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Rustic Laminate Flooring

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to start looking for some summer interior design inspiration. When it comes to home decor, nothing seems to exude summer vibes more than rustic laminate flooring. A rustic-looking floor design can provide a natural, outdoorsy feeling, and you don't have to get a hardwood floor to achieve this effect. Easy to install and affordable, rustic laminate flooring is an ideal choice for those not looking to spend above their budget on that earthy wood look.

The rustic style is synonymous with nature and the outdoors, making it precisely the right choice for any homeowner looking to capture the feeling of summer in any room. Fortunately, rustic laminate flooring also has the ability to look exceptionally cosy in the winter months, too - especially when warmed by the light of a roaring fire.

Here at Floormaker, we stock a selection of rustic laminate flooring products in a range of different shades and effects.

Here are some of our favourite rustic laminate floorings:

Painted Black Laminate Flooring

Westco 8mm Painted Black Laminate Flooring

A fantastic combination of modern and traditional, this rustic yet contemporary laminate flooring design is utterly unique. Though maintaining the sophistication of dark wood flooring, this floor is something a little different with its rustic-looking paint-effect boards. With different details in every board, this product is ideal for those looking to make a statement in any room. Due to its unrefined appearance, this rustic laminate flooring will look stunning matched with modern statement furniture, though it can also be used to freshen up rooms of a more traditional nature.


Wine & Fruits White Laminate Flooring

Parador 8mm Wine & Fruits White Narrow Board Laminate

This product is one of Parador's best-sellers and it's not difficult to see why. This laminate flooring design manages to take rustic to an entirely new level - it's made to look like repurposed wine and fruit shipping crates. Completely unique and appealing to vintage and rustic lovers, this floor will make a statement in just about any room. 

It is also made to look like it has been repainted making it lighter in colour. The lighter colouring of this rustic laminate flooring design will ensure that it brightens up your living space. If brown is more your colour, we also stock Parador's Wine & Fruits Brown Narrow Board Rustic Laminate Flooring.


Painted White Laminate Flooring

Westco 8mm Painted White Rustic Laminate Flooring

If you're really looking to brighten up your room for summer, this painted white laminate is an ideal way to do just that. Made to look like natural wood flooring which has been painted roughly with white paint, this floor will look stunning in any home as part of a shabby chic design. Matched with some faux-fur rugs or throws, this summer feeling can be transformed into a winter haven in seconds. 

We think rustic laminate flooring is the perfect choice for this summer and we hope you do too. Click here to browse our full range of laminate flooring products.