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Wood Flooring Installation

Solid wood flooring has a reputation for being somewhat difficult to install, but the reality isn't nearly as scary as hearsay would have you believe. If you've decided to tackle your DIY-phobia head-on and try your hand at wood flooring installation, good for you! Here are a few top tips to bear in mind before you get started:
  • Let the floorboards acclimatise for at least 72 hours before you install them. This is essential even for laminate flooring, but it's doubly important when you're dealing with solid wood. Wood flooring is alive, and it will continue to contract and expand even after it's been nailed down.

  • Check your boards and discard any that appear to be warped or damaged. We do our best here at Floormaker, and 99.9% of our products are of the absolute highest quality, but occasionally a bad bit of wood will slip through our net and you don't want that wood to be part of your floor.

  • Make sure your subfloor is prepared. Concrete subfloors should have moisture levels of less than or equal to 4%, and wooden underfloors should have no protruding nails or screw heads.

  • Remember the underlay! Damp proof membrane (DPM) is essential here - you don't want your floor to be ruined by damp and moisture!

  • Have a practice first, laying the boards out without fixing them down. Double check that you've got enough flooring to cover the room, and make sure you're not going to have narrow, unsightly gaps at the edge of the room - if this should happen, simply cut a small piece from the first board you laid. This will give you enough room at the other end!

  • Think carefully about how you're fixing your floor down. We recommend nailing it down, although this is not possible if you're installing on concrete, in which case glues and adhesives will do.
This isn't an exhaustive guide - if you're still not sure about how to install wood flooring, it might be best to get in touch with our flooring experts on 02920 344358 and ask them for further advice. Still, if you're fairly confident, why not give it a go? Follow our tips, and you shouldn't go far wrong.