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Oak flooring

Oak Flooring Finishes

There is a lot of jargon associated with flooring, especially wood flooring. Between all the different species and designs and measurements, there’s plenty of room for confusion, and if you’ve never installed a floor before, you may start feeling like you’re lost in the woods.

In this DIY SOS post, we’re going to help you out a little bit. As you’re browsing through our Oak Flooring collection, you’ll see a lot of words like ‘brushed’ and ‘oiled’; these refer to different finishes, and we’re going to attempt to explain what each and every one of those terms really means.

Brushed – The brushed finish is achieved by pulling a brush across the surface of the wood while it is still soft, resulting in an attractive, textured appearance. Example: Brushed Light Oak

Engineered – This actually doesn’t refer to a finish at all, but to the anatomy of the floor itself. Engineered wood flooring is made by bonding several layers of wood together and topping this construction with a layer of real oak. This results in a very hard-wearing floor with that authentic real wood look. Example: Engineered Jacobean Oak

Handscraped – This means that the soft surface of the oak has been scraped away to achieve an unrefined, slightly worn look. Example: Parador Handscraped Oak Flooring

Lacquered – Lacquer is a varnish, and lacquered oak floors are made to stand the test of time and cope with a relatively high level of domestic foot traffic. Example: 18mm 150mm Wide Lacquered Oak

Oiled – Oiling an oak floor will give the wood a protective coating to help guard against wear and tear. An oiled finish can also bring out the natural beauty of oak flooring, making the grains and imperfections more visible in a very attractive way. Example: Brushed & Oiled Elephant Skin Oak

Unfinished – As you’d probably guess, an ‘unfinished’ oak floor is one to which no finish has yet been applied. This allows you to customise the floor with your own finish; we recommend American Wood Oil, which can be mixed with a variety of different pigments to create a truly unique colour. Example: 18mm 180mm Wide Unfinished Oak

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