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Dark, Oak, Slate and Gloss Laminate are all flooring styles that look great in your kitchen, bathroom or even living room but why not go further? Why not have Oak with a twist or Laminate with a pattern? Say goodbye to mundane and toneless flooring and hello to stunning, bold, and eccentric flooring.

At Floormaker’s we stock a range of uniquely designed flooring that instantly adds quirky/vintage vibes throughout your home. No matter your style, our wide range of exclusive distinctive flooring will surely fit your taste and decorative style.

Here are a few distinctive designs that are timeless and suitable for a range of rooms and décor;

Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Black Slate Tile Distinctive Flooring

Black Slate Tile 


Vinyl flooring is currently on trend and why you may ask? Not only does vinyl look good, it’s easy to assemble and gives the home style without being too pricey.

Our vintage wash vinyl flooring is extremely distinctive as its wood and tile effect design create an array of different patterns and looks. This flooring adds class to modern and traditional décor and its extensive colour range makes this one very versatile – take a look at our wide colour range of luxurious vinyl flooring here. If you like the sound of this flooring, then you’re about to fall in love; if you’re looking to save costs, this flooring option is perfect – vinyl is on the cheaper laminate spectrum but still keeps your room aesthetic looking spick-and-span so, what’s not to love about this one?


Laminate Flooring


Parquet Laminate Flooring


Parquet Distinctive Flooring

Parquet Laminate Flooring

With this funky pattern you’re sure to turn heads! Parquet Laminate is cool and light, its intricate design opens up any space it is used in and looks ideal in bedroom areas. Our Parquet Laminate Flooring’s wood effect is visually appealing and adds classic tones to rooms that can lean towards more neutral décor. What’s great about the Parquet design is that although it looks extremely intricate, it’s extremely easy to assemble. And, it doesn’t stop there… this floor can also be installed as a floating floor without the need to stick panels down, perfect, give me ten packs! 


Tile Laminate

 Traditional Tile Laminate

Traditional Tile Laminate


Floormaker’s various range of floor tiles both in light and dark laminate are sure to make you want them in every room of your home! Take for example, Floormaker’s Traditional Tile Laminate; simply stunning. It’s classic yet modern floral design looks perfect in kitchens or bathrooms that need that extra bit of glam, just imagine these tiles with a neutral colour scheme and a single pop of colour – just wow! Alongside being simply gorgeous, we can assure you Floormaker’s tile laminates are extremely practical. Our laminate is ideal for spaces that tend to get a little messier such as, kitchens or bathrooms.

Palazzo Tile Effect Flooring


Palazzo Distinctive Flooring Effect

Palazzo Tile Effect Laminate Flooring


Saving the best distinctive flooring till last. Our darker coloured monochrome laminate is perfect for bright décor that is seeking some depth. Floormaker’s Palazzo Laminate is an eye-catcher and is completely grand. This flooring stands out and adds immediate character. Place this darker laminate in the hallway of your home and transform it into a palace, you’ll have your guests leaving in awe. Alternatively, why not place this in your living, kitchen or even out-house space for that extra detail. You can buy the Palazzo Tile Effect here at Floormaker’s and instantly transform your home.

Which Distinctive Flooring will you go for?

We understand there is an array of flooring styles and choosing the right one can be daunting – there are so many different colours and styles. However, Floormaker’s has the flooring that dares to be different and who doesn’t love flooring that stands out and gives that wow factor to your home? If you fancy a change, why not take look at our complete range of distinctive flooring, and order a FREE sample, today!

Nothing completes a room like a beautifully luxurious sheepskin rug – from the living room, to the bedroom – having a stylish fur rug is a staple of every beautifully decorated home. Luckily, Floormakers has an incredible selection of luxury sheepskin rugs for sale.

It was a tough, tough choice –  but we’ve managed to select our top 5 favourite luxury sheepskin rugs – we’ve also included some expert décor tips on how to style them in your home. So, without further ado, here they are:   

(Westco Wolf Tip Sheepskin Rug)

This stunning wolf tip sheepskin rug has an expensive, luxurious look and is an absolute steal at £148! We love the unique shape, plus, the brown wolf tip adds a beautiful, authentic look. This rug is sure to add a lavish, individual style to your bedroom.

(Westco Double Taupe Sheepskin Rug)

 This double taupe sheepskin rug is stylish and comfortable – it’s perfect for making a statement in the living room. The Luxurious warm shade of sheepskin will add depth and comfort to any lounge. The use doesn’t end there though, the shape of this high-quality sheepskin rug also makes it perfect for hallways. Starting at just £75, what are you waiting for?

(Westco Quarto Blue Fox Sheepskin Rug)

In a beautiful blue fox shade, this quarto sheepskin rug will add a touch of classy glamour wherever you put it in your home! Personally, we think this high-quality wool rug looks wonderful next to the fireplace or under a coffee table. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy this rare shade of blue-grey!

(Westco Sexto Extra Large White Sheepskin Rug)

Our next pick of is this elegant white sheepskin rug, guaranteed to add a touch of glamour to any room. In an extra-large size, this luxe sheepskin rug will be complementary to the bigger rooms in your house. Not to mention, the high-quality sheepskin makes this rug so soft you may just want to sleep on it!  

(Westco Quarto Large Red Sheepskin Rug)

Sheepskin rugs may be a classic – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be unique, too! We adore this large luxury sheepskin rug in a bold red shade. This stylish rug will really make a room pop and can brighten up any hallway or lounge. The luxurious look and authentic edge finish mean this individual rug is sure to receive compliments.

Floormakers’ incredible range of luxury sheepskin rugs doesn’t end here – there are many, many more to pick from! In a variety of shapes, sizes, and shades, each sheepskin rug is as gorgeous as the last. Channel your inner interior decorator and browse our range to find a rug to suit your home!


With an array of laminate flooring on the market, it can be tricky to pick one that is suitable for you. At Floormaker’s, we make it extremely easy for you to choose which flooring is best; whether that be home or commercial flooring. We stock various quality laminates, ranging from value to superior, and can all be styled to suit your desired aesthetic in any room. If you’re stuck for choice then we recommend dark laminate flooring as this product can create an array of looks that will instantly change your room design and décor – it’s also a very versatile flooring option and can be cleaned extremely easily. Dark laminate really is a head-turner as its rich designs give off warmth and sophistication. This colour laminate also reflects its distinct quality as it comes in various textures and finishes. Here are a few different designs of dark laminate that would look great in your home/work-place:

Black Slate Laminate Flooring 


Black Slate Dark Laminate Flooring

Black Slate Laminate 

Starting at the higher-end of dark laminate flooring, take for example the luxurious Faus 8mm Night Black Slate. Although it leans towards the more expensive side to laminate, you definitely get what you pay for and with its easy application, this is a must have! The design of this laminate shows-off a variety of shapes in its décor, adding quirky and bold vibes to your creative space. Whilst its decorative features are certainly eye-catching, it is also an extremely hard-wearing floor, which therefore, can also be used for commercial properties. While you do pay more for Slate, it’s a great floor for any demographic use. Team this with light grey, white and pastel colour schemes for elegant and modern vibes in your living and/or work space!


Black High Gloss Tile Effect 


High Gloss Laminate Flooring

Black High Gloss Tile Effect 

Despite Slate being a fantastic dark laminate for both home and commercial properties, have you ever thought of trying gloss flooring? Look no further if you have not. High Gloss laminate is great décor choice; it adds class and newness wherever it is used. Using Westco’s 8mm Black High Gloss Tile Effect Laminate as an example, its chic and shiny design looks superior and fresh wherever it goes. Ever wanted show-room quality in your own home? Here it is.  High Gloss tile effect creates the illusion of individual tiles however, it is much cheaper than having individual tile flooring – perfect! We certainly recommend High Gloss Laminate to anyone who wants their room to feel bright, airy and picturesque. Using dark high gloss accentuates the pristine shine on these floors. The glossy tiles reflect the brightness of any room and leaves it feeling spacious and light. So, what’s not to love about this?


Oak Laminate 


Oak Laminate Flooring

Oak Laminate Flooring

And finally, a classic; Oak Laminate. Who doesn’t love oak flooring? Dark Oak laminate tends to fall at the lower-priced-spectrum of dark laminate flooring. If you’re on a budget or, looking to reduce costs without reducing the quality / aesthetic quality of your flooring, then Oak Laminate is the one for you! Take Kronotex 8mm Harbour Oak Wide Plank Laminate as an example. The effect of Oak Laminate leaves rooms feeling traditional while, spacious and open. While this is a lovely feature of this style of laminate, there are many more excellent features of this of flooring, including its practicality. Oak Laminate tends to be easier to assemble and can be cleaned as easy as a sweep or mop; perfect for children, kitchen areas and spaces that tend to get a little messier!

These are just a few different flooring ideas we recommend if you’re toying with the idea of using darker flooring. While there are a range of styles and quality of dark laminate around, we provide insight into the best types of flooring available and how it can work in your home or business. So, what will it be for you? … Slate, for its quirkiness and hard-wearing features? High Gloss, for its chic and shiny design? Or, Oak Effect, for its classic feel and easy clean?

At Floormaker’s we provide only the best quality flooring. If you like what you see, you can order three FREE samples – try before you buy, we’re sure you’ll love!

Selecting flooring for your kitchen can be a daunting task; in no other room is the floor regularly subjected to the same changes in temperature, humidity, spillages and other potential mess. To make your life easier we’ve compiled a kitchen floor style guide so you can seek out the best flooring ideas for your kitchen – we’ve considered everything from choice of flooring material, to style, look and value for money. 

Bamboo Flooring

Why pick bamboo? For the environmentally conscious, bamboo flooring is the best material to pick for your kitchen. Made from a fast-growing type of grass, bamboo flooring is eco-friendly and an attractive, sustainable flooring option for any modern kitchen. Of course, a clean conscience isn’t the only benefit to having bamboo floor in the kitchen – it’s also durable, naturally water resistant and at around £30.00 per m² this kitchen flooring is easy on the wallet.

Cons: If you like to have lots of choices, you might find there is – comparatively – a less extensive range of bamboo styles when contrasted with other flooring choices. Still, with such an attractive look it’ll be a good pick for the indecisive among you.

(Pictured: Kronotex 8mm Kamala Tile Style Laminate)

Laminate Flooring

Why pick laminate? Laminate flooring might not be the first material to spring to mind when you think of flooring suited to kitchens, however, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that this cost-effective laminate flooring is suitable for kitchens. Laminate floor is super easy to clean and highly resistant to denting and scratches – it’s definitely a good choice for those of you with a busy kitchen. It comes in an array of styles, effects and stains – from an authentic wood effect, to a tile look.

Cons: Laminate flooring is an undeniably a durable choice for the kitchen, but it is worth noting that it can be vulnerable to stains from standing water.

(Pictured: Luxury Vinyl Stone Clic Flooring)

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Why pick luxury vinyl? Our luxury vinyl flooring is a practical and stylish idea for any kitchen floor – it comes in a wide range of looks and is very low maintenance. If you want to update your kitchen flooring and not worry for 10+ years, luxury vinyl is the flooring for you. Long lasting and comfortable to walk on, our luxury vinyl flooring is more water resistant than any of the other listed floors making it perfect for the kitchen.

Cons: It’s hard to think of a downside to our luxury vinyl flooring; it’s inexpensive, durable and will look great in any kitchen. However, if you are environmentally inclined, may we suggest you refer back to our excellent bamboo flooring as vinyl is sadly not biodegradable.


Whatever your taste, we have enough designs to suit every kitchen flooring preference. Find the right floor for you by browsing our collection!

If you have any further questions about our bathroom vinyl flooring then we are more than happy to help. We can help advise you on any of the products we supply so do not hesitate to get in touch, contact us today 

If you’re in the know, you’re probably aware that Floormaker offers a wide range of stunning flooring options – however, it may come as a surprise that we don’t only deal in floors. Oh no, if you are looking to update the style of your living room, or wow guests with unique interior décor, we have three lounge wall covering ideas that are sure to make you house proud.

Say goodbye to dreary wallpaper, forget flaky paint and say a warm hello to gorgeous textured wall treatments and statement cork walls – these chic wall looks are guaranteed to transform your living room. Not only do wall coverings look great, they can provide extra insulation for your lounge – what more could you want?

(Pictured: Cork Wall Tile Hawai Natural

A Real Corker

This Hawaii wall tile makes for a light and sunny living room. Used as a statement wall, or simply as a decorative panel, this individual wall décor has a laid-back, beachy feel; it’s perfect for those of you who like their living room to look fresh and modern.

(Pictured: White Brick Cork Wall Tiles)

The Classic Look

This beautiful wall covering idea will reinvigorate any lounge. We love this white brick look when used to decorate a feature wall – it will make any pictures or shelving really pop. Plus, this lovely creamy shade radiates light, making your home look spacious, as well as stylish! 

(Pictured: Malta Platinum Cork Modern Wall Tiles)

Cool and Modern 

If you want your living room to stand out this Malta Platinum wall covering is just perfect. Versatile and on-trend you can use this beautiful wall treatment on one lounge wall, or every wall! We think these wall tiles would look great as statement shapes to decorate your living room walls – a seriously unique and memorable interior décor look. 

Over to you

With plenty of decorative wall covering styles to choose from, and hundreds of ways to incorporate them into your living room, these wall panels are an amazing alternative to conventional wall décor. If our decorating tips have inspired you, why not browse the entire Floormaker wall covering range!

If you have any further questions about our bathroom vinyl flooring then we are more than happy to help. We can help advise you on any of the products we supply so do not hesitate to get in touch, contact us today.  

Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Here at Floormaker, we know that many businesses experience high levels of footfall, so choosing the right flooring material is essential to making sure that your premises are up to the job. You want your customers to be impressed when they walk in, so a floor that is both durable and eye-catching (even at the busiest of times) is definitely what you should be looking for.

This is where our Commercial Vinyl Flooring comes in! All of our vinyl flooring products require minimal maintenance and fuss, making them the perfect choice for your commercial space. 

Why Choose Vinyl?

  • Attractive & Comfortable – All of our vinyl floors are extremely comfortable underfoot. Whether it's the natural stone or hardwood look that you are after, our vinyl floors will look and feel great even when temperatures drop.

  • Durability – Vinyl is perfect for all weather conditions as it is very moisture-resistant. Even in the wet winter months, when your customers may be bringing in dirt and moisture from outside, you won't have to worry about your floor getting wet as you can easily wipe the water right up! As well as water, vinyl is also resistant to stains and scratches, so you can be confident that your floor can last the test of time.

  • Easy Installation – Time is precious, especially when it comes to your business. One of the great things about our commercial vinyl flooring is that it can be laid very efficiently, ensuring your business can reopen as quickly as possible.

  • Cost Effective – We know that not all businesses have huge budgets or the luxury of spending big when it comes to flooring. When you choose Floormaker's vinyl flooring, this will not be a problem - we have many cost-effective options that still look great.

vinyl commercial flooring

With such a selection of designs on offer, you will not have to make a choice between style and practicality when shopping at Floormaker. Click here to browse our full range of commercial flooring products.

bathroom flooring vinyl

When decorating a bathroom, you want a floor that's both attractive and durable. Luckily, we at Floormaker supply a diverse range of vinyl tiles and luxury vinyl flooring products that would be perfect for your bathroom! You need to find a floor that can hold up against moisture and last year after year - Bathroom vinyl flooring is the ideal solution for your bathroom floor needs, read on to find out why.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring - Oak

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Oak 


For one thing, vinyl is perfect for bathrooms because it is very moisture-resistant. You won’t have to worry if your vinyl tiles get wet, as you can wipe/mop the water up! Vinyl flooring is also resistant to scratches and stains, so you can be assured that it will go the distance. A good-quality vinyl floor can last up to 15 to 20 years with very little maintenance.

Attractive and Comfortable

If you want the look of hardwood flooring or natural stone in your bathroom without any of the maintenance, then bathroom vinyl flooring is ideal for your project. This material has come a long way from looking like cheap plastic - modern vinyl products really do look like the real deal. They're also a lot more comfortable underfoot than wood/stone, and they don’t get as cold when the temperature drops.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring - Weathered

Westco Luxury Vinyl Clic Weathered Grey Flooring

Cost Effective

If you’re on a budget when redecorating your bathroom, you should find out how much you could save by going for some cost-effective vinyl flooring. Other materials can be attractive, but they can also be very expensive, and it can be a shock to discover how much of your budget has gone on flooring alone! 

Easy to Install

No one wants to spend a large chunk of their renovation time laying down flooring, but bathrooms can be particularly tricky (especially when laying around the bath/shower, toilet and sink). You won’t have this problem with vinyl, though – it can be laid in tiles or in one go with the trickier bits cut out. Easy!

Browse all luxury vinyl flooring >

If you have any further questions about our bathroom vinyl flooring then we are more than happy to help. We can help advise you on any of the products we supply so do not hesitate to get in touch, contact us today.  

The bedroom may not be the social hub of the home - if your goal is to wow your houseguests with your interior design nous, you're probably better off focusing on the living room - but it's still well worth getting it right. If you enjoy being in your bedroom, you'll find it much easier to sleep there, and getting a good night's sleep will have a positive effect on many other areas of your life.

So if your bedroom's current decor feels unpleasant, uninspiring or just plain ugly, it's high time you had a think about revamping it. And since all good interior designs start with the floor, here are 7 smashing bedroom flooring ideas from the Floormaker catalogue:

Parquet Bedroom Flooring

12mm Natural Parquet Laminate Flooring

The zig-zag herringbone layout gives this parquet-effect floor some real pizzazz.

Buy or order a FREE sample >


White Wash Bedroom Flooring Idea

White Wash Pine Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

This lovely white floor looks like weathered hardwood, but the 'planks' are actually made of versatile luxury vinyl.

Buy or order a FREE sample >


Blues Laminate Flooring in the Bedroom

Kronotex 10mm Blues Laminate Flooring

We love the hues that make up this flooring design! Can you picture it in your bedroom?

Buy or order a FREE sample >


Bedroom Carpet

Olive Carpet Tiles

If you want something that's a little warmer underfoot, our carpet tiles are an effective and practical solution. They're sturdy, easy to lay, and they work well in a range of environments, including the bedroom.

Buy or order a FREE sample >


Bedroom Laminate Flooring

Egger 7mm V-Groove Oxford Oak Laminate Flooring

This wood-effect laminate is ideal for creating a rustic / outdoorsy feel in the bedroom.

Buy or order a FREE sample >


Luxury Coffee Oak Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Coffee Oak Vinyl Clic Flooring

This is another great design from our luxury vinyl range. How gorgeous is that colour?

Buy or order a FREE sample >


Beach Laminate Flooring in Bedroom

Swisskrono 14mm Longboard Beach Laminate Flooring

Swisskrono excel at creating high-quality laminates that are virtually indistinguishable from genuine hardwood. These floorboards are decorated with natural-looking knots, whorls, cracks and lines - perfect for bringing a bit of authentic beauty to the bedroom!

Buy or order a FREE sample >

Looking for more flooring inspiration? Use the following links to browse our huge range of designs:

Bedroom Flooring Vinyl

Your bedroom should be a place where you can relax, so when you decide to redecorate this room you want to make sure you pick the flooring that complements this room the best. There are a few different factors you need to consider when choosing a bedroom floor, but we think that Bedroom Flooring Vinyl is a fantastic choice for most people. To see our full range of luxury vinyl flooring click here, or to learn more about why it suits a bedroom you can keep reading:


Attractive Styles

(Pictured: Luxury Whitewash Pine Plank Flooring)

The style of your bedroom is personal to you, it's a room you spend a lot of time in and it's important you're happy with the way it looks so that you can relax properly. Vinyl comes in a huge range of styles so it will be easy for you to pick a beautiful looking flooring for your bedroom. Luxury vinyl is very unlike the old-fashioned plastic-looking vinyl you may have in mind. Instead luxury vinyl looks just like real wood or stone which makes for a wonderful effect for your bedroom. To see all of our styles, click here


Low Maintenance & Durable

Vinyl is also incredibly low maintenance, it's water, stain and scratch resistant which is why it makes for such a good bedroom flooring. Luxury vinyl flooring can last up to 15 to 20 years. This means bedroom vinyl is easy to clean and keep looking in prime condition. Unlike wood flooring, it does not need to be treated and unlike carpet, it doesn't stain easily. 


Cost Effective

(Pictured: Luxury Portland Oak Vinyl Flooring)

When decorating your bedroom you don't want to blow all your budget on your flooring, you want to treat yourself to all the furnishings and trinkets that make your bedroom special to you - and bedroom vinyl can leave you with more to play with! Despite looking as good as solid wood or stone, luxury vinyl comes at the fraction of the price. You may even see our luxury vinyl featured in our Clearance Section, allowing you to get an even better deal than usual. 


If you have any further questions about our bedroom vinyl feel free to get in touch. We always aim to help you find the best flooring to suit your project requirements. If you need some flooring advice why not contact us today


If you're looking for a new flooring, you may have heard that vinyl flooring is particularly hardwearing and water-resistant. But how is vinyl flooring made? What is it that makes it so durable? Today we will be looking at the specifics that make vinyl the popular flooring it is today. 

How Vinyl Flooring is Made

Vinyl is made from a compound formed from plasticisers, stabilisers, pigments and fillers. This compound is made into a pellet-like formation which is then made into a mixture using a vast amount of heat and pressure. 

Vinyl can then be made into either sheet vinyl or luxury vinyl tiles. To create sheet vinyl, the mixture is applied to a backing material which will create the sheet of vinyl. To create vinyl tiles or luxury vinyl tiles, the mixture is squeezed into sheets. The texture and detailing is then added at this stage. These will then be cut into planks or tiles by a die cutter. 

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The Different Styles of Vinyl Flooring

As vinyl flooring is made in such an adaptable way, it can be moulded and detailed to create any flooring affect you could need. Vinyl is also scratch, water and mould resistant, making it a great alternative to many other flooring types. 

Here's a look at just a few of our luxury vinyl flooring styles at Floormaker. 

Black Slate Vinyl

Slate-Look Luxury Vinyl Flooring

(Pictured: Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Black Slate Tile

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Black Slate Tile

Wood Look Luxury Vinyl Flooring

(Pictured: Luxury Whitewash Pine Vinyl Plank Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Stone Clic Flooring

Stone Look Luxury Vinyl Flooring

(Pictured: Luxury Vinyl Stone Clic Flooring


Now you know how vinyl flooring is made, take a look at our full collection of luxury vinyl flooring here! Or if you'd like more advice on our luxury vinyl products, feel free to get in touch with us on 02920 344 358.