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Say hello to the newest addition to Floormaker's spectacular low price laminate flooring range: the 6mm Autumn Oak Light laminate flooring from Kronotex! Not only is this floor gorgeous, it's also the very cheapest laminate we sell at just £5.50 per m² (that's a mere 51p per square foot!).

Low Price 6mm Autumn Oak Light Laminate Flooring

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If you're redecorating your home and you need a budget-friendly floor that will offer great visual appeal AND great performance, our new Autumn Oak Light low price laminate should fit the bill perfectly. This product is:

  • Easy to install
  • Low-maintenance
  • Durable
  • Suitable for a variety of spaces (including kitchens, conservatories, stairways and even moderately busy commercial areas)

It also boasts a nice wood-effect design that will make your property feel brighter, breezier, and less stuffy. What's not to love?


Furniture & Accessories for Your Autumn Oak Light Floor

Wondering what sort of furnishings would go well with this attractive and affordable floor? We happen to think that the light-coloured oak effect goes very well with greys and blacks - these items, which we've scoured the Internet to find, would contrast very nicely with our Autumn Oak Light laminate flooring:

Black Chesterfield Sofa

Monks Chesterfield Sofa

Image Source: Chesterfield Sofa Company

The Chesterfield is a very elegant and traditional sofa style, but this particular product - with its bold black leather and imposing high back - would make a terrific statement in a more contemporary interior as well. The delectably dark colour would really pop when placed against our pale wood-effect laminate.

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Grey Floor Lamp

Grey Carved Wood Floor Lamp

Image Source: Cox & Cox

This lovely floor lamp has a pastelly grey colour that would complement the light-coloured Autumn Oak flooring very nicely. Like the Chesterfield sofa, this product combines classical elements (the exquisite carved post) with contemporary sensibilities (the muted colour) and would therefore fit a range of different design schemes.

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Black Apothecary Cabinet

Black Apothecary Chest

Image Source: Rose & Grey

Another beautiful black item - this old-fashioned, faintly industrial-looking apothecary chest would cut a very striking figure atop Kronotex's Autumn Oak floor, and those drawers would no doubt come in very handy as well.

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Sheep Skin Rug

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We at Floormaker also stock a range of rugs that would look right at home on the 6mm Autumn Oak Light laminate flooring. Take, for example, our Large Black Sheepskin Rug - wouldn't this make a warm, charming addition to a laminate-floored living room?

Looking for a different low cost laminate flooring design? Click here to browse our full range. Or for further advice on any flooring products, feel free to get in touch today