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With an array of laminate flooring on the market, it can be tricky to pick one that is suitable for you. At Floormaker’s, we make it extremely easy for you to choose which flooring is best; whether that be home or commercial flooring. We stock various quality laminates, ranging from value to superior, and can all be styled to suit your desired aesthetic in any room. If you’re stuck for choice then we recommend dark laminate flooring as this product can create an array of looks that will instantly change your room design and décor – it’s also a very versatile flooring option and can be cleaned extremely easily. Dark laminate really is a head-turner as its rich designs give off warmth and sophistication. This colour laminate also reflects its distinct quality as it comes in various textures and finishes. Here are a few different designs of dark laminate that would look great in your home/work-place:

Black Slate Laminate Flooring 


Black Slate Dark Laminate Flooring

Black Slate Laminate 

Starting at the higher-end of dark laminate flooring, take for example the luxurious Faus 8mm Night Black Slate. Although it leans towards the more expensive side to laminate, you definitely get what you pay for and with its easy application, this is a must have! The design of this laminate shows-off a variety of shapes in its décor, adding quirky and bold vibes to your creative space. Whilst its decorative features are certainly eye-catching, it is also an extremely hard-wearing floor, which therefore, can also be used for commercial properties. While you do pay more for Slate, it’s a great floor for any demographic use. Team this with light grey, white and pastel colour schemes for elegant and modern vibes in your living and/or work space!


Black High Gloss Tile Effect 


High Gloss Laminate Flooring

Black High Gloss Tile Effect 

Despite Slate being a fantastic dark laminate for both home and commercial properties, have you ever thought of trying gloss flooring? Look no further if you have not. High Gloss laminate is great décor choice; it adds class and newness wherever it is used. Using Westco’s 8mm Black High Gloss Tile Effect Laminate as an example, its chic and shiny design looks superior and fresh wherever it goes. Ever wanted show-room quality in your own home? Here it is.  High Gloss tile effect creates the illusion of individual tiles however, it is much cheaper than having individual tile flooring – perfect! We certainly recommend High Gloss Laminate to anyone who wants their room to feel bright, airy and picturesque. Using dark high gloss accentuates the pristine shine on these floors. The glossy tiles reflect the brightness of any room and leaves it feeling spacious and light. So, what’s not to love about this?


Oak Laminate 


Oak Laminate Flooring

Oak Laminate Flooring

And finally, a classic; Oak Laminate. Who doesn’t love oak flooring? Dark Oak laminate tends to fall at the lower-priced-spectrum of dark laminate flooring. If you’re on a budget or, looking to reduce costs without reducing the quality / aesthetic quality of your flooring, then Oak Laminate is the one for you! Take Kronotex 8mm Harbour Oak Wide Plank Laminate as an example. The effect of Oak Laminate leaves rooms feeling traditional while, spacious and open. While this is a lovely feature of this style of laminate, there are many more excellent features of this of flooring, including its practicality. Oak Laminate tends to be easier to assemble and can be cleaned as easy as a sweep or mop; perfect for children, kitchen areas and spaces that tend to get a little messier!

These are just a few different flooring ideas we recommend if you’re toying with the idea of using darker flooring. While there are a range of styles and quality of dark laminate around, we provide insight into the best types of flooring available and how it can work in your home or business. So, what will it be for you? … Slate, for its quirkiness and hard-wearing features? High Gloss, for its chic and shiny design? Or, Oak Effect, for its classic feel and easy clean?

At Floormaker’s we provide only the best quality flooring. If you like what you see, you can order three FREE samples – try before you buy, we’re sure you’ll love!