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When it comes to decorating your child's bedroom, picking the right flooring can be a bit of a headache! You may want something eye-catching and unique that will get your kids excited to sleep in their new-look room, but you also want a flooring surface that is easy to clean and able to withstand the rough and tumble of playtime!

Here at Floormaker, we have a great selection of child-friendly floors on offer - we've got loads of ways to give kids' bedroom designs a dose of personality and fun! Whether you're looking for style, practicality, or both, you're sure to find a product to suit your project in our range.

Here are just a few of the flooring options you could choose from:

Kids bedroom flooring

Kronotex 8mm Playground Laminate

This laminate flooring is miles away from your typical wood-effect floor, thanks to the unique illustrations which are scattered throughout the design. This makes it entertaining and interactive for children as they play, and also gives the room its own distinct and playful look! 

White paint laminate flooring

Westco 8mm Painted White Laminate

Kids' playrooms and bedrooms are often slightly chaotic and disheveled spaces, which means that having a flooring solution that's rather forgiving is a great idea! The rustic effect of this painted white laminate provides a beautiful, rustic look, but is also ideal for hiding any scuff marks from toys and shoes!

Glossy Red Tiles

Westco 8mm Red High Gloss Tile Effect Laminate 

If you're looking for something completely unusual and striking, then our high gloss tile-effect laminate is an ideal choice! These tiles come in a range of colours and styles, but we think that this bright red hue is perfect for your child's bedroom! Aside from its appearance, the flooring is also durable and easy to keep clean, which is a must for any areas where children live and play!
Blue Carpet Tiles

Blue Carpet Tiles

These carpet tiles from Westco are made with hard-wearing polyester, which means that your child's floor will look great for years with next to no maintenance! Unlike some carpeting products, these tiles are highly hygienic and easy to keep clean, which is ideal for little ones who may crawl around or sit on the floor quite regularly. In addition to these benefits, they're also incredibly easy to lay; all you have to do is glue them down!