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Shops experience a lot of footfall (well, hopefully!) and so, when choosing a flooring solution for your store, it's important to pick a material that's up to the job. You want to make a good impression on customers, so the floor should be both durable and beautiful – you need a shop flooring solution that looks great and stays looking great no matter how hectic things get.

That's where our commercial flooring collection comes into play. You don't want to lay a floor that will look tired and worn within a few weeks; you need something that requires minimal fuss and maintenance. That's why our commercial products make for the perfect shop flooring solution - this range includes high-quality vinyl flooring and sophisticated laminate flooring, both of which are extremely hard-wearing.

Rustic Oak Vinyl Shop Flooring

Pictured: Rustic Oak Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring

With so many designs on offer, you don't need to choose between style and practicality. Here at Floormaker, we supply so many designs that you're sure to find one that suits your store's aesthetic perfectly. From dark to light and wood look to natural stone effect, we're bound to have something that will really enhance your shop's appearance. Whether you pick laminate or vinyl, our shop flooring solutions are guaranteed to fulfil your needs.

Not only are our commercial flooring products good-looking, they're built to last. Our vinyl floors in particular are incredibly water-resistant, so even in the winter when customers walk in from the rain, you can be confident that your flooring can handle it. Laminate is also built to last whilst being fairly water-resistant itself, and mimicking the appearance of real wood without ever needing to be sanded and sealed. Both of these flooring types are incredibly low-maintenance and easy to clean, so you won't have to spend ages after work getting it ready for the next day.

If you have any questions about our commercial flooring, then our team of friendly experts are here to help. Contact us today!