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Green carpeting

Benefits & Disadvantages of Carpeting

Carpeting is one of the most popular flooring products of all, but would you be better off with sumptuous solid wood or a robust laminate floor? Let’s weight up the pros and cons of carpeting...

Pro: Warm underfoot
As much as we like laminate flooring, it can be a little cold when you hop out of bed on a cold winter morning. Carpet tiles, on the other hand, are always nice and toasty!

Con: Stuffiness
Going for a cool, contemporary look in your home? In that case, carpet probably isn’t the right choice. It’s great for a cosy, intimate interior, but if used wrongly, it can make the room feel stuffy and unpleasant.

Pro: Easy to Lay
Unlike wood flooring, you don’t need a saw to lay a carpet. Simply glue the carpet tiles down and, if one is too big, use a knife or a pair of scissors to cut it to size

Con: Allergies
If you suffer from allergies then you’d do well to go for a wooden floor instead of a carpet. Even low-pile carpeting can be a haven for dust mites and other nasties that will set off your allergies.

Pro: Noise Reduction
One of the biggest problems with laminate flooring is the amount of noise it makes when installed upstairs. Carpet tiles are far better at absorbing noise, which is good news for the people on the floor below you.

Con: Difficult to Clean
If you spill something on a laminate floor, you can usually just wipe it right off again. If you spill something on a carpet...you may never get it out!

Carpets certainly have their place, but a lot of the time, laminate flooring is a far better choice. Still, whichever route you decided to take, Floormaker are here to help your decorating dreams come true!