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Top Most Frequently Asked Plank Flooring Questions

What is laminate flooring?
Laminate flooring looks just like solid wood flooring, except it isn’t! Laminate flooring is a wood image that gets bonded to fibreboard. Fibreboard is extremely durable as it’s high-density. This means the surface of Laminate flooring is hard-wearing and can last for years when treated properly. Laminate floors are scratch and stain resistant; but that doesn’t mean they’re scratch proof. So take of care of your Laminate and you won’t have any trouble!
What’s the best way to look after my Laminate Flooring?
Laminate flooring is very durable however this doesn’t mean it’s indestructible and does need a bit of tender loving care. If a spillage occurs simply get some warm, soapy water and mop up the spill as quickly as possible to avoid stains. Be careful what cleaning aids you use on your laminate floor. Floormaker provide a Laminate Cleaning Fluid to keep your laminate in tip top condition. However it’s always best to try any cleaning aids on a spare piece of laminate flooring (if you have one) or on a small corner in the room.

Another way to prevent stains from occurring on your laminate floor is to ensure you have door mats in all entrances/exits to your home. A door mat will pick up excess dirt and moisture, removing it before you walk onto your laminate flooring.

To stop scratches occurring on your laminate floor, furniture felt pads are ideal for going under chairs, TV sets and tables – anything you think may cause scratching.
What is Engineered Flooring?
Engineered Flooring has all the looks of solid wood flooring only it’s much stronger. Engineered floors are made up of a series of wood layers. The top layer of wood (often oak or birch) is a thin layer of real solid wood flooring which is then bonded to a number of layers of other wood materials underneath and finished with a durable seal. This means you get the attractiveness of solid wood flooring but with much more durability and stability. Engineered flooring is often the ideal flooring solution for those who want both strength and beauty.
What is a ‘floating floor’?
A floating floor is a system where floor planks are laid over a layer of underlay. The planks are connected to each other via the tongue and groove and not stuck down to the subfloor. This allows the finished floor to ‘float’ over the underlay.
Why do I need to use underlay?
Underlay is essential if you want your flooring to look and stay looking good for longer. The primary function of an underlay is to even out the sub floor, ensuring your sub floor is level before you begin laying your floor on top of it. Underlay also acts a noise reducer and some underlay products even come with an integrated vapour barrier which also keeps moisture away from your flooring.

There are many different kinds of underlay and it’s imperative that you use the right underlay to compliment both your new flooring AND sub floor. To find out which underlay is best for you just see Floormaker’s Underlay Essentials Guide. And if you’re still unsure you can always call us on 02920 344 358.
Can I use the existing carpet underlay with plank flooring?
We do not advise the use of carpet underlay as this is not suitable for plank flooring. It does not support the planks and would cause the boards to move, resulting in gaps in the floor.
Which direction should I lay my plank flooring?
When it comes to laying your flooring ensure that you have read all the instructions. You should then lay your flooring in the direction of the main light source. This could mean towards the window or patio door.
Can I lay laminate flooring in any room of the house?
The fantastic thing about Laminate flooring is that it’s suitable for any room in the home. However Floormaker advise to steer away from rooms with high humidity i.e. bathrooms. The moisture in bathrooms can often be too much for the laminate and it begins to buckle. However for these special areas Floormaker have laminate flooring that has been manufactured and guaranteed especially for bathrooms. Our 12mm Commercial laminate floors are ideal for bathrooms and kitchens and come in an array of styles and colours so you can find the perfect floor for you.
Where should I leave my flooring planks to acclimatise prior to laying?
The unopened packs of flooring should be laid flat in the room you’re planning on laying them in for a minimum of 72 hours prior to laying. This will allow the flooring planks to acclimatise to humidity levels and the temperature of the room where the floor will be laid.
Can I find more information on laying my flooring?
Each type of flooring has different information on how to lay it. But Floormaker can reassure you that all of our flooring products, be it Laminate, Engineered or Solid Wood Flooring come with instructions on how to lay that particular floor. Floormaker also provide a How to Lay a Laminate Flooring guide on our website. Floormaker are always available and happy to help our customers; just call us on 02920 344 358 or email sales@floormaker.co.uk.