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Multi Layer Wood Flooring

Multi layer wood flooring or engineered wood flooring combines the authentic beauty of solid wood flooring with the fundamentals of laminate flooring. Multi layer wood flooring is created by combining multiple layers of wood which creates a particularly strong and durable flooring. The top layer is made from natural wood, providing the same texture and feel of any of your favourite oak, walnut, ash finishes, as well as any other style of solid wood flooring. It's a combination of the best qualities of each, so it looks and feels like real wood but can be easily installed like laminate

Although thinner than solid wood, engineered flooring tends to be strong as the use of robust plywood means it can handle years of heavy foot traffic. However, if you do ever find that your multi layer wood flooring is dented or scratched, the benefit of the real-wood top layer means it can be restored by sanding and refinishing in the same way solid wood flooring can. 

Unlike solid wood, multi layer wood flooring can be very easily installed, even straight onto concrete like laminate flooring can be. This makes it easy to install in any part of your home and it really looks beautiful wherever it is laid. We have a diverse range of multi layer flooring so that you can find something that suits your home perfectly. Below are some of our current favourites.

(Chateau Oak Multi Layer Flooring)


(Oak Multi Layer Flooring)


(Herringbone Black Parquet Flooring)

We have plenty of other flooring options if you find that engineered wood isn't for you. Why not take a look at some of our other flooring choices:

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