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If you're looking to change the flooring in your kitchen, we strongly recommend our laminate tiles! Laminate flooring is an affordable, high-quality option; because of its tough wood fibre core and the fact that it's reinforced with a protective wear layer, the floorboards are very durable and long-lasting. And the tile look is a classic choice for the kitchen! 

We have a terrific range of laminate tiles on offer here at Floormaker, with a huge variety of styles and designs to choose from. From high gloss tiles to more eccentric mosaic designs - whatever your taste may be, we're confident you'll find the right floor on our website.

Click here to browse our laminate flooring collection, or read on to see some of our favourite laminate tile products...

Westco 8mm High Gloss White Tile Laminate Flooring

If you're looking for a glamorous flooring solution for your kitchen, look no further than these white gloss tiles. The reflective finish will brighten up your kitchen, and they are incredibly hard-wearing; perfect for a busy kitchen. These high gloss tiles are really easy to fit - just simply click the pieces together to fit your brand-new, glamorous kitchen flooring. Click here for more information >

Fays 8mm Night Black Slate Laminate Flooring 

These black slate tiles are perfect if you're looking for a sleek kitchen flooring option. The multi directional placement and the dark shades display its abstract design, and offers a unique design that can't be found anywhere else. If you're after affordable, sleek and unique kitchen flooring, there's nothing more suited for you than these slate tiles. For more information, please click here >

Faus 8mm Traditional Tile Laminate Flooring 

If you're a little more out there and you're looking for a vintage look to your flooring, these traditional laminate tiles from faus is the ideal flooring option for you. It offers both style and class thanks to its vintage look and mosaic flower design. If you're looking for vintage kitchen tiles that are built to last, these tradition laminate flooring tiles, is exactly what you're looking for. Click here for more information >

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Flooring for Stairs

Are you looking to spruce up your stairs? Whether you're looking to improve your staircase's practicality, aesthetic appeal, or both, it's worth keeping in mind that a stairway can have a huge impact on the look and feel of your home. Beautiful stairs can completely transform your living area, making it more stylish and inviting for your family and guests.

While carpet is often the go-to choice of flooring for stairs, this not always the best way to achieve a stylish and eye-catching finish, and can also begin to show signs of wear quite quickly. To provide you with some alternative inspiration for your home, here are other types of flooring that can provide your stairs with a unique look while also offering easy maintenance and great longevity. 

Accented Stair Risers

If you'd like to update your existing staircase, why not try adding some eye-catching accents to your stair risers? This is an increasingly popular interior design trend that allows you to add a splash of personality to your home without too much effort. In many of the examples we've seen online, decorators have used wallpaper, stickers and tiles to achieve this look in their homes. Although the visual results can be very pleasing, these materials are not the most durable options for your staircase, and in the case of tiles, can also be very expensive. There are alternative materials that you can use to achieve this look, however, that will provide both durability and value for money. 

Here's some of our suggestions:

Tile Effect Laminate

Tile Effect Laminate Floors

Vinyl Tiles

 VInyl Tiles

Find inspiration for your stair riser design over on Pinterest

Engineered Wood Stairs 

Hardwood flooring can create an incredible finish on your stairs, but it does have several disadvantages with regards to maintenance, particularly when it comes to keeping it well-maintained and clean. Engineered wood flooring can offer the same elegant and stylish look while requiring far less maintenance than hardwood flooring, which can be expensive to maintain and difficult to clean in homes where stains and spills are common. In addition, engineered wood is also very hard-wearing, which means that it can withstand regular use without showing the signs of wear that you will often see with carpets over time.

Engineered flooring for stairs

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Installing Flooring

Buying a new floor is a little more complicated than buying a book or a lamp or a vacuum cleaner. It's not just a case of purchasing one single, simple product - you'll need to know how much flooring you need before you place the order.

How is flooring sold?

Flooring is sold in packs. The exact amount of flooring contained in one pack varies depending on the product you're purchasing.

For example, this black herringbone flooring from Floormaker's engineered range comes in packs of 20 pieces (with each piece measuring 5.4cm², giving you 1.08 square metres of flooring per pack in total).

Black Parquet Flooring

Our 10mm Virginia Oak laminate flooring, on the other hand, is supplied in packs of 6 pieces each. Every piece measures 0.25m², which means that every pack of Virginia Oak contains 1.5m² of laminate flooring.

If buying a new floor is beginning to sound a bit too much like a maths exam, don't worry - here at Floormaker.co.uk, customers can use our nifty flooring calculator tool to work out exactly how much flooring they need. There's no need to worry about how many pieces are in a pack, or how much of the floor each piece will cover. We do all of those sums for you!

So how much flooring do I need?

Once you've found a floor you like, simply enter your room's area into the flooring calculator tool (look for the 'Calculate Your Flooring' section on the product page). You can enter your area in square metres or square feet depending on whether you prefer to work in metric or imperial measurements.

How to calculate the area of a room >

How Much Flooring Do I Need?

The flooring calculator will then work out how many packs of flooring you need to cover the area you entered (plus an extra 5%, which we add on to account for wastage). As shown above, the tool will tell you how many packs you need AND show you how much this order will cost - all you have to do is click 'Add to Basket' and head for the checkout!

Still not sure how much flooring you need? Contact Floormaker's customer service team for advice from our resident flooring experts!

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Say hello to the newest addition to Floormaker's spectacular laminate flooring range: the 6mm Autumn Oak Light laminate flooring from Kronotex! Not only is this floor gorgeous, it's also the very cheapest laminate we sell at just £5.50 per m² (that's a mere 51p per square foot!).

Low Price 6mm Autumn Oak Light Laminate Flooring

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If you're redecorating your home and you need a budget-friendly floor that will offer great visual appeal AND great performance, our new Autumn Oak Light laminate should fit the bill perfectly. This product is:

  • Easy to install
  • Low-maintenance
  • Durable
  • Suitable for a variety of spaces (including kitchens, conservatories, stairways and even moderately busy commercial areas)

It also boasts a nice wood-effect design that will make your property feel brighter, breezier, and less stuffy. What's not to love?


Furniture & Accessories for Your Autumn Oak Light Floor

Wondering what sort of furnishings would go well with this attractive and affordable floor? We happen to think that the light-coloured oak effect goes very well with greys and blacks - these items, which we've scoured the Internet to find, would contrast very nicely with our Autumn Oak Light laminate flooring:

Black Chesterfield Sofa

Monks Chesterfield Sofa

Image Source: Chesterfield Sofa Company

The Chesterfield is a very elegant and traditional sofa style, but this particular product - with its bold black leather and imposing high back - would make a terrific statement in a more contemporary interior as well. The delectably dark colour would really pop when placed against our pale wood-effect laminate.

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Grey Floor Lamp

Grey Carved Wood Floor Lamp

Image Source: Cox & Cox

This lovely floor lamp has a pastelly grey colour that would complement the light-coloured Autumn Oak flooring very nicely. Like the Chesterfield sofa, this product combines classical elements (the exquisite carved post) with contemporary sensibilities (the muted colour) and would therefore fit a range of different design schemes.

View Product >



Black Apothecary Cabinet

Black Apothecary Chest

Image Source: Rose & Grey

Another beautiful black item - this old-fashioned, faintly industrial-looking apothecary chest would cut a very striking figure atop Kronotex's Autumn Oak floor, and those drawers would no doubt come in very handy as well.

View Product >

We at Floormaker also stock a range of rugs that would look right at home on the 6mm Autumn Oak Light laminate flooring. Take, for example, our Large Black Sheepskin Rug - wouldn't this make a warm, charming addition to a laminate-floored living room?

Looking for a different laminate flooring design? Click here to browse our full range.

If you're new to the world of flooring, it's natural to feel a little bit overwhelmed when choosing which flooring to use in your home. Nearly every type of floor is described by someone or other as 'stylish', 'durable', 'perfect for any project'...however, there are two floor type that get mixed up more frequently than any other pair, and they are laminate flooring and vinyl flooring.

Both laminate and vinyl are popular choices amongst homeowners due to their resilient, affordable, and easy-to-install qualities. Unfortunately, laminate and vinyl flooring differ in a few crucial ways, and these differences mean that confusing laminate flooring with vinyl flooring (or vice versa) can result in serious consequences.

That's why we've put together this handy 'laminate vs vinyl flooring' guide. Hopefully, this breakdown of the pros and cons of each one will give you an idea of which product is best for you.

Laminate Floors

About Laminate Flooring

Material: 99% Wood Product

Ideal for: Living rooms, hallways, bedrooms, dining rooms, kitchens


  • Cost-effective when compared to real wood flooring
  • Comes in a huge variety of different styles
  • Easy to install
  • Thicker - and therefore warmer - than vinyl flooring


  • Laminate floors do not cope very well in humid, high-moisture environments like bathrooms, as the water can damage the wood content of the flooring.

Read More: What is Laminate Flooring?


Vinyl Floors

About Vinyl Flooring

Material: 100% Plastic

Ideal for: Bathrooms, kitchens, commercial spaces


  • Affordable, can be cheaper than laminate flooring in some cases
  • Luxury vinyl products are now available - these are worlds away from the cheap-looking vinyl tiles of the past
  • Easy installation
  • Holds up well in any humid or high-moisture environment, such as the bathroom


  • As luxury vinyl flooring is a relatively new innovation, people generally have the misconception that vinyl looks cheap and nasty.

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With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start looking for some summer interior design inspiration. When it comes to home decor, nothing seems to exude summer vibes more than rustic laminate flooring. A rustic-looking floor design can provide a natural, outdoorsy feeling, and you don't have to get a hardwood floor to achieve this effect. Easy to install and affordable, rustic laminate flooring is an ideal choice for those not looking to spend above their budget on that earthy wood look.

The rustic style is synonymous with nature and outdoorsiness, making it precisely the right choice for any homeowner looking to capture the feeling of summer in any room. Fortunately, rustic laminate flooring also has the ability to look exceptionally cosy in the winter months, too - especially when warmed by the light of a roaring fire.

Here at Floormaker, we stock a selection of rustic laminate flooring products in a range of different shades and effects. Here are some of our favourites:

Painted Black Laminate Flooring

Westco 8mm Painted Black Laminate Flooring

A fantastic combination of modern and traditional, this rustic yet contemporary laminate flooring design is utterly unique. Though maintaining the sophistication of dark wood flooring, this floor is something a little different with its rustic-looking paint-effect boards. With different details in every board, this product is ideal for those looking to make a statement in any room. Due to its unrefined appearance, this rustic laminate flooring will look stunning matched with modern statement furniture, thought it can also be used to freshen up rooms of a more traditional nature.


Wine & Fruits White Laminate Flooring

Parador 8mm Wine & Fruits White Narrow Board Laminate

This product is one of Parador's best-sellers and it's not difficult to see why. This laminate flooring design manages to take rustic to an entirely new level - it's made to look like repurposed wine and fruit shipping crates. Completely unique and appealing to vintage and rustic lovers, this floor will make a statement in just about any room. 

It is also made to look like it has been repainted making it lighter in colour. The lighter colouring of this rustic laminate flooring design will ensure that it brightens up your living space. If brown is more your colour, we also stock Parador's Wine & Fruits Brown Narrow Board Rustic Laminate Flooring.


Painted White Laminate Flooring

Westco 8mm Painted White Rustic Laminate Flooring

If you're really looking to brighten up your room for summer, this painted white laminate is an ideal way to do just that. Made to look like natural wood flooring which has been painted roughly with white paint, this floor will look stunning in any home as part of a shabby chic design. Matched with some faux-fur rugs or throws, this summer feeling can be transformed into a winter haven in seconds. 

We think rustic laminate flooring is the perfect choice for this summer and we hope you do too. Click here to browse our full range of laminate flooring products.

Eco-friendly flooring

There's a lot of demand for environmentally-friendly products nowadays, and this trend can be seen in the flooring industry just as clearly as anywhere else. But people don't just buy green to be fashionable - we as a species are gradually becoming more and more aware of how much damage we do to the environment, and of how important it is to minimise that damage going forward. As a result, sales of eco-friendly flooring products are steadily on the up, and happily for enviro-conscious interior design lovers, there are materials available that look great without taking too much of a toll on the world around us.

Let's take a look at three of the most eco-friendly flooring ranges we sell here at Floormaker...

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Pictured above: 15mm Solid Strand Woven Bamboo Flooring (UV Lacquered, 96mm Wide)

Bamboo floorboards have a very distinctive look, but they achieve much the same effect as a standard hardwood floor when installed in the home. However, bamboo is a more sustainable option than, say, oak or pine - bamboo is a grass, which means that it grows back far more quickly than any tree.

If you love the thought of having a real wood floor, but concerns about deforestation are putting you off, a beautiful bamboo floor could well be the perfect solution.

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White Cork Tiles

Cork Tiles

Pictured above: Westco Sealed White Cork Tile Flooring

Cork has a variety of great eco-friendly qualities:

  • Cork tiles are made by harvesting the bark of the cork oak tree - the tree itself doesn't have to be cut down
  • Cork is a great insulator, keeping heat in and reducing the property's energy usage
  • Cork flooring is resilient and long-lasting, and it won't need to be replaced for years once it's been installed

Cork tiles are perfect for the bathroom, and as an added bonus, they're as budget-friendly as they are environmentally-friendly!

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Outdoor Tiles

Woven Outdoor Tiles

Pictured above: Hortus 16mm Woven Tile Tranquility Outside Flooring

Our unique outdoor tiles are woven from resilient materials that are perfect for external. Heat and UV-resistant, they cope well in all conditions and require practically zero maintenance.

These woven outdoor tiles are a fabulously green alternative to hardwood decking, a product that requires a lot of deforestation to produce.

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Wood flooring is completely timeless in every respect, which is why there are so many different wood floor finishes available to those seeking to give their homes the authentic wood look. Starting in colonial America, the first wooden flooring laid in a home was cut from the old trees that were abundant at that time. Those trees were the humble beginnings of perhaps the most popular flooring material of all time. Surprisingly, the first wood floor finishes were decoratively painted ones - painting became a popular approach to home decor in the 18th century, and wooden floors were not excluded.

Polished hardwood floors did not actually become commonplace in the average citizen's home until the late 19th century. From that point onward, a range of different wood floor finishes were created to provide each wooden floor with its own touch of uniqueness. Today, we're going to guide you through your choices when it comes to choosing a wood floor finish.

Handscraped Wood Floor


Now, you may be wondering why scraped wooden flooring is an option given that most people try to avoid getting scrapes on their wooden floorboards at all costs. However, this is actually a very popular choice of wood floor finish; 'handscraped' means that, in order to make the floorboards look appealingly weathered and worn, the top layer of the wood has been scraped away. This wood floor finish is usually chosen for those seeking a modern yet cosy-looking wooden floor.

Pictured above: Parador 15mm Oak Handscraped, Brushed & Oiled Engineered Wood Flooring


Lacquered Wood Floor


Most species of wood flooring are available in a lacquered finish if desired. Lacquer is a varnish that increases the durability and resilience of your floor; when applied to wood, lacquer can also make the flooring look slightly shiny. Ideal for rooms with heavy footfall, lacquered wood flooring should stay looking fabulous for years after it's installed.

Pictured above: Westco Oak 3-Strip Lacquered Engineered Flooring


Oiled Wooden Floor


Similar to a lacquered finish, oiling your wooden flooring can also provide a protective coating for your boards. However, where lacquer simply sits on top of the wood, oil protects both the body of the floorboards as well. An oiled finish is ideal if you want a natural-looking floor; rather than a glossy finish, oiling will provide you with a more matt look that's ideal for all sorts of interior design schemes.

Pictured above: Westco 18mm Onyx Oak Solid Wood Flooring


Interested in finding out more about the various wood floor finishes? Get in touch to speak with a member of our customer service team, or click here to browse our full range of solid wood floors!

Laminate Flooring is a fantastically versatile and hard-wearing material, but is it suitable for use in the bathroom?
Laminate flooring in bathroom
The short answer is no, you shouldn't install laminate flooring in bathrooms. The high moisture and humidity levels in the average bathroom can cause laminate flooring to become warped and degraded over time. Laminates may also become excessively slippery when wet.

But isn't laminate flooring waterproof?

Though that laminated top layer is fairly moisture-resistant and will cope well with, say, food and drink spills, laminate flooring is not truly waterproof, for two reasons:
  1. Most laminate flooring is made out of recycled hardwood, which is quite absorbent and thus susceptible to water damage.
  2. Laminates are typically installed as 'floating' floors (i.e. not nailed down), meaning that water can seep underneath the boards.

As you search the market, you may come across products that are explicitly marketed as 'waterproof laminate flooring'. These products are made entirely out of plastic; however, even they are still not entirely waterproof. 

So what's the best alternative to laminate flooring for bathrooms?

We all want a beautiful bathroom, but the humidity and moisture levels make this space a difficult one for budding interior designers to get right. Fortunately, we at Floormaker stock a range of flooring products that  are capable of coping in bathrooms and washrooms. Here are a few great alternatives to laminate flooring for the bathroom:

Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Hard-wearing, practical and stylish, our Luxury Vinyl Flooring range is ideal for bathrooms. Available in a range of beautiful wood-effect finishes, Floormaker's luxury vinyl flooring products allow you to have all the beauty of wood in your bathroom, without the maintenance issues that arise when solid wood or laminate floors are used in bathrooms. This flooring material is easy to clean and maintain, alongside being slip- and water-resistant.
Cork Flooring

Cork Bathroom Flooring

Cork Flooring is a great option for bathrooms due to its waterproof qualities. Alongside being water-resistant, cork is also highly resilient, meaning you won't see signs of wear and tear on this great bathroom flooring choice. Cork is one of the most eco-friendly flooring materials you can get due to it being a natural insulator of heat - a cost-effective cork floor will save you money in more ways than one! 
If you have any further questions about which flooring products can and can't be installed in the bathroom, feel free to contact Floormaker today.

Looking back at the first quarter of 2017, you can see a few clear patterns in the types of floor designs that have increased in popularity of late. Solid wood flooring, as ever, has remained a favourite - but a variety of different tones are becoming widely popular. Vinyl flooring, although an unlikely candidate for stardom, is also rising in popularity due to new technologies that have made it increasingly difficult to differentiate from hardwood or stone.

Back at the beginning of the year, a few leading flooring / interior design experts speculated about what would increase in popularity this year. Here's a look at what they had to say:

'For 2017, we don't see any slowdown of the current preference for wide plank in gray tones with extremely low-sheen finishes' - Kim Wahlgren, Hardwood Floors Mag

'We will be seeing a return to vinyl popularity in homes starting in 2017' - Cindy Weinstock, The Flooring Lady

'We might also see a growing return back to more natural and dark wood tones. One key trend that is certain to hit consumers in 2017 is herringbone and chevron parquet designs, which are being heavily featured on trend-setting home decor and renovation shows and websites this year' - Jamie, Home Flooring Pros

With this expert industry knowledge, we've decided to put together a not-quite-mid-year round-up of the modern flooring trends you're most likely to see in the immediate future. Spring is a great time to give your home a makeover, and a fresh and modern flooring material is often just the thing to spruce up a tired-looking room. We hope this list will provide you with some inspiration!

Natural Wood Effect Vinyl

Wood Effect Vinyl Flooring

A mixture of two key 2017 flooring trends, these products combine luxury vinyl tiles and natural wood tones. Over the past couple of years, vinyl tiles have started to become harder and harder to differentiate from real wood flooring.

Before natural wood-look vinyl flooring, laminate was the only affordable way to get a good-looking wood finish in your home. But now, vinyl flooring has improved its game, providing an even more versatile and low-maintenance wood effect surface. The fact that it is highly water-resistant is just one more reason why natural wood look vinyl has become a trend this year.

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Grey Wood Effect Flooring

Grey Wood Effect Flooring

Grey-toned wood flooring was a widely popular flooring choice during 2016, and its popularity has only increased further over the last few months. Purchasing a wood effect laminate floor may be a smart move at this will be cheaper, easier to install, and reinforced with a protective wear layer, making your gorgeous grey floorboards all the more durable.

Kim Wahlgren predicted that the preference for wide planks in grey tones would not slow down, and she certainly wasn't wrong. The best thing about grey flooring is that it looks light and breezy during the summer months, then warm and cosy during the winter. It truly is the best of both worlds. 

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Herringbone Parquet Flooring

Herringbone Parquet Flooring

Jamie from Home Flooring Pros predicted that herringbone parquet would be a key flooring trend in 2017, and it's not hard to see why. Gorgeous and unique, herringbone parquet flooring has the ability to transform any room; whether you're looking for natural-toned wood or a striking black product, you can get both in this attractive style.

When deciding on a new floor, durability should be at the top of your list. With this in mind, you'll be pleased to know that our herringbone parquet flooring is exceptionally resilient and hard-wearing, meaning that your room will look pristine for years to come. 

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