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Thinking of using black laminate flooring for your next big interior design project? Every colour has different associations when used in home decor, and more often than not, the colour people associate with the word 'sophistication' is black - perhaps that's what makes Floormaker's black laminate flooring range so popular!

Available in a wide range of different styles and textures, our black laminate flooring will allow you to achieve the exact look you want in your space. Black flooring is ideal for most rooms, especially if you're looking to pair it with bold-coloured furnishings; its dark nature means that it does not detract from the details you've worked so hard to put together, instead making them more prominent instead 'pop' and look all the more prominent. Of course, laminates come with lots of benefits too - a black laminate floor is not only stylish but also resilient, hard-wearing, easy to install, and excellent value for money.

To provide you with some inspiration, here's a look at some of our best black laminate flooring products:

Kronotex White and Black Laminate Flooring

Kronotex 8mm White & Black Laminate

Beautiful and unique, this white & black laminate flooring from Kronotex is sure to make a subtle statement in any room. The black boards are swirled with white detail, giving this sturdy laminate an attractive and authentic wooden effect. One of our most popular products, this design is perfect if you want your black floor to stand out rather than serve as a simple base colour for the rest of the room.
Slate Night Black Laminate Flooring

Faus 8mm Night Black Slate Laminate Flooring

Also distinctly stunning, this black laminate floor provides a slate tile effect that will look breathtaking in any room. With a depth of colour in each laminate tile, you're sure to find yourself lost in this design whereever you place it. Deliciously detailed, yet subtle enough to allow your furniture to stand out, this black laminate flooring is a mixture of everything that makes a floor perfect.
High Gloss Black Laminate Flooring

Westco 8mm Black High Gloss Tile Effect Laminate 

Glossy and sophisticated, this high gloss tile effect laminate is everything you could as for when seeking something sleek and stylish. This floor will surely emphasise all the details of your room and perfectly complement whatever other colours you have in there. Although it is dark, this floor's reflective quality will also flood your room with light, making it feel more open and airy.
Cumbrian Maple Black Laminate Flooring

Kronotex 10mm Bliss Art Cumbrian Maple Laminate

If you're looking to really make a statement, this Kronotex Bliss Art Cumbrian Maple laminate flooring will ensure that no one can take their eyes away from your floor. The black wood-effect planks are separated by strips of aluminium, creating a totally unique effect.

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There's a lot to consider when selecting a floor for a commercial environment. The heavy footfall means that strength and durability are crucial qualities for any office flooring product - if your floor isn't built to last, the constant impact of people's feet will significantly reduce its usable lifespan.

If you're looking for resilient yet attractive office flooring, we at Floormaker have our specially-chosen selection of commercial flooring products available to suit virtually any working environment.

Here's a look at some of the highlights of our commercial collection:

Longboard Rock Laminate Office Flooring

Swisskrono 14mm Longboard Rock Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a very good choice of flooring for an office environment. It's durable, inexpensive, and visually appealing - in other words, all the things you'd want from an office floor. This bright and beautiful Swisskrono 14mm Longboard Rock Laminate flooring is perfect for brightening up any commercial environment. The detailed design and high quality of this floor mean that it looks just like hardwood but has all the practicality of a laminate. Made by Swisskrono, this office flooring is also incredibly resilient, coping well with heavy footfall in addition to being exceptionally resistant to moisture. Another advantage of the Longboard Rock floor is that it is far more eco-friendly than a solid wood product - the 100% natural flooring is made from wood sourced in sustainable Swiss forests. 

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 Office Carpet Tiles

Green Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are another good option for the office - our sturdy polypropylene carpet tiles are a lot sturdier than most roll carpets, providing a harder-wearing surface with a longer lifespan. They're much easier to install and clean than deeper-pile carpets, too!

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Wood Effect Vinyl Office Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Beige

If you're not keen on carpet tiles and a little ambivalent towards laminates, perhaps our luxury vinyl flooring range holds a better solution for your office overhaul? These high-quality vinyl products are designed to look just like genuine wood flooring, and with a range of attractive styles to choose from, you're sure to find one that's right for your workplace!

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Kronotex laminate flooring is one of the most popular brands in our laminate range, and so we've decided to showcase some of our favourite Kronotex laminates here on the blog. So pour yourself a nice cup of tea, pull up a chair, and let us lead you through some of the beautiful designs to be found in our collection of Kronotex laminate flooring:
Kronotex White Rip Oak Laminate Flooring

Kronotex 12mm White Rip Oak Laminate Flooring

This gorgeous white Rip Oak floor is one of our best-selling Kronotex products. With its superior thickness and high density, it's not hard to see why so many Floormaker customers choose this stunning flooring for their homes! Durable yet still wonderfully attractive in any room, the Rip Oak floor has everything you could ask for in a laminate.
Cork Wall Tiles
It's easy to assume that cork is only good for sealing up wine bottles, but surprising as it may seem, cork wall tiles are a great interior design product, capable of matching the beauty of wood or stone panelling at a lower price.


Spring Flooring Sale Now On
Spring is well and truly in the air, and what better to time to give your home a fresh new look? We're not just talking about spring cleaning or having a big clear-out for the charity shops - we're talking about totally reinventing your interior design scheme, starting (of course) with a brand new floor!


You may have considered using tile effect laminate flooring in your home, but are you aware of all the unique and unusual design options this category has to offer? We have a wide range of tile-style laminate flooring in stock here at Floormaker, including a variety of breathtaking looks that will make a statement in any room. 
Laminate flooring is a great choice for kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms due to its robust nature and its ability to cope with heavy footfall. Tile effect laminate flooring also has the wonderful quality of being able to look like another material (such as stone or ceramic) without the hefty price tag and fiddly installation process.
Here are some of our most unique tile effect laminate flooring products:
Mosaic tile effect laminate flooring
This statement mosaic-look laminate floor is completely eye-catching in any room. The mosaic style dates all the way back to the 3rd millennium B.C. and has been a popular choice of interior decoration ever since. Though it has its roots in ancient history, the multicoloured mosaic design of this tile effect laminate floor is ideal for luxurious, modern-looking spaces.


The oft-neglected hallway is a tricky part of the home to perfect. The hallway is usually narrower, less spacious, and less well-lit than any of the rooms to which it leads, and this puts a lot of limitations on what an interior design enthusiast can achieve there. Moreover, footfall tends to be higher in the hallway than in any other part of the home, which means that a well-designed hallway has to be functional and hard-wearing as well as visually attractive.
Castle Oak Hallway Flooring
Here at Floormaker, we believe that every great design starts with a great floor, and if you're thinking of revamping your hallway then you'll want to prioritise picking out a suitable hallway flooring product before going any further. Fortunately, you've got a team of flooring experts here who are more than happy to help you select the right design - here are a few fabulous hallway flooring ideas to get the juices of inspiration flowing!


Grey Oak Laminate Flooring
As we are now embarking on the countdown to summer, this is the perfect time of year to freshen your home up with some new interior design touches.
To that end, we'd like to introduce you to our featured product for this week: Westco 8mm Barn Oak Laminate Flooring! With its perfect mixture of light and dark shades, this grey oak laminate flooring design is an ideal way to brighten up your room in the summer and enhance its cosiness during the winter months.


Recently, we wrote about how you can decorate your home based the Danish concept of 'hygge'. Hygge is an indescribable feeling of cosiness that can be invoked by the presence of warm and natural interior design. It's also Denmark's self-proclaimed key to happiness. Now, Scandinavia has gifted us with a new word to live (and decorate) by: lagom
You may be wondering if the Swedish concept of 'lagom' is similar to Denmark's idea of hygge. Where hygge is all about adding cosy additions to your life (such as natural decor, knitted clothing and Danish pastries), lagom's core belief is about everything being 'not too little, not too much - just right'.
Lagom is about making your life easier, happier, and more balanced. You can do this by living sustainably, saving energy and reducing your carbon footprint, but also allowing yourself a bit of luxury now and again. We don't know about you, but this is something we can certainly get behind!
We've therefore decided to put together a bit of floor and wall inspiration to help you get the lagom look and achieve your perfect Scandinavian interior design scheme.
Here's just a few our of lagom-inspired products: 

limed oak engineered flooring

Limed Oak Wide Engineered Flooring

Engineered flooring is the perfect way to make your life just that little bit easier. With all the stunning qualities of wood and an easy installation system, this beautiful limed oak engineered flooring is the perfect foundation for a lagom paradise.This flooring uses a 'glueless loc' system, meaning you can install it in your home by simply clicking the floor boards together. Easy, right? 


High gloss laminate flooring is a popular choice amongst homeowners due to its unique look, its longevity, and its low price. Its highly reflective appearance means that high gloss laminate flooring is an attractive option for all kinds of different spaces - it is difficult to think of another material that produces quite the same effect, and so it's probably safe to assume that high gloss laminate flooring will remain very popular for many years to come.
Here at Floormaker, we stock a wide range of high gloss laminate floors in a range of styles and designs. If you think high gloss laminate flooring might be the perfect solution for your latest project, this list should provide you with some home decor inspiration!
White Tile Effect High Gloss Laminate Flooring

Westco 8mm White Tile High Gloss Laminate Flooring

Glamorous and bright, this white tile high gloss laminate flooring is sure to freshen up any room. Its high-shine quality will make any room glow. The best part about the flooring we stock here at Floormaker is its hard-wearing durability, and this high gloss laminate flooring is guaranteed to keep your room looking lovely for many years with barely any maintenance.