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If you've ever worked in a restaurant, you will be fully aware of how difficult it can be to keep a place like that clean. With various foods and drinks constantly spilling onto the floor, you want to be sure that whatever flooring you lay down in your eatery can handle it. Whether we're talking about pasta sauce or red wine, you'll need a flooring material that can recover from these messes without being permanently covered in mark and stains.

Restaurant Flooring

This is why Floormaker's Commercial Flooring range is such a fantastic option for any restaurant flooring project. Our commercial collection includes both vinyl and laminate flooring products, both of which are recommended for commercial properties due to their hardy characteristics.

Here are some reasons why our commercial flooring products are great for your restaurant:

Looks Beautiful

It can be hard to find a floor that is both beautiful and practical enough for a busy restaurant. Luckily, our commercial range has a huge selection of designs to choose from. Whether you want light, dark, wood-look or stone-effect flooring, we're sure to have something that will suit your aesthetic. The right flooring design can really add to a room's atmosphere, so we supply flooring that is beautiful as well as hard-wearing.

Built to Last

Our commercial flooring range is durable and built to last year after year after year. For instance, our commercial vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof, so it won't absorb any liquids spilt on it – perfect for restaurants where this is a regular occurrence. Laminate is another flooring material that is resilient and doesn't take in too much moisture. Both are able to cope with the mess and the heavy footfall that restaurants tend to experience.

Easy to Maintain

Why waste hours cleaning up after the restaurant has closed? Our commercial floors are easy to clean - for most spills, you can simply wipe up the mess. It's easy to keep laminate and vinyl floors looking great with little more than the occasional mop / sweep.

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