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Nothing completes a room like a beautifully luxurious sheepskin rug – from the living room, to the bedroom – having a stylish fur rug is a staple of every beautifully decorated home. Luckily, Floormakers has an incredible selection of luxury sheepskin rugs for sale.

It was a tough, tough choice –  but we’ve managed to select our top 5 favourite luxury sheepskin rugs – we’ve also included some expert décor tips on how to style them in your home. So, without further ado, here they are:   

(Westco Wolf Tip Sheepskin Rug)

This stunning wolf tip sheepskin rug has an expensive, luxurious look and is an absolute steal at £148! We love the unique shape, plus, the brown wolf tip adds a beautiful, authentic look. This rug is sure to add a lavish, individual style to your bedroom.

(Westco Double Taupe Sheepskin Rug)

 This double taupe sheepskin rug is stylish and comfortable – it’s perfect for making a statement in the living room. The Luxurious warm shade of sheepskin will add depth and comfort to any lounge. The use doesn’t end there though, the shape of this high-quality sheepskin rug also makes it perfect for hallways. Starting at just £75, what are you waiting for?

(Westco Quarto Blue Fox Sheepskin Rug)

In a beautiful blue fox shade, this quarto sheepskin rug will add a touch of classy glamour wherever you put it in your home! Personally, we think this high-quality wool rug looks wonderful next to the fireplace or under a coffee table. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy this rare shade of blue-grey!

(Westco Sexto Extra Large White Sheepskin Rug)

Our next pick of is this elegant white sheepskin rug, guaranteed to add a touch of glamour to any room. In an extra-large size, this luxe sheepskin rug will be complementary to the bigger rooms in your house. Not to mention, the high-quality sheepskin makes this rug so soft you may just want to sleep on it!  

(Westco Quarto Large Red Sheepskin Rug)

Sheepskin rugs may be a classic – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be unique, too! We adore this large luxury sheepskin rug in a bold red shade. This stylish rug will really make a room pop and can brighten up any hallway or lounge. The luxurious look and authentic edge finish mean this individual rug is sure to receive compliments.

Floormakers’ incredible range of luxury sheepskin rugs doesn’t end here – there are many, many more to pick from! In a variety of shapes, sizes, and shades, each sheepskin rug is as gorgeous as the last. Channel your inner interior decorator and browse our range to find a rug to suit your home!