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The new year is now well underway, and with a new year comes a new set of home decor trends and fashions. 2017's top flooring trends included gorgeous greys, beautiful parquets, and authentic-looking wood-effect designs; so what exciting new flooring fashions does 2018 have in store?

Today we'd like to take a look at what we think will be the biggest flooring trends of 2018. If you're looking to keep your interiors ahead of the curve, you may well want to utilise one or more of these ideas in your home!

Bright colours that make a statement

Bright colours are expected to be big in 2018, especially when used in contrast with more muted, neutral-coloured surroundings. Some homeowners create 'statement walls', but have you considered giving your space a 'statement floor'? Here's a great example from our laminate flooring range, where glossy red tiles are used to brighten up a child's bedroom:

Glossy Red Tiles

Pictured: 8mm High Gloss Red Tile Effect Laminate

Alternatively, your statement floor could incorporate a variety of different colours as shown here:

Mosaic Laminate Tiles

Pictured: 8mm Mosaic Tile Effect Laminate Flooring

Dark wood (and wood-effect) floors

Light-coloured wood products have been fashionable in recent years, not least because they're ideal for achieving a Scandinavian-style look in the living room or bedroom. But darker woods are set to make a comeback in 2018, which means that products like this...

Merbau Engineered Flooring

Pictured: 13.5mm 3-Strip Lacquered Merbau Engineered Flooring

...and this...

Sunset Laminate Flooring

Pictured: 14mm Longboard Sunset Laminate Flooring

...are likely to be very popular indeed this year.

Hard-wearing luxury vinyl products

Luxury vinyl flooring was a massive seller for us in 2017, and its popularity has shown no signs of waning in the first few days of 2018. These products are hugely appealing because they combine all the workmanlike benefits of vinyl flooring (water resistance, durability, easy installation, etc.) with the visual appeal of more upmarket flooring materials (like hardwood planks and natural stone tiles).

Luxury vinyl is a great choice if, for instance, you want to get a traditional wood look in the bathroom. Natural wood flooring isn't really suitable for such a high-moisture environment, but luxury vinyl flooring copes very well in bathroom spaces:

Rustic Grey Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Pictured: Luxury Rustic Grey Oak Vinyl Flooring

The durable, water-resistant nature of luxury vinyl also makes it a good fit for kitchen environments that see a lot of footfall and spills:

Luxury Vinyl Kitchen Floor

Pictured: Luxury Vinyl Stone Clic Flooring

And luxury vinyl flooring isn't just for bathrooms and kitchens - here's an example of how it can look in the bedroom:

Luxury Vinyl Coffee Oak Bedroom Flooring

Pictured: Coffee Oak Luxury Vinyl Flooring

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