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Cork flooring and 5 reasons to love it

Cork flooring may not be as ubiquitous as laminate flooring or as elegant as solid wood, but it’s still an extremely popular choice among homeowners. It’s most commonly found in the bathroom, but we’ve also seen it used in kitchen, hallways, and other areas, always to winning effect.

cork flooring

If you’re new to the concept of a cork floor, allow us to enlighten you. Cork flooring is a great option for your home, and here are five reasons why:

    Cork flooring seems to get more and more popular as time goes by, and this may be due to our growing awareness of the state of our planet. Many people now opt for cork simply because it’s a sustainable material; flooring manufacturers only need the bark of a cork tree to create their products, and extracting the bark doesn’t kill the tree. In fact, the bark grows back in less than a decade, making cork flooring a far greener option than standard wood. 
  1. It's absorbent and hard-wearing.

    Water resistance is the ace up cork’s sleeve. That’s why you see it in so many bathrooms – it’s far better suited to high-moisture environments than wood and carpeting. It’s also very durable; you have to take quite a lot of care with, say, solid wood flooring, but cork flooring isn’t nearly as high-maintenance.

  2. It's a natural insulator.

    Have your ever stepped out of the shower and flinched as your bare feet touch the cold bathroom tiles? Cork makes that problem a thing of the past. The very nature of cork ensures that it’s extremely insulative, meaning a warmer room and perhaps even a slightly cheaper energy bill.

  3. It's nice and quiet.

     Another point related to cork’s insulative properties. Flooring your room with cork tiles will cut down on noise pollution throughout the house – cork isn’t as noisy underfoot as wood. This is particularly useful if the cork-floored room is upstairs.

  4. It's soft underfoot.

    Everyone can enjoy the soft, tactile surface of a cork floor. It feels lovely and cushion-y underfoot, and while this doesn’t really serve any practical purpose, it’s a lovely little bonus and a great point on which to end our list.

If you’re sold on cork flooring, click here to find out how much it will cost to floor your room.  At just £11.99 per square metre, you may well be surprised!