyl Tile section to see our full range.

Floors of the Week: Traditional & Modern Laminates

Laminate floors

Laminate flooring is a tremendously contemporary flooring product; with a colossal variety of styles and designs to choose from, one can now find a laminate to fit even the most modern and cutting-edge of interior designs.

That said, laminate flooring is also excellent at emulating traditional wood coverings. In this week's Floors of the Week blog, we're going to take a look at a few examples from both sides of the traditional/modern divide - Floormaker's Laminate Flooring department has plenty of both!

Cavallo oak flooring

10mm Narrow Board Cavallo Oak

We'll start with our terrificaly bright Cavallo Oak design, which suits this modern dining space perfectly!


Grey brown oxford oak

11mm Anti-Slip Grey/Brown Oxford Oak Flooring

From the slightly more old-fashioned end of the spectrum comes this Grey/Brown Oxford Oak flooring. The beautiful, weathered-looking design will add depth and authenticity to any space.


White oak laminate

11mm Riffel White Oak Laminate Flooring (Anti-Slip)

This light-coloured product also has a slightly weathered design, but it also also has a crisp breeziness that we think would be ideal for contemporary interiors.


Oxford oak flooring

11mm Anti-Slip Oxford Oak Flooring

A lighter alternative to the Oxford Oak flooring that you've already seen, this product has a wonderfully detailed surface that makes it look almost exactly like a traditional solid oak floor.


Belfort oak laminate

11mm Belfort Oak Anti-Slip Laminate Flooring

Here's a smooth-looking wood effect floor that we think would work equally well in modern and traditional designs. What do you think?


Parisienne oak flooring

10mm Parisienne Oak Flooring

We'll end with the darkest of this week's selection. If you're trying to give your home a dark, dusky elegance, this sumptuous oak-effect floor is just what the doctor ordered!

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Floors of the Week: May Offers

Floormaker products

May has arrived! One bank holiday weekend has come and gone, the next one is just a few weeks away, and we're in a rather good mood here at Floormaker HQ, so - for a limited time only - we've taken 10% off all of our prices!

If you're keen to redecorate your home in time for summer, here are just a few of the great flooring bargains that are currently available from our website:

Bamboo flooring

14mm Dark Strand Woven Bamboo
£25.79 per m2 £23.21 per m2

This bamboo floor has an all-natural beauty that suits all kinds of different interiors.


Atlas Oak floor

12mm Atlas Oak Anthracite
£16.91 per m2 £15.22 per m2

Oak-effect laminate floors don't come much more stunning than this amazing Atlas Oak number. Its weathered design is just as beautiful as the real thing!


Charcoal carpet tiles

Charcoal Carpet Tiles
£8.99 per m2 £8.09 per m2

Looking to re-carpet your home? No problem - we've taken 10% off the price of these stylish grey carpet tiles!


Caramel oak flooring

Engineered XXL Caramel Oak
£72.85 per m2 £65.56 per m2

Last but not least is our Caramel Oak flooring, which is every bit as delicious as its name would suggest! We love this product's warm tones and genuine oak surface.

These are just a few of the bargains currently available from Floormaker. Click here to return to our homepage and see the full range.

Floors of the Week: Hooray for Herringbone!

Herringbone flooring

Do you want a floor that's slightly more eye-catching than all the rest? In that case, herringbone parquet flooring may well be the perfect choice for your home. Arranging your floorboards into this classic zig-zag pattern is an easy way to add charm and elegance to the interior in question; herringbone homes are perfect for putting that finishing touch on traditional, country-style design, although - as you'll soon see - the pattern can look equally at home in more modern spaces.

Without further ado, then, here are our latest Floors of the Week: four stunning herringbone products from Floormaker's Engineered Flooring department!

Limed oak floor

10.5mm Engineered Limed Oak Herringbone Parquet

Black herringbone flooring

Black Oak Herringbone Parquet Flooring

Oak herringbone floor

10.5mm Oak Wood Herringbone Floor

Cherry herringbone parquet

Cherry Herringbone Parquet Flooring

As mentioned above, all of these floors can be found in Floormaker's Engineered section, along with many other sturdy and stylish wood flooring products!