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If you're looking for a new flooring, you may have heard that vinyl flooring is particularly hardwearing and water-resistant. But how is vinyl flooring made? What is it that makes it so durable? Today we will be looking at the specifics that make vinyl the popular flooring it is today. 

How Vinyl Flooring is Made

Vinyl is made from a compound formed from plasticisers, stabilisers, pigments and fillers. This compound is made into a pellet-like formation which is then made into a mixture using a vast amount of heat and pressure. 

Vinyl can then be made into either sheet vinyl or luxury vinyl tiles. To create sheet vinyl, the mixture is applied to a backing material which will create the sheet of vinyl. To create vinyl tiles or luxury vinyl tiles, the mixture is squeezed into sheets. The texture and detailing is then added at this stage. These will then be cut into planks or tiles by a die cutter. 

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

The Different Styles of Vinyl Flooring

As vinyl flooring is made in such an adaptable way, it can be moulded and detailed to create any flooring affect you could need. Vinyl is also scratch, water and mould resistant, making it a great alternative to many other flooring types. 

Here's a look at just a few of our luxury vinyl flooring styles at Floormaker. 

Black Slate Vinyl

Slate-Look Luxury Vinyl Flooring

(Pictured: Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Black Slate Tile

Luxury Vinyl Clic Flooring Black Slate Tile

Wood Look Luxury Vinyl Flooring

(Pictured: Luxury Whitewash Pine Vinyl Plank Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Stone Clic Flooring

Stone Look Luxury Vinyl Flooring

(Pictured: Luxury Vinyl Stone Clic Flooring


Now you know how vinyl flooring is made, take a look at our full collection of luxury vinyl flooring here! Or if you'd like more advice on our luxury vinyl products, feel free to get in touch with us on 02920 344 358.