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Black Laminate Flooring

Thinking of using black laminate flooring for your next big interior design project? Every colour has different associations when used in home decor, and more often than not, the colour people associate with the word 'sophistication' is black. Perhaps that's what makes Floormaker's black laminate flooring range so popular!

Available in a wide range of different styles and textures, our black laminate flooring will allow you to achieve the exact look you want in your space. Black flooring is ideal for most rooms, especially if you're looking to pair it with bold-coloured furnishings. Its dark nature means that it does not detract from the details you've worked so hard to put together, instead making them more prominent and 'pop'. Of course, laminates come with lots of benefits too - a black laminate flooring is not only stylish but also resilient, hard-wearing, easy to install, and excellent value for money.

To provide you with some inspiration, here's a look at some of our best black laminate flooring products:

Kronotex White and Black Laminate Flooring

Kronotex 8mm White & Black Laminate Flooring

Beautiful and unique, this white & black laminate flooring from Kronotex is sure to make a subtle statement in any room. The black plank boards are swirled with white detail, giving this sturdy laminate an attractive and authentic wooden effect. One of our most popular products, this design is perfect if you want your black flooring to stand out rather than serve as a simple base colour for the rest of the room.
Slate Night Black Laminate Flooring

Faus 8mm Night Slate Black Laminate Flooring

Also distinctly stunning, this black laminate floor provides a slate tile effect that will look breathtaking in any room. With a depth of colour in each laminate tile, you're sure to find yourself lost in this design wherever you place it. Deliciously detailed, yet subtle enough to allow your furniture to stand out, this black laminate flooring is a mixture of everything that makes a floor perfect.
High Gloss Black Laminate Flooring

Westco 8mm Black Laminate High Gloss Tile Effect 

Glossy and sophisticated, this high gloss tile effect laminate is everything you could as for when seeking something sleek and stylish. This floor will surely emphasise all the details of your room and perfectly complement whatever other colours you have in there. Although it is dark, this floor's reflective quality will also flood your room with light, making it feel more open and airy.

If you're looking for more black laminate flooring products, we have a wide range here at Floormaker! Just click here or contact us to find out more.