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The idea of using flooring on the walls may sound rather topsy-turvy, but covering your walls with flooring materials can actually bring a beautiful, contemporary twist to your home.

This fun interior design technique is a great way to make your living space both modern and stylish. Here at Floormaker, we have a product range that's designed to give the effect of cork flooring on the walls: our decorative wall panels!

Flooring on the walls

Cork, which makes for an excellent flooring material (you can view our range here) also makes for a great addition to the walls. Cork is a very eco-friendly material (since cork is harvested from the bark of the cork oak and does not require the tree itself to be cut down), but that's not the only reason to love our decorative cork wall panels:

Cork flooring on the wall

They look beautiful

Of course, if it’s going on the walls of your property, you want it to look nice. We have a wide selection of wall panel designs on offer, so you can choose a cork panel that suits your home perfectly. To view all the beautiful patterns we have on offer, please click here. Furthermore, the natural texture of cork gives a lovely 3D effect, which makes a great focal point in a room. It can be also be accessorised just like an actual cork board - our panels are perfect for mood boards, etc. 

They're a natural insulator

Cork panels create a thermal barrier which can actually save your money on your energy bills. Cork will not only retain heat but also the cold, so whether you are using a heater or air conditioning, the cork will enhance the temperature.

They have soundproofing properties

Thin walls? Well, cork has natural sound absorption properties, making it one of the best materials for soundproofing. Whether you have a home music studio, or just want to hear less of what your neighbours are up to, cork wall panels are a great home decor idea.

They can be used anywhere

Unlike some materials, cork wall panels can be used in virtually all rooms, from bedrooms to bathrooms. The panels are resistant to water and rot, so they really are diverse enough for any place in your home. With very little maintenance required, your walls will remain pristine.

For more information on our decorative wall panels, or for any further inspiration for your home decor, feel free to get in touch with our expert team.