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Dark, Oak, Slate and Gloss Laminate are all flooring styles that look great in your kitchen, bathroom or even living room but why not go further? Why not have Oak with a twist or Laminate with a pattern? Say goodbye to mundane and toneless flooring and hello to stunning, bold, and eccentric flooring.

At Floormaker’s we stock a range of uniquely designed flooring that instantly adds quirky/vintage vibes throughout your home. No matter your style, our wide range of exclusive distinctive flooring will surely fit your taste and decorative style.

Here are a few distinctive designs that are timeless and suitable for a range of rooms and décor;

Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Black Slate Tile Distinctive Flooring

Black Slate Tile 


Vinyl flooring is currently on trend and why you may ask? Not only does vinyl look good, it’s easy to assemble and gives the home style without being too pricey.

Our vintage wash vinyl flooring is extremely distinctive as its wood and tile effect design create an array of different patterns and looks. This flooring adds class to modern and traditional décor and its extensive colour range makes this one very versatile – take a look at our wide colour range of luxurious vinyl flooring here. If you like the sound of this flooring, then you’re about to fall in love; if you’re looking to save costs, this flooring option is perfect – vinyl is on the cheaper laminate spectrum but still keeps your room aesthetic looking spick-and-span so, what’s not to love about this one?


Laminate Flooring


Parquet Laminate Flooring


Parquet Distinctive Flooring

Parquet Laminate Flooring

With this funky pattern you’re sure to turn heads! Parquet Laminate is cool and light, its intricate design opens up any space it is used in and looks ideal in bedroom areas. Our Parquet Laminate Flooring’s wood effect is visually appealing and adds classic tones to rooms that can lean towards more neutral décor. What’s great about the Parquet design is that although it looks extremely intricate, it’s extremely easy to assemble. And, it doesn’t stop there… this floor can also be installed as a floating floor without the need to stick panels down, perfect, give me ten packs! 


Tile Laminate

 Traditional Tile Laminate

Traditional Tile Laminate


Floormaker’s various range of floor tiles both in light and dark laminate are sure to make you want them in every room of your home! Take for example, Floormaker’s Traditional Tile Laminate; simply stunning. It’s classic yet modern floral design looks perfect in kitchens or bathrooms that need that extra bit of glam, just imagine these tiles with a neutral colour scheme and a single pop of colour – just wow! Alongside being simply gorgeous, we can assure you Floormaker’s tile laminates are extremely practical. Our laminate is ideal for spaces that tend to get a little messier such as, kitchens or bathrooms.

Palazzo Tile Effect Flooring


Palazzo Distinctive Flooring Effect

Palazzo Tile Effect Laminate Flooring


Saving the best distinctive flooring till last. Our darker coloured monochrome laminate is perfect for bright décor that is seeking some depth. Floormaker’s Palazzo Laminate is an eye-catcher and is completely grand. This flooring stands out and adds immediate character. Place this darker laminate in the hallway of your home and transform it into a palace, you’ll have your guests leaving in awe. Alternatively, why not place this in your living, kitchen or even out-house space for that extra detail. You can buy the Palazzo Tile Effect here at Floormaker’s and instantly transform your home.

Which Distinctive Flooring will you go for?

We understand there is an array of flooring styles and choosing the right one can be daunting – there are so many different colours and styles. However, Floormaker’s has the flooring that dares to be different and who doesn’t love flooring that stands out and gives that wow factor to your home? If you fancy a change, why not take look at our complete range of distinctive flooring, and order a FREE sample, today!