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Conservatories feature in many, many homes nowadays, and it's easy to see their appeal. If you're thinking of adding a conservatory, sunroom or orangery to your property, it's important to pick the right type of flooring for the job.

Best Flooring for a Conservatory

Pictured: Palazzo Tile Effect Laminate Flooring

In order to choose the best flooring for your conservatory, you first need to decide how you intend to use the space. This will allow you to identify potential problems that your conservatory floor might face.

For instance, does your conservatory lead onto a garden? If so, there may be a lot of muddy shoes crossing your conservatory floor. Or perhaps the room will be a bit of a sun trap, meaning that the floor could be affected by the heat and sun exposure – lovely for you, but not for certain flooring materials!

With that in mind, we would recommend laminate flooring as the best type of flooring for a conservatory. Solid wood flooring can be used in a conservatory, but proceed with caution because hardwood flooring can react badly when exposed to extreme temperature changes (which make it expand and contract) and intense sunshine (which can cause the colours to fade).

Here's a closer look at the best flooring options for a conservatory.

Best flooring materials for conservatories

  • Laminate flooring is highly resistant to the heat and UV rays that are commonly present in conservatories, especially during the summer months. Laminate flooring is also more affordable than solid wood and tends to require less maintenance. A hard-wearing, low-maintenance floor is ideal for a sunroom, especially if it backs onto a garden as this will make it easier to clean up the inevitable mud and dirt. We have a beautiful range of laminate flooring designs available here at Floormaker, so you'll have no problem finding the perfect flooring to suit your style.

  • Carpet tiles can also be a great, low-cost option for the conservatory, giving you a lot of freedom to be adventurous with texture and colour. If this is a room in which you're planning to spend a lot of time relaxing, carpet tiles make a good choice as they can make a room cosier while remaining durable and hard-wearing.


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