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Cork Wall Tiles
It's easy to assume that cork is only good for sealing up wine bottles, but surprising as it may seem, cork wall tiles are a great interior design product, capable of matching the beauty of wood or stone panelling at a lower price.

Cork wall tiles can be applied to walls or ceilings and also have wonderful sound absorption qualities, making them an ideal choice for any room with thin walls. If you need any more persuasion as to why cork wall tiles should be your next purchase, you should also know that they are among the most eco-friendly home decor products money can buy. This is because cork comes from the cork oak tree and can be harvested without causing any harm to the tree itself, meaning cork is completely sustainable.
We're here today to open your eyes to the many ways in which cork wall tiles can be used in your home. Here are a few ideas:

Cork wall tiles can be used as a mood board


Moodboard Cork Wall Tiles

Mood boards are a great way to stay inspired, as can be seen in this post by Blog Lovin'. For a mood board, you need to be able to change and replace images frequently to stay inspired, and what better way to do that than with cork wall tiles? Cork wall tiles naturally heal themselves from the impact of push pins (just like normal cork boards) so you won't have to worry about damaging them. When it comes to inspiration, bigger is always better, so a wall-sized mood board made out of cork wall tiles is a great idea.

Cork wall tiles are perfect for a colourful pin board


Colourful Pin Board Cork Wall Tiles

Similar to a mood board, cork wall tiles are great to use as a pin board for children. Ensure that they stay on top of their homework by pinning it to the cork wall tiles, or give them a space to display their best work with pride. Cork wall tiles are both fashionable and practical no matter what you use them for.

Cork wall tiles are great to use in bathrooms


Cork Wall Tiles in Bathrooms

Alongside being incredibly eco-friendly, cork wall tiles are also great to use in the bathroom. Finding flooring and wall tiles to place in bathrooms is always a difficult task due to the amount of water present, but cork wall tiles solve this problem as they are highly resistant to rot, fire and water. Perfect to place in your bathroom, these cork wall tiles will look pristine for years to come with very little maintenance required.

They are also brilliant in bedrooms

Bedroom Cork Wall Tiles
Cork wall tiles come in a variety of different finishes, textures and colours, so they can fit the design of any room you place them in. These Stone Art Pear Cork Wall Tiles are perhaps our most popular design, and it's not difficult to see why. They have all the beauty of stone wall tiles, but the practicality and affordability of cork. In a sandy colour with a mixture of light and dark intertwined through each tile, these cork wall tiles will look stunning in any room.
Cork wall tiles are also fantastic for insulation as they create a thermal barrier. This means that it will retain all the heat from a heater and all the cold air from an air conditioner. It is also fantastic for allergy suffers due to its anti-microbial quality, and it helps repel against mould and pests. These qualities make cork wall tiles one of the best options for your bedroom!
If this has convinced you to choose cork wall tiles, simply click here to browse all of our cork wall tile ranges!