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LVP is short for Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring, which differs slightly from LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) flooring. As the name would suggest, LVP comes in planks rather than tiles; this gives the flooring a more authentic-looking wood effect that looks just as beautiful as real wood, but with all the low-maintenance properties of hard-wearing vinyl.

LVP flooring is created from a compound of plastic materials, which are then printed upon - is why LVP flooring comes in such a diverse range of designs. This gives you the freedom to choose the style of your choice whilst getting a floor that you know will last. It is this plastic material that gives LVP its mould- and scratch-resistant properties. Furthermore, as plastic naturally has a resistance to water, LVP can be used in rooms that are not recommended for solid wood planks, such as bathrooms.

Visit our Luxury Vinyl Flooring department to see our full collection of LVP flooring designs, or read on for some of our favourite examples:

 Coffee Oak LVP Flooring

Coffee Oak Luxury Plank Vinyl

If you're looking for a beautiful and traditional-looking wood-effect floor, our Coffee Oak LVP flooring is a fantastic choice. The rich tones of this floor will add sophistication to any space just as well as solid wood planks.

 White Pine LVP

White Wash Pine LVP

If you're looking for LVP flooring that will brighten a room and bring a contemporary twist to a traditional design, then this White Wash Pine flooring will suit your style perfectly. White- and grey-toned floors are extremely popular in the interior design world right now, and looking at this product, it's not hard to see why!

 Oak Effect LVP Flooring

Oak Effect Vinyl Plank Flooring

This warm-toned oak-effect LVP flooring looks luxurious and is practical enough for virtually any part of the home. The textures and tones of this floor mean that it looks as good as real wood, without the work necessary to keep it looking its best.

Our luxury plank flooring is also incredibly easy to install thanks to Floormaker's 'clic' installation process. In a similar way to laminate flooring boards, vinyl planks simply click together, making installation quick and easy (with no need for glue or other adhesives). Another great reason to choose LVP for your next flooring project!

If you have any questions about our LVP flooring range or any of the other products we supply, feel free to get in touch. We are more than happy to help!