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When installing hardwood flooring, you need to consider what you will choose to go under your flooring to ensure its durability and resilience. Whichever way you're looking to install your hardwood flooring (whether with glue, nails, or as a floating floor), it's important to select the right underlay beforehand.

Pictured: 18mm Oak 120mm Wide UV Lacquered Random Length Solid Wood

So, what goes under hardwood flooring? 

Underlay goes underneath hardwood flooring and the type of underlay you need is decided by the subfloor, not the flooring. If you have a level concrete subfloor, most underlays will work fine under hardwood flooring. If you instead find that your subflooring consists of floorboards, we would recommend overlaying them with chipboard/plywood as floorboards are not usually level and this can cause issues when installing new hardwood flooring. 

Here's a look at some of the underlays you can place under your hardwood flooring on a level subfloor:


PE Foam Underlay

PE Foam Underlay

Simple and easy to lay, this cost-effective PE Foam underlay with go under your hardwood flooring easily and in return will provide you with better insulation, less noise pollution, and more comfort. This underlay is a simple way to get the absolute most out of your new flooring. 

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 5mm Xps Underlay Foam Board

5mm Xps Underlay Foam Board

A thicker alternative to the PE Foam Underlay, this 5mm Xps Underlay Foam Board is designed with floating solid wood flooring in mind. By placing this underlay under hardwood flooring, you will be saving money on heating whilst also protecting your flooring from moisture damage.

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High-Performace Underlay

High-Performance Underlay

If you're looking to protect your wooden flooring as much as possible, this high-performance underlay is the one for you. With a damp proof membrane, this underlay will protect your hardwood flooring from possible moisture damage and is especially recommended when using a concrete subfloor. Not only does it protect your flooring from moisture damage, it also increases comfort, insulation, and noise protection. To see how effective this underlay is, just check out the reviews!

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